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December 1st 2008
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OK, so long story short. Me & two of my Peace Corps buddies went to the TAKSIRAT Festival in Skopje two nights ago. The Roots, Marky Ramone, Neville Staples from The Specials, and Bernays Propaganda (awesome local band) all played.

When we arrived, we walked in the wrong way. One of the security guards saw us and assuming one of us was in a band, ushered us backstage to The Roots' green room. (P.S. One of my friends is black as are The Roots.) We kind of just played along and got free beer and got to hang with some of the groups. It was pretty cool meeting Black Thought. He said I looked and talked like Jack Black (maybe not the first nor last time someone has said that to me). HA! I just stood by Questlove when I walked into their green room when they arrived. Didn't really have anything to say.

Some other highlights were standing next to Marky Ramone while watching Neville Staples, hanging out w/ Michale Graves formerly of the Misfits (post Danzig), chilling with the Neville Staples dudes, and going into a frantic dancing trace while listening to The Roots.

P.S. Just pissed I wasn't here two years ago when Iggy Pop & The Stooges headlined. That would have been a story.

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Drummer from Neville StaplesDrummer from Neville Staples
Drummer from Neville Staples

This dude plays with a bunch of people I'm not really into (Mariah Carey, Shania Twain), but it gives you an idea how good he is.
Matt & Jordan Matt & Jordan
Matt & Jordan

Right after they brought us into the green room. Thanks for the brew. broskys!

1st December 2008

Hi Paul Wade
Paul, This sounds awesome and exactly what you would love to see. My classes are anxious to hear about your activities. So....please keep us posted. I am very proud of you! Jeri Bishop
2nd December 2008

Paul, thank you for keeping us posted. This was awesome, great photos.........you seem to be doing well. Thanks again!!! Liz Meza
3rd December 2008

That is pretty cool man! I hope everything is great and that you are enjoying the experience! Home is the same as always and I'm sure it will remain that way until you come back. Keep in touch!
25th December 2008

Paul, It is so exciting seeing you take part on such a cool adventure. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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