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October 7th 2006
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Met up with my Flatmate Jace in Ancona, not a lot to do here really. Headed out to Sirolla which is a small beach town down the coast and spent the day at the beach doing absolutly nothing. Watched a group of Boy Scouts stoll past and off into the hills but that was about it.


Next day we headed inland to a random mountain called L'Aquilla. We had been planning on going from L'Aquilla into the mountains to take a walk and see a glacier, but we arrived to late to get there. Soooooo after being helped to a hotel by a random Canadian women (who was very quick to point out how cold and unfriendly L'Aquilla was ) we headed to that haven of all holy Havens. The Pub. And a wicked pub it turned out to be too, it was done up all ye old english style but run by 2 young dudes who were into there motorbikes. They poured us scottish beer (!?¡) and we talked the obligatory toot that being in a pub requires. Jace lamented that she hadnt seen any rugby for a while and was thus a bit depressed . We went to leave and were called back to find that a free pint awaited us at the bar. Styles, cold and unfriendly my arse - any town that has pubs giving out free beer is ok by us. Not 10mins later some random bloke came up to the two of us and abrubtly said "You are from New Zealand!" Why yes we replied, how could you tell? "I can see Rugby in your eyes" Hmmmm OK. He then went on to tell us that it was our shoulders as well,we had rugby shoulders. Jace was pleased to hear from him that L'Aquilla was also a big Rugby community and there team was alsways in the top 10. So that satisfied Jaces Rugby fix, pity we won't be here in the weekend to see a game she lamented.
The next day consisted of not a lot again. A picnic in the park, a walk around the outside of L'Aquilla´s Castle - its got a huge moat. and back to the pub for the evening. More rugby talk with the locals and way, way,way too much wine, we only had to pay 15euro for it all as well which was unbelievable cheap but left us going 6 glasses each into 15 doesnt really go.
Bailed L'Aquilla the next day with some sizable hangovers between the 2 of us.
Me to London, Jace to Roma.


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