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May 19th 2012
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Plans changed last night as the Glass show wasn't happening (I didn't really want to see it anyway) so we went to the show. Word was that the GC hadn't arrived and it was hardly mentioned all day or in the programme apart from a violinist so we thought one of the orchestra was doing a set. Anyway his name was Greg Scott and he was brilliant - of course there were only about 25 people watching but we gave him a JO and Neil bought a CD! We spoke to him for a bit and he was on the Solstice 5 years ago and this was his first time back since.

We then went for pre dinner drinks in the Ensemble bar which is the one by the speciality restaurants and by far the best place to be. Nice new male vocalist/guitarist just boarded to replace the Russian pianist, and is very good so we went back again after dinner. We also went to the crew show which was being built up all day with a special surprise from the Captain! The crew seem to be the new on board entertainment because every day there are at least two events where they compete against the passengers - golf, table tennis, bocce, volleyball, karaoke etc and last night it was Strictly with a dance off and the Captain, Hotel Director and Marketing Director were the judges. 12 passengers drew cards for the crew member and were voted off one by one! It was good fun to watch - the last 3 included the big fat Italian chef, the assistant HD and the Doctor with their partners. Then the big surprise was a Greek dancing lineup of all the Greek officers led by the Captain - very good but we wondered who was on the bridge!

The CD is called Esperanza and is becoming really annoying. Every time she appears or makes an announcement it is precluded with "the only girl in the world" and she finishes every time with Viva la Viva - enjoy life! However apparently this ship always gets the best ratings, and I think everyone but me likes her!

We woke up in Civvii this morning and hadn't decided whether to go to Rome or not until we put on the TV for the weather report and saw the view from the bridge. A lovely sunny day 26 degrees - so we decided to stay on board. We virtually had the ship to ourselves - perfect! I downloaded another Spider book and sunbathed all day with the occasional dip in the empty pool or jacuzzi. Neil has now read 186 pages!

Tonight it seems the big event is Chelsea v Bayer Munich final so Neil is off to watch that in the Sky Lounge where they have a big screen set up. I'm going to the show on my own to see a Canadian male vocalist from Montreal called Claude Brunel. We don't seem to have time for dinner - it will have to be the cafe after the match - or maybe just wine. It's a beautiful evening now as we sail away from Civvi and I can't decide on a cocktail or a G & T - it's been a hard day!

By the way I just downloaded 1000 emails - congratulations to Susie and Me for winning a prize in our first county bridge competition! We were nothing short of brilliant! And I am pleased to see our pairings against Janet & Katie in Norfolk - shall we take them on?

I have finally got my iPad on line so am able to attach a few photos! The other 3000 will have to wait till I am back!

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19th May 2012

Great blog!
Great blog but I'm worried you may run out of Spider books (God, I miss him!). The next one (ninth) doesn't come out till July. A good one for the beach at our spa weekend! xx
21st May 2012

very glad you are happy about the bridge. we will take them on in norfolk not sure about the very early start though. the cruise sounds as if it going well and you look rested. cant wait to see the other 3000 photos!! xx

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