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April 1st 2008
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In the beginning of February i decided to participate as facilitator at "Natcon 2008 Latvia", Well it was a decision made in the last moment as usually and i ended up in a bus on My way to Riga again but this time with two persons i consider close to me and i like to work with, Laura and Ieva from Vilnius. In four hours we were in Riga and few hours later we were somewhere on the seaside where the conference was taking place, we spent 2 nights in a student house preparing the trainings and after that we went to the Location a small but nice venue near the sea. For the first time in Baltic i had time to see the sea, and to remember how good it is to live close to water. We had some time to take a walk in a park in Venstpils and to take some pictures. Comparing the baltic Sea with the black sea i can tell that our beaches have more sand, In Venstpils the sea is mainly made of rocks, still it was so nice to see some water after so long time....The park that we saw in
Me with Ieva and LauraMe with Ieva and LauraMe with Ieva and Laura

Made in Ventspils
Venstpils was actually a nice place with some small lakes and artificial playground for children (and adults in our case) also some nice anchors were giving the park a nice image....Well i am not sure what else i can still say about Ventspils and The Baltic Sea but i will attach some pictures from the days spent there, enjoy

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Me and AncaMe and Anca
Me and Anca

walking near the sea
Park in VentspilsPark in Ventspils
Park in Ventspils

and the faci team

...and me in the back
the punish teamthe punish team
the punish team

Laura, Jana , Ieva

1st April 2008

Dany, you should try Lithuanian Beaches- with a lot of sand, you will like it , i am sure, Visit Nida !!!!!!

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