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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 18th 2012

At last some free time. Lectures in the morning, but the whole afternoon off. Today was a unique day in Reykjavík. Fine and warm (possibly the warmest day of the year), with the city Marathon on, and the Reykjavík summer festival on. Nice of them to put all this on for us! It would appear that every single person in Iceland attended. There were people everywhere, thousands and thousands of people, with events and performances on every corner, and half a dozen big stages set up around the city centre. We saw the kids marathon around the lake (Tjornin). We saw minute chess – where the moves fly so fast it is impossible to keep track. The queue for the bottle shop was twenty deep (gonna be some sore heads tomorrow morning for sure). Bands galore, ... read more
Downtown Reykjavik
Downtown Reykjavik
Downtown Reykjavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss August 17th 2012

Continuing on our two day bus tour of the south of Iceland. We transfer to a monster truck/4wd bus that can take us off road. Iceland has a lot of seriously off road regions. First stop is a volcano called Eyjafjallajökull. Roughly pronounced Ai-a-fyatla-yoketl. Perhaps you have heard of it? We stopped at the farm that sits literally underneath the crater. They were almost wiped out when it happened with huge damage to their plant and equipment. But they have recovered and now make a nice living from their beautiful, government-subsidised dairy farm, and an even better living from the volcano museum/gift shop they have set up. Again, really well done as all of these things appear to be in Iceland. A 20-minute documentary made about their family and farm during the eruption, and the changes ... read more
E15 from the other side
Thorsmork nature reserve

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss August 16th 2012

Off on a two day bus tour of the south of Iceland. First stop is in the mountain range outside of Reykjavik, where there are yet more steam vents – literally hundreds of them. They are used for power, but they are also used to pipe hot water to Reykjavík for heating and bathing. Most Icelanders’ hot water is piped straight out of the ground. Even travelling dozens of kilometers it is still scaldingly hot! Next is Þingvellir ('ll' is prnounced 'tl', and the letter þ is a soft "th". So it's prnounced thingvetlir. þingvellir is a special place for two reasons. It has been the home of Icelandic democracy since the 900's, the original parliament, where it remained until almost 1800. It is also the point at which the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates ... read more
Turn left for America; right for Europe
Gullfoss. That is a LOT of water

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 16th 2012

We went to a place with puffins. Lots of puffins. There were these straight things. We went to a waterfall and it was fun and pretty. We got a little wet. We went behind a waterfall. It looked like sugar. We got wet but it was still fun. The end. Iceland and Greenland. My favorite things on this trip: waterparks, fishing, snowmobiling, whale watching, helicopter, waterfalls, ice beach, car boat, long boat rid to icebergs, and playing with Maddie. - Sofia Journal Aug 17 and favorite list. It was time for our last full day in Iceland. We had a great night staying in the Vik hostel. The town of Vik is very small with around 300 people living there. It is the southernmost town of Iceland, which is still north of most places I have ... read more
Basalt Cliffs near Vik
Sail Away

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Grindavík August 15th 2012

A bus day. Starting with a very quick tour of the city (the city isn’t huge and big buses aren’t allowed in the tight inner-city streets). A stop at the imposing and austere Hallgrimmskirkja. It is the tallest building in Iceland and dominates the city landscape. Lutherans aren’t exactly renowned for having fun and this shows both on the inside and the outside. We pass myriad monuments to Icelanders – it doesn’t take much for them to drop a statue or devote a building in memorial to citizens who in other countries would be otherwise forgotten. After the city tour, we head out to the Reykjanes pensinsula, back towards the international airport at Keflavík. For the record the consonant combination 'fl' is pronounced 'pl' in Icelandic. So it is pronounced Keplavik. You are starting to sound ... read more
Blue Lagoon - worth the 35 euros entry
Don't leave the path lest you boil


Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn August 15th 2012

"We went on a snowmobile. We made stops. It was fun. We went on a car boat. We saw lots of icebergs. It was fun. We went to the beach. It had little icebergs. I drew a faec with ice and sand. I twas fun. We hiked up to a waterfall. I made a little sail boat. It was fun" - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 16, 2012 After a great 2 nights in Myvatn, it was time to head East. This was a long drive, but a beautiful one. We passed a lot of beautiful waterfalls and got out of the car on a couple of them. I had a lot of fun driving with Daddy. We listened to music, I played on my nintendo and ipod, and also watched a movie. Daddy also had me ... read more
Looking Cool
Sail Away
So this is why they call it Iceland

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 14th 2012

Some menus from our trip.... From the Reykyavikur restaurant "Fiskfélagið" = "The Fish Company" Rock salted beer glazed salmon & langoustine salad, fennel jam, frozen cucumber, Icelandic kryddbrauth (rye bread) Grilled beef rib eye and pork cheek, sweet onion jam, pepper sauce, bearnaise paste and fries Blueberry skyr mousse & blueberry muffin with caramelised almond, yoghurt skyr paste and home made marshmallow (skyr is a cultured cheese sort of halfway between mascarpone and yoghurt) From the Greenlandic buffet: Sashimi of Greenlandic halibut Greenlandic shrimp (very small but very tasty; when unpeeled almost universally pregnant) Dried fish (no thanks - like chewing on a rubber tyre but not as nice) Sushi with shrimp (yum) Smoked whale (looks like dark prosciutto) Salted scallops Halibut terrine Mussels Mattak (whale blubber) Seal soup (f... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 14th 2012

A travel day today. A relaxed morning in ilulissat and we said goodbye to the view from our hotel – possibly the best hotel view ever – and headed to Ilulissat airport. It is a short runway airport so only propeller planes can land there – no jets. The jets land at Kangerluassaq a couple of hundred kilometers south. The short runway means weight restrictions for take off so the plane takes off without refueling and has to land at Kangerluassaq for fuel; Once we leave KL we head east over the inland ice. Previously we have only seen coastal ice in the form of glaciers and icebergs. This is the second largest ice cap in the world and it is awe-inspiring. River after river after river of ice as far as the eye can see. ... read more
Best hotdogs in the world-from outside our hotel!

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn August 14th 2012

We went to a waterfall. It was the biggest in Europe. There was another one. It was kind of little. We climbed rocks. It was fun. We went to a volcanoe. I had water in it. It was fun. We went to a lava field. There was a lot of rocks. It was fun. - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 14, 2012 This morning we did not get up to early, but took off for some other really cool places. Daddy had told me that our 2 days in Myvatn would be filled with lots of places that had cool landscapes or seemed like it was from a different planet, just like yesterday, and he was right. Our first stop were to see two incredible waterfalls. Daddy decided that we would see it from the "better" side ... read more
Cool Landscape - Krafla

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn August 13th 2012

We went to a waterfall. It was beautiful. We went to little volcanoes. There were flies. They got on my dad, but not me. We went to a place with a lot of lava rocks. We had lunch there and it was cool. We went to these hot lava. It was bubbling. It was fun. We went to a hot pool to relax and it was fun - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 13. So after after 2 nights in Akuyeri and breakfast at our favorite bakery, we were off to our next destination - Myvatn. Daddy told me that this would be an area of incredible beauty as he read lots about it in "the book" as I called it (lonely planet). This was not going to be a day of a lot of driving, but ... read more
Dimmuborgir Lava Fields
Me and Daddy at Godafoss
About to fly away - Námaskarð

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