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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos January 12th 2009

Sunday, 11th January, 2009, continued. Spoke to our families this morning. All is well at home, apparently pretty cold and a heavy frost last night. We settled in one of the bars and the ship left at three o'clock. As we left Piraeus and went out to sea, we could see a large number of various types of vessels, that were just anchored. I had seen something recently about the global economy having an effect on Greek Shipping and that ships were currently laid up, so I assume these were they. The ship's wireless internet service time was purchased through the tills and it didn't seem to be working. I noticed when I had a look at wireless network, that the provider was the same as on Anek Lines and I had a little time left, ... read more
Kos Town
Kos Town
Kos Town

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos October 30th 2007

Second go-round... Back on Kalymnos. Two weeks of climbing, three rest days, swollen fingers, fire in my muscles, and David Sharpe! Beautiful People My new friend Shay Har-noy lives in America, but we ended up crossing paths in Israel. I was telling him how one of the things I love about climbing is all the hot men with their tops off. He exclaimed, "I know! You would think other women would have caught on by now! Even men who are in their forties with kids will still have six-packs." Dave Sharpe drew my attention to the obvious. Women who climb are in good shape, and he is happy to watch them, as I love to admire the men. Step Up As I have previously mentioned, lessons learned in climbing will translate into real life. Sometimes ther ... read more
Dave Climbing
Flo, Dave, Joni and Eva

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos September 10th 2007

Kalymnos, Greece is Paradise. Plain and simple. The weather is perfect. The climbing is amazing. The water is crystal clear. The food is delicious. You wake up in the morning, and you take the scooter over to the climbing sector. You hike about 15-20 minutes, and voila. Many climbs, at many levels, and some with beautiful stalagtites. Around 2pm, the sun comes out and so by now you are ready to head to the beach. You hike down, change into your swim suit, and head for the water. You cool off in the water, lay by the beach, grab some food, and whatever else you want to do. Rest and repeat. With all this paradise, one might wonder, Why in the Hell did I book a ticket to Israel?? Well, I have a friend I ... read more
belaying in Greece
Turkish Castle

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 26th 2007

Good Day, Kalymnos, Greece! I arrived in Athens and took a good look at the fabulous architecture sites there. The next day I came into Kalymnos and just happened to walk into the exact week of the International Dive Festival of Kalymnos. This means that I get to dive for the next two weeks FOR FREE. Sponges Okay, let's back up. Kalymnos is famous for their sponges. The problem is that for the last 25 years, the mayors of the small island didnt promote tourism, they promoted the destruction of the natural wildlife -sponges - because foreigners wanted them (the world demand is 6 times more than the supply), and therefore it brought in a lot of foreign revenue. Infact, 70 percent of the islands revenue came from sponges. Somewhere along the way a disease ... read more
swimming in Kalymnos
Biker Babe.

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 23rd 2007

Hi Everyone, First we are sorry about the lack of photos, but no decent connection available to upload. We spent our last night in Athens in a roof top restuarant overlooking the Parthenon, which is lit up at nights, very atmospheric! Next day, 09/08/07 spent the morning packing before Vageli took us to Piraeus Harbour to catch our ferry the Anthea Marina. We had mananged to secure a cabin for the 10hr journey complete with bunk beds and a bathroom. The ferry was a ex channel crossing ferry and still had all the detailed maps of the UK and France up plus signs for duty free everywhere, very strange! We got a good nights sleep and arrived at Leros at 5am and after a quick taxi ride arrived at our new home at pantelli a small ... read more


Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 18th 2007

Here are out exciting food adventures on this Island of Kos, Greece. The port city has a large Castle in the entrance of it. When we arrived in the wee hours of morning, the young people were just going home (6 am) Did we ever enjoy our stay at this island for one whole week. We stayed 10 minutes out of the main town and travelled back and forth by a full bus each time. Many Germans travel here and most often rent bikes to travel back and forth to town. We had a beautiful place along the sea and could see the cities of Turkey across the sea. We travelled everywhere on this island and am sure we saw way more then most. It was so exciting. Enjoy what you see and think of ... read more
My choice
Myrna & Arlene's choice
Ferry to Kos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 15th 2007

Arlene, Myrna and I were off to the island of Kos. We arrived on a large ferry 9 hours later from the large Athens port of Perias. Our beautiful hotel was about 3 km out of the port city at a lovely studio with beautiful patios and swimming pool. We arrived in the port in the wee hours of the morning only to see the young people going home after a big night of usual partying with music still playing and bar lights still on. We used the local bus to go back and forth from the hotel to the main port city. We took the island bus to travel to numerous beautiful beeches around the island and on one day we heard of a village panarea, a village celebration. We missed the bus so took ... read more
Bodrum, Turkey
Houses of Bodrum, Turkey
On the ship

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 15th 2007

Even more pics enjoy all the beauty and fun we had along the way... read more
A big smile

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 4th 2007

Saturday 4th August 2007 We arrived at Manchester Airport courtesy of our very own personal chauffeur (one Mr G Thomas), unfortunately we had to be dropped off in a carpark 5 mins walk away from departures, due to the new security arragements after the recent attacks at Glasgow airport. After a short time spent queuing, we checked in with and got rid of the cases. George and Eleanor chose our restuarant for this evening - a certain burger fast food outlet (which cannot be named for legal reasons but more of that later!). For some reason there seemed to be strange lack of flight info screens in T2 at Manchester Airport and as I had my eyes tested just last week, it can't be my specs! We walked about a mile just to find the ... read more
Refuelling in progress
George & Eleanor on Flight XLA2114
It's all Greek to Me!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos July 14th 2007

Yesterday was Friday the 13th! My day in Kos, you could write the script now, walked about & checked the tourist district & the beach, got some food... Saw Fracture at an outdoor movie theater (Greek subtitles); it was a good movie, wıth Anthony Hopkins. And, get ready Sarah, stopped for the late night sweet crepe, peanut butter & Nutello (which is a chocolate spread widely popular in Europe). Eventually went to my room for the nıght whıch turned out to be awful. Not so much the shower this time, but it was stifleing warm & mosquitos buzzing about. Needless to say, İ tossed, turned & cursed, put ınsect repellant on & Benedryl, all wıth slıght dozıng. That lasted for about 4 hrs (130-530); İ couldnt take ıt any longer, showered, left & found a ... read more

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