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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Methoni July 19th 2014

On sent vraiment la fin de la portion voile du voyage. Pour cette dernière journée, nous décidons de nous séparer. L’équipage de Naias préfère retourner à Égine pour visiter la ville plus à fond tandis que celui de Néréus a envie d’explorer un nouvel endroit : Vathi. Nous prenons notre temps en allant prendre un petit déjeuner au resto puis levons l’ancre doucement. Nous naviguions tranquillement lorsque … des dauphins !!! Pendant plus d’une heure, ils ont nagé autour du bateau. L’eau étant tellement claire, on les voyaient vraiment très bien même à quelques mètres de profondeur. De magnifiques animaux, on les regarderait nager pendant des heures. On dirait vraiment qu’ils nous regardent lorsqu’ils se mettent sur le coté en nous fixant de leur petit œil. Les filles n’ont pu résister à la tentation de sauter ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion July 19th 2014

À 9h02, tous nos bagages sont sur le quai. Nous attendons quelques minutes les voitures qui ont nous être livrés à la marina en espérant que la nôtre sera d’une bonne grosseur car on dirait qu’on a plus de bagages qu’en partant de Montréal. On est soulagé en voyant arriver un Toyota Rav-4. Ça devrait rentrer ;-) Nous débutons notre périple routier par le Canal de Corinthe : impressionnant. Par la suite, nous nous dirigeons vers Mycènes. En arrivant, une averse ! Nous n’avons pas vu de pluie depuis si longtemps que les filles décident de rester dehors. Heureusement, ça ne dure que quelques minutes et nous pouvons par la suite profiter du site. Il est vraiment impressionnant de voir toutes ces constructions encore debout après près de 3500 ans. Par la suite, nous nous dirigeons ... read more
Porte des lions - Mycènes

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese June 25th 2014

"Running naked in Greece!" Don't be alarmed at the title of this blog because it really happened. However, you will have to read on to find out later in this section what that was all about. Jeanette was in for a big surprise. But really, where do I start and how do I describe our journey through the Peleponnese to do justice to the experience? It is impossible to do, so while the enormous amount of fascinating historical information is extremely valuable and certainly educational, I will refrain from attempting to emphasize that too much where possible for fear of omission, error and of course, boring you to death. One idea is to Google an area or specific item if you are interested in more detail. I can assure you that it was an incredible experience. ... read more
Disembarking our luxury coach in Corinth.
The incredible theatre in great Epidauraus
Front row seats were for the royalty and were the only ones to have back rests.

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus March 22nd 2014

Corinthus, Epidaurus and Mycene... read more
grecia 2014
grecia 2014
grecia 2014

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Mystras September 16th 2013

Monemvasia and Mystras - Day 6 Friday 13th September After having last night's leftovers for breakfast we said goodbye to the lady at our hotel, the Kritikos Apartments, who gave us a large bunch of grapes fresh from some nearby farm as a parting present. We drove over the causeway to Monemvasia which is rather like Mont St Michel in France. It's also known as the Gibraltar of Greece, but as I have never been to Gibraltar, I cannot compare. It rises to 350 meters above sea level and had a population of 50,000 back in the 15th Century when it was in its prime. There is one drivable road wrapped around the rock that you don't want to drop over the edge unless you have a car that is also a boat. One side of ... read more
Lower town at Monemvasia


Europe » Greece » Pelopennese September 16th 2013

Lousios Gorge and Olympia - Day 7 Saturday 14th September I wrongly thought my alarm clock was switched on, so we both slept until until just gone 10am. We must have needed it. We had a quick dip in the pool, mainly because it was there and we saw a wide variety of interesting dead insects floating in it. The plan was to go to Lousios Gorge and stay there. I thought the drive would be simple to start with, but we followed the satnav instead of the map. So thus I ended up driving on such narrow mountain roads that were so unnecessary! In some villages it was hard to tell which bits were road and which were going into houses. Some of the properties were really nice and it was hard to wonder why ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese September 16th 2013

Olympia, Chlemoutsi Castle and Central Greece - Day 8 Sunday 15th September We woke up in the our least favourite stop of the holiday so far feeling a bit grimy. It had been so hot without any aircon, we couldn't open the balcony door because when we did, a massive mosquito zoomed in and attacked my knee. I have enough bites already thank you! A dog was yelping a lot of the night too. So the guy had ignored Glyn's attempts to get his attention last night, but when we wanted to leave and therefore pay, he managed to put in an appearance, get dressed and say goodbye without risking to ask if we'd enjoyed our stay. We drove to the other end of Olympia, Glyn got moved on by the police for stopping in the ... read more
Reconstruction at Olympia
Gymnasium at Olympia
Chlemoutsi Castle

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia September 12th 2013

The Peloponnese - Day 5 Thursday 12th September It was so nice to wake up somewhere quiet and nice, although a barking dog did break the silence during the night. We were the only guests at Marino Rooms and so sat alone outside for breakfast. It was pretty simple: bread, greek yoghurt, grapes, cake, marmalade and freshly squeezed orange juice. Coffee was nescafe though. So now was time for my first go at driving, only going less than a mile down the hill to the Ancient Corinth archaeological site. This was a fair size and €6 each to get in. It had your standard doric pillars, stray dogs and knee high walls with accompanying diagrams showing what it was like back in the day. It was pretty empty to start with as we were there at ... read more
Ancient Corinth
Ancient Corinth
Mangy dog at Ancient Corinth

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth September 11th 2013

Ancient Corinth - Day 4 Wednesday 11th September Today the adventure really began as we dragged our luggage to the nearest tube and took the train back to the airport to pick up a hire car. Like most tubes I have ridden, as it got further out of town, it went over ground. Unlike most tubes I have ridden, the stations were just raised platforms in the middle of the motorway. Both Glyn and I were rather tired because as Glyn said, when you stay in cheap hotels, you get cheap guests. There was so much shouting, banging of doors and general noise intermittently throughout the night, that we did not get a lot of sleep. Our car hire company didn't have an office and the lady who brought the car to us was 45 minutes ... read more
Syntagma Tube Station
View from a lower part of Acrocorinth

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Pylos June 30th 2013

Ancient Olympia and Patras Peloponnese Peninsula 29 to 30 June 2013 After leaving the Kato Allissa Camp site with its 100 year old olive tree, we headed north up the western coast of the Peninsula, heading towards Ancient Olympia (not to be confused with Olympus in north Greece). For over 1000 yrs Olympia was renowned as a religious and athletic centre. Though it flourished in Mycenaean times, its historic importance dates to the coming of the Dorians, at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC. They bought the worship of Zeus. The 1st Olympian Games, the forerunner of the Olympic Games took place here in 776 BC but was banned in SD 393 by Emperor Theodosius 1, who took a dim view on the pagan festival!! The site had a training pavilion, a stadium where the ... read more
Entry to Stadium where Olympic Games held at Olympia Peloponnese Peninsula Greece (76)
Freeze on the Building of Treasuries at Olympia Museum Peloponnese Peninsula Greece (1)
Nike of Paeonios at Olympia Museum Peloponnese Peninsula Greece (2)

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