Photos from Central Macedonia, Greece, Europe

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Our Feast
Thracian Sunset
Our French Compartment
OSE Locomotive
Philia Express
Bathhouse Roof Detail
Enjoying a Frappe
Jennifer with Roberto
Me with Roberto
Crypt of St. Demetrios
Toilets of the Agora
Minaret of the Rotunda
Interior of the Rotunda
Oh Yeah
Rotunda of St. George
The Rotunda
Arch of Galerius
Alexander the Great
White Tower
Dances With Wolves
Sidewalk Cafes
Beautiful Fruit and Vegetable Stand
Tight Streets
An elderly lady from Tsepelovo
The Hill to our Accommodations
Vasili the cycler
Scene on the old basar in Skopje
St. Sava in Belgrade
Mt Olympus I
Spring Flowers
Prespa tavak, a hágó túloldalán
A hágón át Prespa felé
A palota Verginában
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The Rotunda
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