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November 26th 2005
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Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2005

How are you all doing?
So guess what I did last Sunday… I picked olives! Black olives to be exact. Did you know that only black olives are used to make olive oil? I thought that was weird, I had always thought it was green olives they used. Sunday was really cold, but that didn’t make picking olives any less fun.

School has been tolerable this week. On Monday we got out three hours early because some of the teachers were absent. I love how if a teacher of a class for the end of the day is not there you can just leave and go home, living close to school has its advantages.

The temperature has gradually been decreasing, and the number of layers of clothes I pile on has been increasing too! On Saturday it was almost freezing! And we had to be outside because we were waiting to go to a birthday party. This Wednesday we had snow! The first snow of the winter! It started during breakfast and lasted until around 1 p.m. Unfortunately it all melted the next day. It was Siripan’s, the exchange student from Thailand, first time to see snow, she was so excited.

On Thursday, I went to the elementary school my Italian teacher teaches at to talk about how we celebrate Thanksgiving, and give the kids a taste of cinnamon apples. The day before, I had gone to her house to cook the cinnamon apples. My first time ever cooking cinnamon apples by myself, and I added way to much water! When I got home on Wednesday I made them for my family. They tried the cinnamon candies first, but exclaimed “che schifo!”and spit it out, basically the same reaction they had to twizzlers and craisins. My Italian family liked the apples though. I considered Wednesday night my thanksgiving meal because we had chicken and cinnamon apples.

My Italian is coming along ok. Italian grammar is a real pain though, for every rule there are about 20 exceptions. I started reading a book in Italian, Zorro, by Isabel Allende. The author isn’t Italian, I’ve read books of hers in English, but this book is in Italian and she’s and excellent author in any language.

That’s all for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,


P.s. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!!!!


8th December 2005

Oi Alyssa querida! conte mais novidades, eu acompanho sempre! beijos com carinho.
13th December 2005

hope you had a great thanksgiving!! even though they dont have it over there! <33

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