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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona February 5th 2011

Most of the people I spend time are architecture students and as such we have all perfected the balancing act between practicality and creativity. Then we met the art and literature majors. This encounter led us directly to the Italian city of Romance and Whimsy: Verona. First stop: the stadium. The stadium in Verona is a mini-colosseum, except for it has a well-preserved hole in the center where they used to hoist animals and fighters up into the ring (the colosseum's main floor has collapsed revealing the various passages and rooms under the ring). This was especially entertaining for us, because the pit meant we could pretend we were bad-ass Spartans like in the movie 300! Naturally we took turns being King Leonidas who kicks the "messenger" (usually my friend devon) into "the pit of death." ... read more
Verona (25)
Verona (32)
Verona (34)

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona December 31st 2010

This was just a stop off on our way through to Venice for New Years. What WAS exciting about this place, though, was that it is the setting of several Shakespearean plays... including Romeo and Juliet. They say the play is based on a true story and there is a balcony that they say is Juliet's. It was quite cute. I bought a little gift for Jess here and got my own name embroided beautifully (and better yet for free) but an Aussie gal working at the shop next to the balcony. Other than this, Verona had a few good shopping spots and a cool arena that had a huge star popping out of it for New Year. Next stop VENICE!!!... read more
My letter to Juliet
Juliet's balcony
Statue of Juliet

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona September 3rd 2010

I left Venice and caught the 7:09 train to Verona, as I planned to visit here and Bologna and go to Florence all in one day in order to make best use of my interrail pass, which I found to be achievable, happily. Encountered my first Italian lech on the train - a guy who shamelessly stared at me the whole journey despite me asking him what he was staring at and looking angry. I know it's best to be ignorant but I can't help it grrrr. Bought my 10 euro Verona Card on arrival and got the bus into town, where my first stop was the Roman Arena which is beautifully preserved. I then walked to Juliet's house and visited that and went on her balcony etc. Unfortunately didn't add to the love graffiti on ... read more
Juliet's bed
Love graffiti

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona August 22nd 2010

After 13 hours of travel, and only a few hours of napping on the train, we made it to Verona! What a fairytale we are in!!! After Schwandorf we took a train to Munich. From Munich to Verona was the most beautiful landscape you could imagine! We traveled through the Swiss and Italian Alps. The mountains look similar to those of the Sierras in California—they are steep and more jagged, but have huge chunks of rock just like the Sierras at home. Thhe main difference here is that there are beautiful green fields that are mixed in with the rock. The towns are formed in little fields, and people farm on the steep hills. Bright green hills at the base of the mountains are dotted with white houses and red roofs. It is more than beautiful! ... read more
train ride...
Our room at B&B in the Sun
Eating at the pig farm for dinner

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona August 22nd 2010

Waking up and looking out our window to be greeted by the Italian countryside was wonderful. It’s the perfect way to be energized enough to truly seize the day. We walked downstairs and were greeted by our Luxemburg friends along with the biggest breakfast spread imaginable. It looked like a breakfast fit for a queen! We sat down and were told that everything on the table was homemade. There was homemade bread and muffins, jam, butter, homemade YOGURT (each in little individual glass containers with a “B&B in the Sun” label on them), freshly picked berries, milk, and homemade granola and cereal. On top of that, he made each of us a smoothie with fresh fruits! The coffee here is to die for! It was the best breakfast I have ever had. I would be willing ... read more
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Photo 14
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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona July 13th 2010

So it only took 27 hours of flying...lots of inflight entertainment...little sleep on the plane...and an overnight in London to get us safely to Italy. What a treat for us to land in Verona with BA instead of Bergamo with Ryan Air. It cut out that hour and a half drive which was a rather pleasant relief after all the travelling we had done. So I am not used to writing about my time in Italy so I have unfortunately been lax with my blog so this is some serious catch up time. I seriously will not attempt to write it all down in one go as I find reading long entries can get rather goes... So one of the highlights of this trip is arriving in summer when all the trees seem to be ... read more
Cutting the peaches
Boiling the peaches

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 2nd 2010

I made a great decision in coming to Verona today as the weather was glorious yet pouring with rain in Venice. Luckily there was a train station quite close to my hotel which I could walk to and that meant I was only 1 hour by train from Verona. Right outside the station I was able to pick up the open top tourist bus. I did almost a complete lap to get my bearings and in the process saw the castello and the ancient city walls which were remarkably well preserved. The whole of Verona smelt amazing, no idea what flowers are in bloom but it was beautiful. Got off the bus by one of the many beautiful churches and walked up the main shopping areas and found myself very close to Juliet’s house and balcony. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 12th 2010

It's a love story, baby... Today, we had class in our regular place in the Venice Jewish Center and discussed an article by Benjamin Ravid that discussed the so-called "Myth of Venice, the idea that Jews loved la Serenissima (the Venetian Republic) because the government treated them exceptionally well and the seemingly contradictory idea about the "lachrymose" history of the Jews that view Jewish history as an endless succession of misery and persecution. We analyzed the importance of the Jews for the 16th century Venetian economy and how their unique position as money-lenders, second-hand goods dealers, and (occasionally) physicians guaranteed a certain amount of safety through their necessary function within Venetian society. I found most interesting how religious faith so often trumps material reality. For example, even though in nearby communities of Norther... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 2nd 2010

Today we went to 2 fantastic places on our way to Venice! The first of these was Sirmione which is a lovely medieval town by the side of Lake Garda. The main feature of Sirmione is the castle which is the first one we’ve seen with a proper moat! We had a lovely romantic stroll along the lake and then enjoyed wandering through the streets and looking in the boutiques. We had a nice lunch and gelato of course! The next stop was Verona where 2 star crossed lovers met their fate! They say that this story may not be true however Shakespeare thought that Verona was the perfect setting for Romeo and Juliet’s story - we agree (and still like to believe that it did actually happen here)! We went to the famous Juliet’s balcony ... read more
Juliet's balcony

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona February 22nd 2010

Well we had our first day of class today, History 3444 (History of the Renaissance and Reformation). Our professor's name is Tony Marotta. He looks like the old man from Disney's movie "Up" ... but taller, and skinier. He has the sickest combover I have every seen on a man his age... I mean seriously that thing is good. Though his accent is clearly Italian, Chicago is his native town. He also speaks Polish (his wife is from Poland and they met in Canada), Italian, English and a little French and German. When he teaches he literally jumps all over the place, there is no systematic flow, but hey. I think we covered 1000 years of history the first day of class. Regardless, the subject material is intriguing and it will correlate well with our trips ... read more

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