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April 27th 2011
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The weather today has not been the very best, some rain and quite cloudy. We had planned to go to a beach nearby, but the weather made us stay here. But we have visited a botanic garden, a big one! And then we felt hungry, so we sat down to a local restaurant. The menu was not in english and the waiter could not speak english. What do you do? We pointed at something on the menu and got something really disgusting. I feelt so sorry for my sister which got the worst, it was theese big caterpillar-like thick spaghetti, soaked in crushed tomatoes. It looked disgusting and my eyes was right. Now, the fact is like this, both me and my sister eat with our eyes, and this was something none of us would cook for ourselves, but I think that Ingela felt bad for leaving so much food. haha! I'm sorry for the disgusting picture.. Later that day we visited a enormus church/monastery/cathedral and there we met some really nice guys and stood there discussing for a very long time. Today the Ai Quattro Canti Hostel arranged a dinner at a local pizzarestaurant. It was ok. Then we went

My sister bought a Zuccetta, I'm not sure of the name.. And we brought it back home, The vegetable was exactly as tall as my backpack!
to a "drinkeria" and talked to interesting people! But now we are hoping that the weather will be better tomorrow so that we can have our last day at the beach!

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A wierd fruitA wierd fruit
A wierd fruit

The tree was named "Bombacacaeae, Chorisa speciosa" on latin and came from Brazil
The larvasThe larvas
The larvas

No, it was some kind of spagetti, but eugh!
This is how much my sister liked her foodThis is how much my sister liked her food
This is how much my sister liked her food

Yes, actually, I eat one of thoose larvas, and it felt like a stone in my stomach!

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