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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 27th 2011

The weather today has not been the very best, some rain and quite cloudy. We had planned to go to a beach nearby, but the weather made us stay here. But we have visited a botanic garden, a big one! And then we felt hungry, so we sat down to a local restaurant. The menu was not in english and the waiter could not speak english. What do you do? We pointed at something on the menu and got something really disgusting. I feelt so sorry for my sister which got the worst, it was theese big caterpillar-like thick spaghetti, soaked in crushed tomatoes. It looked disgusting and my eyes was right. Now, the fact is like this, both me and my sister eat with our eyes, and this was something none of us would cook ... read more
I bird
The big church

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 26th 2011

The worst night so far! It rained and it blew so that the car was vibrating! It was not much sleep. But today we returned the car in Milazzo and took the train back to Palermo. We are staying at Ai Quattro Canti hostel again for two days, and the hostel arranged activities during the evening. We joined them to a fish-restaurant. When the food got into the room I was stunned! There was theese gigantic plates with only fish, squid and shripms! Haha :) Me and my sister chose meat instead, and we got a similar plate but with a lot of sausages and dumplings instead. But, only meat, no salad, no potatoes, no rice. Well, that's how it is ;) Tonight it is going to be really comfortable sleeping in a real bed, and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Francavilla di Sicilia April 25th 2011

Last night in Randazzo was terrible! We went to one of the few lakes on Sicily, "Lago di Gurrida". When we get there- wich was not easy, it was nothing to see! Just an ugly tiny lake, our book said that it was really beautiful and a lots of birds but what do we see? Some green muddy water, mabye because of the weather but that was really a disappointment. We went up a small dirt road to not hear the traffic, but instead, it rained and blew quite much.. During the day we tried to find a cave, "Grotta del buró" so we went to where we thougt we would be able to hike to the cave, but after fifteen minutes we met a greman-speaking person (Karl knows some german) picking mushrooms. He told us ... read more
Lago di Gurrida
There's always time for a coffe!

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Randazzo April 24th 2011

Hello! This has been a very long day- and night. It was freezing cold during the night, well, a blanket and a towel is probably not enough to keep warm! My feet were frozen solid. A bird woke us up, it screamed just outside of the car, it was really cute. But however, we went up until the road started to go back down again. There was this cablecar to the top of Etna, but when we walk inside to the cablecar and asked how much it would cost it turned out that it would cost 56 euros!!!! including cablecar, bus and guide to the top.. Well, it's really not a trip for students wich not got plenty of time to hike up to the very summit. Well, we decided to just walk around to some ... read more
Another bird we saw
On one of the craters

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Messina April 23rd 2011

Wow! What a hotel, after a very sweet brekfast with croissants wich had chocolate inside and a espresso the staff drove us back to the harbour where we went up to the old castle. There we saw theese cute green lizzards and a big amphitheater. The wiew was stunning, but the ferry would depart in a coupple of minutes so... When we got back to Milazzo we were late to the car rental, so we had to run there to get the car - a tiny Fiat Panda. The car was only two weeks old and really nice haha :) That will be our home for the next three days! We drove out of Milazzo and headed for Messina. On our way we saw this beautiful beach, so we stopped and Karl took a bath i ... read more
A cute lizzard
The cat..
Our tiny Fiat Panda!


Europe » Italy » Sicily » Lipari April 22nd 2011

Well, today we have went by train from Palermo på Milazzo in the morning, it was quite cheap, 3,5 hours, only 10 euros. Then we took a ferry for 15 euros (Ustica Lines) to Lipari and when we arrived the hotelstaff were waitng for us with a car and they drowe us to our hotel in Canneto. When I got into the hotel, (Hotel Amarea) I thought we had taken the wrong hotel, because it was so beautiful, almoast like a luxury hotel with big rooms and a beautiful wiew over Canneto and the mediterranean sea. We dropped our bags and went down to the beach, the water was freezing cold so went up a hill and it was really beautiful. See you tomorrow! ... read more
A flower against Canneto
The small village of Canneto.
Ustica Lines

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 21st 2011

Yah! Got here in the evening after a smooth flight from Oslo Rygge with Ryanair (the aircraft was only 5 moths old!). During the flight I purchased a aircraft model of a Boeing 737-800 in the colourscheme of Ryanair. It would be great to have all the models in its colourscheme wich I have been travelling with, but now I only got the Ryanair and a Novair Airbus A321-200. So I am still missing a Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-300 in the colourcheme of Norwegian Air shuttle and a Fokker 50 in the colourscheme of Skyways Express. Today me, my sister and her boyfriend will be staying at Ai Quattro Canti Hostel in the centre of Palermo. We will be staying for only one night because tomorrow we will be on a train to Milazzo and then ... read more
In the air

Europe » Italy » Sicily April 17th 2011

After an eventful two days of flights, I arrived in Palermo feeling exhausted, but excited at the prospect of what lay ahead. I caught a taxi to the hostel and couldn’t help but notice the dilapidated state of the buildings in the area and the questionable types who were loitering in the streets at such a late hour. Getting to sleep then proved to be a difficult affair, with some horrendous karaoke being belted out in full tuneless voice long into the morning hours. Still, I had made it to Sicily safely, which wasn’t looking likely twenty-four hours earlier when I unexpectedly found myself in Chennai, so if having my ears assaulted by woeful karaoke was the worst that could be thrown at me that night, then I was happy to let them sing into the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani April 11th 2011

The Sicily that wasn't meant to be: So we left for sicily around 3 for an 8 O'Clock flight out of Verona, plenty of time to get there. Our first train was delayed from Bassano to Padova. We got to Padova a little behind schedule and hopped on a train headed for Milan. This was a speed train so it made few stops, thus making it a short ride to Verona. Well, this train was an hour late, and on this particular day, not the speed train. So we jammed into this packed train and started making our way to Verona. We stopped at every stop until verona. This made a 30 minute train ride into an hour and a half train ride. We were also standing this whole way because the train was so packed. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Catania April 11th 2011

Hey everyone, Jon here reporting on our third and final farm. As a few of you already know, we decided to cut short our plan to stay WWOOFing until May. Actually at this point we have just returned to the United States, but before ending our travel blog I wanted to report on our last farm in Southern Sicily. Our third farm was located in the city of Paterno, a few miles west of the major Sicilian city of Catania we mentioned in previous blog entries. Unlike our previous Sicilian farm, Paterno is situated at the base of Mt. Etna, thus nowhere near as cold as the second farm. We also had a gorgeous view of the volcano from the farm, which we'll show in a final blog post with pictures. The farm was owned and ... read more

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