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Europe » Ireland July 19th 2006

Dear All, Cathy, Brian, Vic and I just got back from a hectic five day drive holiday around the Republic of Ireland. Ireland was just what I expected apart that we had perfect weather everyday (which was actually too hot for some of the locals). The Irish are extremely friendly (although some a little hard to understand), the west coast of Ireland is spectacular (as highlighted by our photos) and the pubs are great with live music in most. Unfortunately Dublin was a let down. With an early start, we flew into Dublin (just a 40 minute flight), picked up our hire car and headed to Kilkenny for lunch, a pint of Kilkenny, followed by a walk in the Kilkenny castle grounds. We then ventured further south to the Waterford Crystal factory, then onto Cobh where ... read more
Wes kissing the Blarney Stone
Cliffs of Moher
Views from the Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon July 17th 2006

I sat in the airport for a good two hours, just being excited. I checked email, made a few calls and felt surprisingly normal considering the journey on which I was about to embark. Unreal, I thought, that I am neither panicking nor screaming in anticipation. I felt calm, and collected and ready for this journey and this new part of my life. I watched the clouds until the sun set just now on the flight. They were absolutely stunning. There is still a little bit of light reminding me of Atlanta just behind the wing, out my window. Imanaged to snag my own row, since our flight is only half full. ‘Take the Lead’ with a studly, dancing Antonio Banderas has stolen the attentions of most of the passengers still awake on the flight. Those ... read more
Flight 2
Flight 3
Flight 4

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 16th 2006

First thing I learned about Dublin was that I am very, very poor. Which sucks, but we all deal. The Beatles are playing at the Internet Cafe here, the first time in a week that I've been able to get onto a computer. AGHHHHH. Today I went to the Jameson Whiskey factory. It was very good. My mom was the official tastetester for the group, and she gave me most of her samples. I was lucky enough to meet up with my parents, because they just happened to be in this part of Ireland for ther week. Very Strange, but definately a happy coincidence. I'm losing my mind because things are so expensive! Its also very touristy. However, it is great. The live music is great and the main history museum here is great. I'm going ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 16th 2006

The ghost of James Joyce let me sleep through the night. I don't think ANYTHING would've woken me last night. It was very quiet in the back of the hotel and I was exhausted. The hotel breakfast didn't live up to the great experience we had back in Killarney. It was mostly cereal and bread. No eggs, bacon or hash browns. Everyone raved about the coffee but it's not my cup of tea. Instead, I went back to my room and downed a soda and half a bag of chips. When we were walking around last night we kept seeing people wearing dark blue cowboy hats. I didn't really pay them much mind until we had to run through the gauntlet of drunks on the way back to the hotel. Many of those same carousers were ... read more
The doors of Dublin
St. Patrick's Cathedral of Dublin
Interior of the cathedral

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney July 15th 2006

No need to describe the great breakfast. The rest of Irish/English food may not be all that exciting but they certainly give better breakfasts than the Italians and French. James had us on the bus and out of the hotel parking lot before 9:00am. Once again it was a brilliant, sunny day. The temperatures were expected to rise as we went further inland. We were headed to Blarney Castle on the old road through Macroom. Of course, this was probably the only road between the two towns but in any case, I learned after this trip that it was a very historic route. It was along this road that the IRA won their first major victory against the British forces at the Kilmichael Ambush in 1920. A week after "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" where the Brits pretty ... read more
A pretty little place this Macroom is
The facade of Macroom Castle
Malachy Duggan - the most hated man of Macroom


Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula July 14th 2006

As if last night's dinner wasn't spectacular enough, the Gleaneagle Hotel outdid itself with this morning's breakfast. We walked into the same dining room where dinner had been served. At first all we saw was a line at a big buffet table. We immediately got in line. We got juice, choice of cereals (I got oatmeal), lots of fruit and rolls and various spreads. When we sat down at our table a waiter asked if we wanted eggs. "Of course" said I and ordered sunny-side up with home fries, bacon and toast. That's my idea of a healthy breakfast. After breakfast while we waited for everyone to meet before boarding the bus, Gail had to listen to the usual first day complaints: "My room was too hot", "My TV only picked-up one station", "It was noisy ... read more
There they are again
Kerry Bog Village
Interior of a farmer's home

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 13th 2006

So after some delays and some interesting weather (thunderstorms while on the plane!!), we're here in Dublin... We spent the day wandering the city, enoying the architecture and the buskers. There was a band playing in St. Stephen's Green, which was really cool. It was great to just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine after hours and hours and hours of sitting in airports and on planes. Tomorrow we head off to London... The jet lag is just starting to hit so hopefully we'll be able to catch up on some sleep before seeing too many countries. :) Hope you're all doing well... Love Hilary and Robyn ps. PIctures to come soon, hopefully... ... read more

Europe » Ireland July 12th 2006

I went here with work and it was an amazing trip. So much beautiful diverse country and the people were just a great.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 12th 2006

We were traveling with a much smaller group this trip. Gail assembled a group of 18 people for our tour of Ireland, Scotland and England. We were concerned that EF might merge our group with another smaller group in order to fill a 50 person bus, but she was assured that we were going to be left on our own. They were true to their word. Around noon we had Tyler drop Gail, her mom and I off at the high school. Like the previous trip we met up with a bus that took us to Kennedy airport. And once again we "shortcut" through a very crowded Manhattan then crawled through Queens to JFK. It took us over 3 hours to cover what normally takes about 2. Once we all "enjoyed" dinner at Kennedy, we passed ... read more
Bunratty Castle
An absolutely gorgeous day in Ireland
Just what Ireland is supposed to look like

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 9th 2006

We reached the final destination of our original journey when we landed at Dublin airport early Sunday morning to be greeted by Danny (friend from NZ) and also by the worst weather we had encountered for quite a long time, there were strong winds, rain and it was bloody cold. We were slightly concerned that this was an Irish "summer". However, later in the day it cleared up a little and stopped raining long enough for Danny to play a game of cricket. We spent the day watching the cricket and saw the world cup final at the cricket club before heading to our new abode in Blackrock. We are staying in a semi-detached three bedroom house with our landlords next door. We are both playing cricket for a local club, Pembroke. In the first week ... read more
Danny in charge of the BBQ in our backyard
O'Connell Street in City Centre
Dun Laoghaire harbour

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