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Europe » Iceland » Northwest September 13th 2013

This day started in Akureyri. We were up and out of our hotel early and we were able to walk around and enjoy this picturesque city, before hoping into the car for our next adventure. The area we were travelling through is known for horse breeding. The Icelandic Horse is a unique breed of horse and is recognized as such world-wide. They are smaller than the horses we're used to seeing in North America but their manes are quite voluminous. Along our route we decided to pull over to the side of the road to snap a few pics of some horses we saw grazing in a field. As luck would have it one of the horses was quite friendly and he wandered over to us to say hello. We got to spend quite a bit ... read more
Making Friends
Glanni Waterfalls
How's my do?

Europe » Iceland » Northwest September 11th 2013

We have been taking our time leaving these towns but we hit the road quick in Egilsstadir as we had a long road trip in front of us. The road trip was once again scenic and other worldly; at times you could have convinced us we were driving on the surface of the moon. Our first stop was Dettifoss waterfalls. The road to Dettifoss was unpaved, barren and a little bumpy. We were wondering how they managed to locate their most powerful waterfall in a dry, barren, rock-like desert, but locate it they did! Dettifoss was spectacular. If you've ever seen the movie "Prometheus" these are the falls that were used in the opening scene and seeing them in real life was no less epic. After Dettifoss we made our way to Asbyrgi which is a ... read more
The Penguin

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur September 9th 2013

An Italian out-door club coming to Iceland end of April and are doing a tour around the country before joining a ski-weekend in Isafjordur. The bus was playing tricks on us just before the tour started so had to be fixed the day before. One thing off the check-list. My driver broke his leg a week before the tour, another driver hired on the last minute – one more thing off the check-list. We, thirty five people, set off in the morning, all skis fitted into the bus and the group was hoping there would be snow somewhere in the hills on our way so they could do some walks. No snow on the southern part except the glaciers that were all white and pretty, but too far away. The first day was good, the weather ... read more
Gryla's candles

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 30th 2013

The snow covered tops of the mountains seemed close enough to touch as we flew past. They rose around our plane on all sides, our shadow showed up clearly on the snow below. The pilot turned sharply and we suddenly entered an opening, blue water and a little town at our feet. Following the sharp turn was a sudden descent onto a short air-strip, I didn’t think we were going to make it. But our teeny little plane touched down without a hitch and we were in Isafordur, Westfjords. We stayed one more night in Reykjavik after exploring the South Coast. We spent a lovely evening with Hofi, a friend of Pete’s who lives in Reykjavik with her partner and their new baby April. We had an amazing vegan feast prepared by Hofi’s mum that blew ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 28th 2012

One of the many things we have observed to this point is that there does not appear to be many trees here. The relative youth of the nation geologically precludes their growth. To this point, our guide asked if we knew what to do if we got lost in an Icelandic forest. After a few seconds of thought on our part, she told us “you stand up!” Okay then…. Visitors to Iceland usually attempt one or both of the familiar routes when exploring this unique land. One is the Golden Circle, which can be seen in one day or the Ring Road, which we’re told can be done in as little as five days (although that is certainly rushing it). This will normally satisfy the average traveler and they are able to return home safe in ... read more
Dynjandi Waterfall
Breathtaking scenery


Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes August 21st 2012

We made it to Borgarnes yesterday after landing at Keflavik airport and renting a used car... Gary found a company that rents used cars. The one we have been assigned is a 10+ year old Nissan. It will definitely do the trip and costs about 1/2 of a regular rental car. On the way here we saw some great scenery especially as we went around Hvalfjordur with one way bridges and almost no traffic. The folks that are out and about are mostly interested in the beauty and probably taking a few hikes. We arrived in Borgarnes, found our hostel and did some exploring. We found a great little museum, The Settlement Center, that discusses the settlement of Iceland. It had an audio guide that walked you through the various small rooms. But by then jet ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Stykkishólmur August 9th 2012

"We said good bye to our friends. We went on a boat. They had a net. The put it in the water. They got lots of sea creatures. A crab fell off the table. It was fun" - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 9 So after an awesome week with Lenny and Maddie in Greenland and a bit of Iceland, we ate breakfast with them, dropped them off at the zoo, and said our good byes. Now it was time for our second part of our trip - a week and a half driving around Iceland. A very popular route called "ring road". We picked up our rental car that I called Snowy, and we were off. While most of our trip we stuck to ring road, this first part we took a little detour to Stykkisholmur ... read more
Me and Mr. Krabbs
Rotting Sharks at Barnahofn
Beautiful Hellnar

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 6th 2012

The ceiling of the turf-roofed Litlibær, or Little Farm, was so low my hair brushed against it. But when I sat down in the drawing room, sipping a hot cup of coffee and looking out the small, multi-paned window to the fjord and snow-flecked mountains beyond, I felt quite at home. I chatted with the sixteen-year old great-great grandson of the man who had built the original farm, and who now helped greet visitors from far flung corners of the globe curious to see what an old Icelandic farmhouse, built on an isolated fjord in an isolated corner of an isolated country, was like. I smiled as he explained his plans to travel the world – Canada to the US and down through Latin America, then over to South Africa and northwards; what a much more ... read more
Iceland's President, Olafur!
My Trusty Steed
Waterfalls, Everywhere

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Stykkishólmur July 23rd 2012

Two years ago I was contacted by a woman who said she and her family were coming to Iceland and wanted to travel around and see where their family roots were. Now the time is here for their trip! So nice to greet them early in the morning of the 21st of July. Our only problem with Americans is the flight, so early in the morning the hotels never have any rooms ready. Understandingly. We did a little detour with them to our breakfast location. The bridge between two continents is such a nice stop. Here you stand with one foot on the North American tectonic plate and the other foot on the Eurasian tectonic plate. We often stop by at a hotel in the area to have breakfast when we have tourists so early in ... read more
Next to try!
The face
Sheltered from the rain

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes July 19th 2012 We were heading back to Reykjavik from Akureyri in a roundabout way as we still had two days left. The drive took us across northern Iceland travelling west and then down the western coast. Throughout this portion of the drive we noticed that decorating many of the deserted farmhouses was what appeared to be Banksy graffiti! Not too far after setting off we were distracted by signs for a seal museum, we weren’t sure what to expect from this i.e. whether it would have anything to do with seal hunting. We weren’t particularly bothered with the seal museum but we had read that seals could be seen off the coast nearby to the museum. This did result in a 2 hour detour across quite rough gravel roads but we had plenty of time. After what ... read more
Grábrók Crater at the Grábrókarhraun lava field

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