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Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 24th 2013

I slept very well this night at Mihajlos house. We started the day in a easy tempo with a nice breakfast and a rest in their garden and I got to eat peaches from their own tree! After breakfast we loaded up in Mihajlos car and he drove me around in Veles, giving me a comprehensive tour of the city which I really enjoyed. He showed me the local sights and told me about many aspects of the town. He is very knowledgeable and I really liked Veles a lot. If you are visiting Skopje I recommend a side trip to this small town. Buses leave every twenty minutes and take about 45 minutes to the cost of just 130 MKD. After our tour was done we said goodbye and I got on the bus to ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 8th 2013

Being a travel agent in London, I get so sick of sending my clients to Tenerife or Malaga. So when I organise my own trips I am immediately drawn to the lesser known, more adventurous places. So for a couples weekend, rather than go to Paris or Rome I decided that we’d go to the Balkans – starting and ending in Macedonia. Macedonia is one of these places that is misconceived as being a terrible holiday choice. For that reason I obviously wanted to go, as I knew I would be able to avoid the average British tourist. We flew into Skopje, the capital of what is technically called the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. I know this because every time I called the country simply ‘Macedonia’ my Greek friend would kick me and then correct ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid July 23rd 2013

From Blato border near Debar, Macedonia to Skopje via Ohrid. Ah to be in Macedonia again. A homecoming of sorts and for me a place where wonderful childhood memories were made – learning to blow bubbles, donkey rides, long grass, catching fire flies, sunshine. The reality of returning to Macedonia was not quite like that. In fact, not at all. Yes there was sunshine (a little too strong), yes there was long grass and I may have even seen a horse and cart. But that is where the comparisons end. Debar, the first town I got to after the border is a small, bustling, down-at-heel place and, to my eyes at least, in need of some government intervention of the monetary kind. Then again, my childhood memories were not made in this place and to be ... read more
Another flower
Mountain road to Galichnik

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid June 26th 2013

Around 9am, I woke up from a nice sleep. It's my last day in Ohrid and I had to check out of the guesthouse by 11am (Valentin Apartments, around $7 for a single room/shared bath). I am already feeling a bit saddened since I really enjoyed my stay in Macedonia and I greatly appreciated all the the hospitality I encountered, not to mention the country as a whole, including Ohrid, is relatively inexpensive. My bus to Budva, Montenegro does not leave until 10:40pm (around 1400 denars one way) so I have another full day to enjoy the town one more time for the road. I packed all of my bags and kept them in a friend's room and returned to the home of the family I had met the night before! While waiting for one of ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid June 25th 2013

Hello again! It has been a while since I have last typed up anything so I decided to free myself from the laziness that has been preventing me from contributing to this site! I actually landed in Skopje June 20th so I'll have to catch up on the previous days! Fast forward to June 25, 2013. After a long day in Bitola, I returned to my base of Ohrid. Feeling hungry I decided to catch a bus to town to grab a bite to eat. As I was pondering over which direction I would take I stopped in front of a house and asked two young teens in passing where I need to catch the bus. After a few hand gestures they pointed behind me (to the house I was standing in front of). Confused, I ... read more
Ohrid 2013


Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 14th 2013

Skopie and Ohrid Republic of Macedonia 10 to 14 June 2013 At the Bulgaria-Macedonia border crossing, on the Macedonia side, we were nearly turned back because we did not have the International Green Card for insurance of the vehicle. In several of the recent countries we have visited (Serbia and Bulgaria), the vehicle is more important than the people, regarding official documentation. We have to show the ownership and registration papers for the vehicle, but additionally in Macedonia we needed the insurance documents. The Customs guy told us we either had to go back to Bulgaria or pay another 480 Euro for Insurance. We knew we had already paid this in The Netherlands. I suddenly remembered I had an email from the person in Holland who we had bought the vehicle through and the email attachment ... read more
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Skopie Macedonia (67)
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Europe » Macedonia » Bitola May 22nd 2013

More Mercedes Benz or Porches than you'll ever see in your lifetime. Welcome to Albania! I knew so little about this region before cycling through this amazing country just 5 days ago, where loyalty and integrity amongst the men rules above all else. I have cycled on the motorway, handled a loaded gun given to me by a student in an internet cafe and witnessed unscrupulous amounts of money being flaunted as the latest luxury cars drive through the streets of the capital Tirana. But before I carry on let me wind back just a couple of weeks to when I left the beautiful city of Sarajevo.... Just 20 km south of the Bosnian Capital, whilst stopping to take a photograph, I was asked to join Rafik and his Muslim family for a coffee. I had ... read more
Let me play you a tune
Redbull Emergency

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid October 2nd 2012

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is now fortunately known simply as Macedonia. After achieving independence from Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Macedonia was forced to adopt the lengthy moniker in order to avoid tensions with Greece. I only visited Lake Ohrid which many say is the highlight of Macedonia. Hard to disagree as it is beautiful. I am currently in Shkodra, Albania and heading to Budva, Montenegro via Ulcinj tomorrow morning. Albania has been a pleasant surprise. $US ≈ 48MKD (Macedonian dinars) but accommodation and much transport can be paid for with euros Accommodation and food After arriving from Istanbul on a 16 hour bus ride I was not up for a long search for a place to crash. By chance I met a very nice Albanian political organizer who took me around to an ATM ... read more
Roman Amphitheater

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid September 17th 2012

Resumo: Opção b. Tive um dia maravilhoso. Estou bem. Hora de ir embora. Sair da Albania para a Macedonia. Opção a) taxi 5euros + ônibus 2euros OU b) caminhar+van 0.4euros+caminhar+cruzar fronteira a pé+caronas? A vida é a soma de nossas escolhas e as minhas são, na maioria das vezes, as menos óbvias. Opção b. Segue abaixo o que para muitos pode parecer banal, mas para mim foi um dia maravilhoso. Caminhei quase 10 minutos ate conseguir encontrar uma van que fosse até Tushemist (última cidade antes da fronteira). A viagem em si foi curta, mas prazerosa ao longo lago Ohrid. Como ninguém aparentemente falava inglês eu disse: “Me, Tushemist, border, Macedonia, walk”. Me senti uma debiloide falando. Rs. A moça do lado parecia ter entendido, falou com o motorista e depois desceu da Van: “mirupafshim” (bye). ... read more
Tks Peter & Vije
Visiting Sveti Naum
Ok .. no bikini

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid August 31st 2012

We decided to catch a flight from Belgrade to Ohrid to both save time and border problems between Serbia and Kosovo. What I didn’t realise was that the plane was so small it had propellers, this may sound ridiculous but I am terrified of flying and the smaller the plane is, the more it moves around in the air and the more my irrational fear shows its pretty face. The flight ended up ok…I only left Mikaela with minor bruising on her legs. Lake Ohrid it turns out has an airport so small it does not have an ATM so our first problem was that we couldn’t get any money out for a taxi. The second problem was that in our laziness of travel lately we decided not to write any directions down in the local ... read more
Beautiful Lake
Ready for some swimming
Ancient church St.John Kaneo

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