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Europe » Iceland » South » Hella June 11th 2013

So today we left Reykjavik to head down the southern coast with our bike tour guide, Stephan. He picked us up from the Hilton around 9:30 for our 2 day adventure. We were actually glad to be leaving the Hilton as this was not your typical, high end Hilton. Our power went out 3 times in the 3 days we stayed there. Judy was able to finagle a free trip to the spa and hot tub, a $50 value. The hot tub was no hot tub time machine, it was a mold machine. It was hot, but definitely not worth the price if she really had to pay for it. We also were able to procure 4 free drinks out of the Hilton for losing power. We tried for dinner but only got the drinks. At ... read more
Beautiful waterfall we walked under
view from underneath
veiw from behind

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík June 10th 2013

In April 2012 my friend Jason and I took a trip to Scandinavia (see "The Great Scandinavian Adventure"). Amazingly enough we found a flight to Stockholm for $578 on Iceland Air. We just had to change planes in Reykjavik. Not a big deal for a flight that cheap to Europe. While we were on the flights we watched Borat like three times each. But we also watched some videos about Iceland tourism that the airline had made. And you know what? Those videos worked. Iceland looked frikin' awesome. By the time we were back from Scandinavia we had already decided that we had to go to Iceland. And being so close to the US, we could manage to just go for a weekend and not have to make a huge trip out of it. From DC ... read more
Seltun Springs
Posing with the Geothermal Springs
Chilling in the Blue Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » South » Hvolsvollur June 10th 2013

The day started not too early for everyone but who can tell since it never gets dark. It is very weird. We met our private guide Edda at the hotel around 9AM to start our drive of the Golden Circle. This is a drive about 150 KM long around the geothermal and geological areas of interest in Iceland near Reykjavik. Gene was our driver while Judy was the designated backseat driver. Which was ironic because she had never even seen a map of the area, but kept telling Gene where to go and how to drive. We started with a quick stop at the world’s largest geothermal power plant so Kirsten could get her geek on. Chester was bored, but it only took about 30 minutes so she had to deal with it. The natural hot ... read more
The Small Falls
The Original Geysor
The Golden Falls

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík June 9th 2013

Our first night in Iceland and it does not get dark, at all. It’s very weird to see the crack between the curtains and it is totally light outside. Before we went to bed last night, Kirsten was messing with the lights and were flashing them off and on, and then she plugged in her phone for the night and then . . . wait for it . . . she blew the fuse in the room. No biggie, but funny none the less. Chester had taken her favorite little helper, popped in her ear plugs and slipped on the eye mask and was out! Seriously out for the night. Kirsten thought she was going to be out for the night, until there came a pounding on our hotel door. Yes, Gene and Judy finally made ... read more
Judy on 2 wheels
Tulips in front of Parliment Building

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík June 8th 2013

Day 1- Well it has been quite an eventful trip for 2 of us so far. Everyone was to converge on Denver to fly directly to Reykjavik on a 5:15 flight and arrive in Iceland at 6:30 am. Kirsten and Chester made it no problem to Denver. Kirsten's flight from Houston was uneventful, except for the screaming child sitting next to her on the flight, and Chester only had a 20 minute drive to the airport for once. Gene and Judy, Kirsten's parents, were to arrive in Denver around 2:30, with plenty of time to make the connection. Suck it Frontier. The Omaha flight was delayed over 6 hours for mechanical reasons. So during her layover, Kirsten spent lots of money to change and find new flights so her parents can make the trip. Gene and ... read more
The Grotto
Silica Mud Mask


Europe » Iceland May 24th 2013

Strokkur is one of Iceland's most famous geysers and one of the most active guaranteed to erupt in less than 10 minutes. We arrived at the geothermal area beside the Hvita River with our rental car and parked near the shop and reception area. Like most of these natural sites, entry is free and we walked past a small bubbling geyser towards the main attraction. The geyser had just blown off steam and the air was full of condensing steam and a lot of 'oohing' and 'aahing' by the coach load of Chinese tourists surrounding the geyser. We did not have long to wait. Out came our cameras and I set up my tripod in a clearing away from the main crowd. I had a grand stand view of the eruption and was congratulating myself on ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Hvalfjörður May 22nd 2013

One of the most striking scenes one comes across in the Icelandic countryside, apart from the volcanic terrain and beautiful rock formations is the lack of vegetation especially trees. So it is quite difficult for large animals to survive in the windy stormy exposed landscape. And that is why the Iceland horse looks more like a pony. Most of the original population was wiped out by the volcanic eruptions of 1780 but the population was restored by breeding about a hundred years ago. The animals looked very peaceful feeding off snow covered tufts of grass, mostly huddling together for warmth. One of our cherished souvenirs is a hand crafted wooden horse.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Hvalfjörður May 22nd 2013

Hotel Glymur is one of the best hotels in Iceland, it certainly is one of the best we have ever stayed in and we have stayed in innumerable hotels. The service was impeccable. We had villa Nature and we had all the amenities we needed. But for me the highlight was soaking in a hot tub, heated naturally from the volcanic lava passing beneath under the moonlit sky. The sensation was weird but exhilarating. Lying there in the hot bubbling bath, feeling the icy wind blowing on the surface of the bath, looking at the moon, shrouded by darkness and silence was a fitting end to a day spent sight seeing, walking over glaciers and hours driving from one scenic spot to another. I could literally feel the stiffness leaving through my toes. The bubbling bath ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík May 20th 2013

This is my first contribution. This is just a hobby, an off shoot of another hobby, traveling. We have been seriously bitten by the travel bug. This blog is primarily intended as a way of remembering, a virtual souvenir, a travelogue for family and close friends. We were on our way to Iceland from Heathrow for our 2012 Christmas holiday. The weather was surprisingly fine half way across the North Sea, when we started to have several bumps and air pockets. The captain ordered the suspension of the food service, and we settled down waiting for the last part of the flight to be over. Everyone was watching the onboard movie when suddenly the captain announced that we have a slight problem, on landing our braking coefficient was 'rather low' and that we would have difficulty ... read more
Iceland all 051
Iceland all 060
Iceland all 063

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík March 30th 2013

3:15 AM- Good Friday- It feels as though I just blinked as I am gently tousled awake by the sound of Del Barber. Dennie and I drag ourselves from bed, crawl into a cab, and make our way to the airport where she is going to spend 10 days with Friends in Nelson, BC and where I am meeting 31 students to begin a 12 day tour of the capitals of Scandinavia - Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin then back just in time for mid term exams. The EF tours itinerary is ambitious, and will require patience, but the nervous smiles from parents and energy in the air at 3:45 AM at YQR reaffirms my decision to take a big group of students with me to Northern Europe. 7AM- Reyjavik, Iceland- I believe it's Saturday!?- After ... read more

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