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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Catania May 29th 2011

After our three hectic days in the sometimes chaotic, but always interesting, Palermo, a short one hour train trip along the north coast found us in Cefalu where we spent the night. This pretty and historic seaside resort is a favourite holiday venue for the locals. The narrow beach was 'pay only' entry (10 euro) for your umbrella and sunbed for the day. Everyone and everything was being prepared for the summer to come. The following day a two hour train trip took us to Millazzo from where we caught a hydrofoil to Lipari town, capital of the Aeolian Islands. It was here we spent the next five days. Lipari is the largest and main island of this group of seven volcanic islands. We had really been looking forward to a relaxing time here and weren't ... read more
Lipari Town - one of the two harbours
Entrance to our hotel
Panarea Island

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Cefalù May 23rd 2011

Our trip over from Malta to Catania in eastern Sicily didn't quite go as originally planned. Our early morning flight from Malta was delayed, and delayed and further delayed......because of volcanic dust from Mt Etna. Air Malta finally conceded and cancelled the flight mid afternoon. So, an unexpected night in Malta and onto Plan B! We managed to get a booking on a fast ferry the following morning from Malta to Pozzanno. The catamaran was huge, modern and finished the 60km trip in just over an hour. A shared taxi trip up to Syracuse meant that our travel plans were back to normal. We had three nights in the fascinating town of Syracuse. This town figures prominently in ancient history with significant buildings going back to the 6th century BC. Much of this is to be ... read more
Vale of Paradise
View to Ortygia
Baroque cathedral in Syracuse

Europe » Italy » Sicily May 23rd 2011

After leaving the Florence hostel (without paying), we make our way to Venice. Again the train we needed to get on was completely booked so we chilled at the McDonalds for a couple hours. This posed a problem because we had an appointment with Mauro Vianello, a Murano (wiki Murano) glass blower. People from all over the world request him to form different glass sculptures. We didn’t have access to phones or e-mail so we decided to go anyways after we reach Venice and see if he’s still available. What we didn’t realize is that Venice will have one of the most intricate pathways to navigate. We arrive in Venice and start looking for a map we can use. We find a souvenir shop and Sammy and Lopez decide to look at one of the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 14th 2011

First rule of driving in Sicily? There are no rules! ; 2nd rule – refer 1st rule Fri 6 May to Sat 14 May 2011 Had a great overnight ferry trip from Naples to Catania, Sicily. We had a cute little cabin with own shower and beds were very comfortable – it was like flying 1st or business class with a gentle rumbling of the ship’s engine. Not quite the Queen Mary experience. Arrived in Catania, Sicily safe & sound. This is our first rental car experience – all good from collection & after little challenging start with our GPS we got out of Catania and on the open road to Agrigento, home of some of the world’s best preserved Greek ruins. If Robbo had been driving we’d never have been able to leave the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily May 12th 2011

The next stop in our adventure was Rome: Italy’s former capital, and the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. Our first night in Rome consisted of an intense hiking trek that was cut short because we were, for lack of better words, tired as fuck (more on this in the next paragraph). The first thing we realized while in Rome was that Spain (specifically Barcelona) was far easier to navigate. Everything was close together and the metros were really easy to figure out. Rome, not so much. For starters, Rome consists of several one way streets, or one ways that require, oddly enough, a Michigan left, whereby they become one way streets with two way traffic (at least that’s how they felt while we were walking). Another point we observed early on: traffic rules don’t really ... read more


Europe » Italy » Sicily » Mount Etna May 12th 2011

Mount Etna, Sicily – Imagine this we start from 28 degrees sunny hot and hit 3 degrees below with snow on same day PLUS the volcano erupted the night we visited. OMG…..we were able to walk up to the summit on clear sunny day after the short cable car ride which takes you up from approx. 1800 m level to 2,400m. You can take jeeps / 4WDs to summit but we chose to walk (round trip approx. 3 hours) and what an adventure to reach 3,000m – there was snow, amazing views of the craters, flumes of steam, couple of thunderous eruptions from the old mountain and lava ash everywhere. If you bent down you really got a head rush / dizziness due to the altitude change. Mount Etna recently erupted on January 12, 2011,and last ... read more
Photo 25
Photo 33
Photo 27

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 10th 2011

Monday 2nd Monday to Sunday 8th May 2011. Monday 2nd May 2011. Taormina. Went into to Taormina on scooter. Tom was concentrating so ended passing the entry and up the hill before he realized what he had done. I thought he was looking for a parking space. So back we go and get a parking spot. Walk around and found a Ferramenta (hardware shop) to buy some bits and pieces. We were in luck as they also carried the ‘Fragile’ tape for our postage. We have been looking for a while to buy this but no-one had it – not even the Post Offices. Went into the school to introduce myself and then to Tourist Information office and got a map. We decided to do a private tour of Mt. Etna on Tuesday – so we ... read more
May 2011 - Sicily  Taormina -  view of Mt Etna
3.5.2011 - Sicily - Taormina - Mt Etna
6.5.2011 - Sicily - Valley of the Temples

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 28th 2011

Today we are going home with Ryanair 8.°° Pm, so we got half a day to spend! In the morning we packed our bag and went by bus to Modello Beach, around 50 minutes away som city centre and it was truly amazing! Almost like the pictures you see from Thailand, white sand and turquoise water! When we lay there and relaxed I see this strange boat comming towars us so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. After some hours we decided to go back to th centre and take the bus to the airport. When we got to the trinstation thepolice had put up barricades and there was demonstrations everywhere. Fortunately we got on a bus to the airport but letme tell you, without some extra-time there and we had missed our flight! ... read more
The wierd boat
Alitalia taking off
Windjet taking off

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 27th 2011

The weather today has not been the very best, some rain and quite cloudy. We had planned to go to a beach nearby, but the weather made us stay here. But we have visited a botanic garden, a big one! And then we felt hungry, so we sat down to a local restaurant. The menu was not in english and the waiter could not speak english. What do you do? We pointed at something on the menu and got something really disgusting. I feelt so sorry for my sister which got the worst, it was theese big caterpillar-like thick spaghetti, soaked in crushed tomatoes. It looked disgusting and my eyes was right. Now, the fact is like this, both me and my sister eat with our eyes, and this was something none of us would cook ... read more
I bird
The big church

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo April 26th 2011

The worst night so far! It rained and it blew so that the car was vibrating! It was not much sleep. But today we returned the car in Milazzo and took the train back to Palermo. We are staying at Ai Quattro Canti hostel again for two days, and the hostel arranged activities during the evening. We joined them to a fish-restaurant. When the food got into the room I was stunned! There was theese gigantic plates with only fish, squid and shripms! Haha :) Me and my sister chose meat instead, and we got a similar plate but with a lot of sausages and dumplings instead. But, only meat, no salad, no potatoes, no rice. Well, that's how it is ;) Tonight it is going to be really comfortable sleeping in a real bed, and ... read more

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