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August 27th 2006
Published: August 27th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Alright ladies and gents here is the low-down on Hungary:
everything is mini-sized (like cars, dishwashers, beds-I,yes thats right Jessica Weber-has to sleep diagonally in order to fit comfortably in bed-actually I just checked and it is a futon (I doubt thats spelt right) ANYWAYS, minisized: roads-so tiny and windy-,furniture-except that which is an antique such as most of the stuff in the house-, bathrooms-and all in the bathroom.
the only thing not mini-sized is the buildings. We (my host-mum Gabriella and I) went for a walk downtown and she showed me my school and it is huge! It is four stories high and huge! It used to be an old mansion or castle or something like that. I remember when I thought Merc was big...those were the days.
The bathroom (and Laurel this is where I thought of you) has no shower only a bath and I tried to have a bath the other day, and I dont know whether they just have a really really small hot water heater or I was doing something wrong (more likely) because I only got like 2 inches of hot water so I just splashed around for a while.
And probably the most annoying thing right now is that alot of the keys on the keyboard are in the 'wrong' spot and many of the big keys (like enter, shift, backspace) are alot smaller to make room for all of these random keys like öüóőúűáéí. So this blog is taking forever to write, and as much of zou know computers mainly drive me crazy so this is like a little dose of torture! See how much I love you all that I would put myself through this?

Anyways, the flight was loooong and if any of you want to hear a funny story about my late night adventure in Edmonton trying to find the rotarians house (Nelson Scott) ask Saima or my mum, its a good one.

So I am trying to learn Hungarian (Gabriella thankfully knows english) but whenever I try Gabi jsut laughs, so I guess its good that she has a sense of humour since I am butchering her language.

Well I guess I will carry on with what Kristina started and will give you guys a little Hungarian lesson (Hungarian=Magyarul)
Good day ( Jó napot can add kivanok if you want to be formal)
Good bye (visontlátásra after practicing this for ever i found out you can just say szia which is pronounced just like see ya)

well that is all! you now know just about as much hungarian as I do!


27th August 2006

I Love YOU!!
Woo! First person in the travel blog comments section, awesome .. haha I heard you story about the wrong house and the mix up .. poor girl .. I want pictures soon (online ones) and I want you to call me ... don't you forget about me , dont dont dont you I love you my little fisigit weber miss you call me mwa mwa mwa
27th August 2006

I Love YOU!!
Hey!! So pumped your there, and your figuring out the workings of a computer =) I want you to send me pictures of the mini world, and I want you to call me I love you my fisigit weber miss you call me !! Lots of love xoxo
28th August 2006

Hey doll!! Hungary sounds fab, and good job with the comp. I was having trouble with the keyboard too, but you give me hope with your effort. haha. Anyway, gotta love the blogs, and I can't wait to see you again next year! Party hard girl! Love ya! -Kristina
28th August 2006

that must suck the enitre bed sleeping thing. i miss ya already...well actually just your cooking. keep me posted when u post up pics and stuff. anyways miss ya already see ya in a year.
29th August 2006

so it's nice to hear your having fun! I have the same computerproblems as you have just the other way around! yeah europe is small! =) have a nice daz justin
24th April 2007

Fellow Hungarian Exchanger
Hey! I'm so glad I found this blog! I'm a Rotarian outbound, heading for Hungary in August! Would you be so kind as to lend me some advice, perhaps? I'm very worried that it will be too similar to my home in Indiana... what stuff should I know before going? What are the people like?
27th April 2007

hungary exchange!!!
heyy! that is so exciting that you are coming here!! do you know what city you will be in?? and dont have any worries or concerns or anything that hungary will be too similiar to your home. it is waaaayyyy more different than you think it would be, it being in europe and all. just remember that hungarians originally came from wwaaaaaaayyyy over in northern asia originally so they are completly different from any other european country. and stuff to know before you come...try to learn some basics of the language. it is a very very difficult language (not impossible though :) and any basics that you know will help alot. dont concentrate on vocabulary, that will come with time, but try to learn some of their crazy grammer, that will help you the most. and anything you know about hungarys history will help you out. and the hungarian people will appreciate it soooooo much if you know anything about them. take a look at some of their revolutions and hungarians STILL grieve the treaty of trianon that happened in 1920 (they lost about 70% of their land mass after ww1). hrmmm... i could go on forever! if you have any questions AT ALL just ask!

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