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Europe » Italy » Sardinia June 25th 2014

Merilokin nosto potkurin vaihtoa varten sovittiin keskiviikon aamuksi kello 9. Kun illalla kävi selväksi, että emme saa satamahenkilöstöltä apua Merilokin siirtoon omalta paikaltaan satama-aukean laituriin, niin Allin (kumiveneemme) moottorin öljyt ja koekäyttö oli vielä illalla ja aamulla heräsimme varhain laittamaan Allia itseään kuntoon. Alli sidottiin tiukasti Merilokin perään ja matka alkoi. Matkalla ei sinällään ole paljon pituutta, mutta aamulla alkanut kova tuuli hiukan huolestutti, kun kippari joutui istumaan Allisssa kolmisen metriä Merilokin perän takana. Laituriin pääsimme, mutta viereisen vesibussin heppu melkein putosi ikkunasta siirrellessään huolestuneena jättisuurta fendaria. Merilokin noustua laiturin kulmalle (työ tehtiin Merilokin roikkuessa kuorma-auton nosturin nokasta), paljastui jälleen kerran simpukoista umpeen muurautunut potkur... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cannigione June 24th 2014

Merilokin seitsemäs (7.) kesä Välimerellä on alkamassa. Nyt on aika valmistautua paluumatkalle. Tämän kesän jälkeen Merilokin on tarkoitus jäädä Port Napoleoniin (Rhonejoen suulle) talveksi odottamaan joki- ja kanavamatkaa kohti pohjoista. Mutta vielä on kaikkien muiden valmistelujen lisäksi luistava potkuri, joka pitää vaihtaa uuteen. Samanlaista ei enää valmisteta, joten edessä on 40 vuotta vanhan taittolapaisen vaihto uuteen kiinteälapaiseen. Uutta taittolapaista ei saa 40 vuotta vanhaan Volvon purevenevetolaitteeseen. Talvella on taas tullut oranssia hiekkaa Saharasta. Nyt sitä oli vanttiruuvitkin täynnä. Kannen ja rikin pesu hammasharjalla on täällä todellisuutta eikä sketsiä. Viimekauden lopulla tuli kiire, joten osa syyshuolloista jäi tähän alkukesään keväthuoltojen yhteyteen. Nekin on nyt tehty.... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cala Gonone April 26th 2014

In the summers of 2012 and 2013 I made brief visits to a corner of Europe which does a good job at evading attention. This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself. D.H. Lawrence said that, having toured the island (not at all extensively) by motor car with his wife in tow and a successful career under his belt, both encouraging him to write a long book about a brief trip. Nice that the place left the same impression on me as I crisscrossed it by foot and by thumb, spending money on nothing save alcohol and baking ingredients. For Sardinia, with its thin, isolate culture and wild environment, displays its indifference to the common traveler more than any other ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari April 7th 2014

Bastione Bacione - Cagliari 2014 (ATL) Ty Dolla $ign fr. B.o.B. - Paranoid Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown - Show Me Calvin Harris - Summer Trevor Jackson - Drop It (Remix) Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul - Come On To Me Y.G. ft. Drake - Who Do You Love? DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What B.O.B. - We St... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari February 11th 2014

Sogni d'Oro - Cagliari 2014 Sogni (canzoni per la spiaggia) 1) John de Sohn - Under the Sun (Where We Belong) 2) Mystery Skulls - Ghost (Viceroy Remix) 3) Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say 4) Jutty Ranx - I See You (Bit Funk Remix) 5) The XX - Chained (Panic City Remix) 6) Airwolf - Hanging On 7) Denzal Park - url= read more
Poetto Beach
Molentargius Saline Park
Cafe Lifestyle


Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Alghero November 7th 2013

Adventures in Alghero…stunning views, stereotypical family antics, smiles, sunshine and smuggling. I have been sharing my house in London with a lovely Sardinian woman, L, for about a year now and she has always said that I must come to Alghero with her sometime. Trying to align our busy schedules was a challenge but we finally decided on a Sunday and Monday in mid-October. The direct flights from London-Alghero don’t go on Saturdays and she had to work on Friday. The forecast looked warm and sunny and that with the promise of Sardinian food and relaxation made the decision easy. We were picked up in a taxi at 4am on Sunday morning which was slightly painful but the promise of breakfast in Alghero kept my glass half full so to speak. Stansted Airport is a place ... read more
View from kitchen in our flat
Spiaggia Lazzaretto
el faro at Porto Conte

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia October 12th 2013

Olbia is the capital of Sardinia which is an extremely arid island, much like the Australian outback so we weren’t surprised to see Australian Gum trees planted there. We had booked a morning tour to visit the other side of the island first up therefore we set off with our local guide, Olivia on our bus. You can see a strong Spanish influence in the housing designs due to prior occupation by Spain. Many of the houses have chimneys which are more for heat to escape than for wood fires. The climate is very warm and dry for most of the year. We visited the Costa Smeralda region stopping at Baja and Porto Cervo beach resorts which have nice panoramic views. After a coffee stop we returned to Olbia to stroll the main street and take ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia October 10th 2013

all my travels on the beautiful island in the mediterranean (in German): read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia October 6th 2013

If you saw Day one of this year’s Tour De France bike race you will recall that one of the first stages ended in the city of Calvi on the island of Corsica. This is where we started day 5 of the cruise and everything has been very good so far – today was no exception. The weather is still fine, with low to mid 20 degree temperatures. Our excursion was to some of the islands interesting villages. The first two were in the foothills of the island’s mountains. While in the second one, perched at the top of a hill, Geoff climbed a very steep and rocky pathway to a magnificent view across the flat plain to the sea. Back on the coast, as we made our way back to Calvi, we stopped for a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Alghero July 26th 2013

What an absolutely stunning location for a relaxing Summer holiday. The weather was perfect, beaches beautiful, water crystal clear, and food as always unbelievably yummy. Italy, yet again has not let us down. We must recommend that you try and stay with a fab couple who run a gorgeous little B&B - they will be sure to let you experience a real Sardinian lifestyle. You'll be enjoying a delicious breakfast consisting of local produce, and won't have to worry about hiring a beach umbrella or towels... Giovanni and Consolata (the B&B owners) made our stay memorable and made us fall in love with Alghero. We will be back!... read more
Local beer

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