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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 26th 2012

As we only had 2 days in Athens, we ( read Fiona) had researched a 2 day itinerary that wasn't too busy and included food and snack breaks. The first activity was to watch the changing of the guard in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier near Sintagma Square. This happens every hour on the hour, but Toby still wanted us to walk 10000 steps every day so we started at the hotel and walked to Sintagma Square. As we walked we passed a couple of historic buildings and then popped in to the coin museum. We weren't overly interested in the coins, but the building had been a private residence and had amazing restored mosaic floors and frescoes. It was a pleasant reprieve from the heat with the temperature well over 35 by ... read more
The coin museum
Zappo palace
Temple of zeus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 24th 2012

We really wanted to make it to Greece while Nick is here in England. Luckily, we decided to go for it! We really had no excuse for not going even if it left our pockets empty by the end. So, we got our three tickets and started planning. This trip will be broken up over several blogs as we went and saw SO much thanks to Nick's family. They were such great hosts and made sure we had a great time every second we were there. Saturday, July 14th 2012 London~ Our first leg of the trip meant driving from St Neots to our hotel- near Gatwick Airport. This drive is over 2 hours-took us almost 3 due to traffic queues (jams). *Note to family who want to visit-please don't fly into Gatwick-it's too far to ... read more
Nick and I
Plane ride to Athens
First Greek meal

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 14th 2012

We were up early this am to get a ride to the airport in Rome for our flight to Santorini! Whoop! Mum was very excited as this and Venice were the 2 places she was most looking forward to! We had a verrrry dodgy taxi driver who seemed to be taking pics on his phone of a girl driving next to us! And was trying to keep even with her the while time till she turned off! Very dodge and meant it took a lil while longer with a few diff routes i am sure to get to the airport! But anywho, we got there in 3 pieces J we had to fly to Athens first which only took about an hour and a half and then our flight to santorini took 25 mins! We thought ... read more
worlds best strawberry daquiris

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina July 12th 2012

I went on a day cruise to three islands close to Athens, in the Saronic gulf of the Aegean sea. I didn't think I would like cruises, but this one was perfect. Icy cold ouzo, traditional music and food, the sun, the blue-green sea, a beachy dress and sun hat, the paradisiac beauty of the islands... it was all very pleasurable. It was my first time outside of Athens. I quickly noticed that Athens is Athens, and the countryside is the countryside... very different. The islands and the sea are as pristine and beautiful as Athens is, well, rather dirty, but beautiful nonetheless. Hydra was the first island we visited. This island is so small that it does not have roads of cars. It can all easily be covered by foot. There are some shops, caf├ęs ... read more
Over the Aegean
A church in Hydra

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 12th 2012

During my stay in Athens, I got to visit the Acropolis twice, with two different groups of friends. It was nice to see it again - I noticed different things. Also, I went at a slightly different time of the day (the first time was in the evening, and the second in the late afternoon). The change in lighting and in air condition made for a different experience. Talking of air, there was a very visible daze in the distance, no doubt due to the high temperature. I will have to return to the Acropolis at a cooler time of the year one day to verify if the haze is gone... The view from the Acropolis is, of course, breathtaking. But this, you didn't need me to tell you! As for the Acropolis itself, that too ... read more
at the base of the Acropolis


Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 8th 2012

I just arrived at my hotel in Athens. I took a cold shower... it's sweltering hot here. Greece is hot in the summer, I am told, but now it is more than hot! I am told that there is a heat wave. Even in the evening, the heat is unrelenting. I spent the afternoon and early evening exploring. So far, my impressions are that the ruins are impressive indeed and that the Greeks are a warm, helpful, friendly and talkative bunch... but that the economic crisis' effects are very obvious. Poor Athens is littered in dirt, trash and graffitis, businesses are closed everywhere. It's terrible, really. And that's in the districts around parliament and the embassies, and the 5-star hotels... *** (Impressions, a few days later) Athens has elements from Europe, Asia and Africa, and it ... read more
Church by the Kerameikos

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 4th 2012

Dax made the border crossing between turkey and Greece seem really intense! He had told us the history between the two countries and they don't really like each other. It actually wasn't bad at all. What was funny was the differences between the two sides. A turksih soldier actually saluted us, and theybwere all at attention as we drve by. The grreeks were just kinda lounging around, talking and smoking. There were also a lot of garbage cans spaced about 7 feet apart which was a little odd. Even more odd was all the trash that was *next* to the cans! Our lunch stop was in a cute little town called Kavala. I knew there ws going to be a roman aqueduct there, but I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know that it would look the ... read more
Roman Aqueduct
PeliCAN you hear me?
Turtle at Zeus's temple

Europe » Greece » Attica » Piraeus July 2nd 2012

Not much to report today. Left Kalambaka on the 10 o'clock bus and traveled the 5 1/2 hours back down to Athens. Beautiful drive, all-in-all, finally making it down to Piraeus, where I'm spending the night, at about 4ish. Piraeus is the port of Athens, and is actually the busiest port in the entire Mediterranean. While it's a bit sketchy down by the docks, once you head inland 5 or so blocks it's a pretty nice place to spend the evening. Even stumbled upon a Starbucks. It's funny, the small things you miss when you're out more in the countryside. Mainly, everywhere I've been, Starbucks has been my go-to place. It's quiet, it's always air-conditioned, it has free wifi, and is truly a nice couple hour escape when being in a strange place gets a little ... read more
Another Shot

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Alimos June 28th 2012

For the next two days we had the bikes that we hired so we were able to see more of the city hall including the Gold Room (and entire room made of gold mosaics with 10kg of real gold making up the room) we saw where the royal banquet was held for the Nobel awards. We also went to the Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum (home to the Vasa ship). After all the riding around we enjoyed a big dinner of Steak at TGI Fridays. Our last two days in Stockholm saw the weather change to rain and it got extremely cold therefore we spent the next few days relaxing and cooking some meals in the great kitchen at the hostel. The following day and the first official day of summer ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens June 18th 2012

My most dysfunctional day yet. I had a strange urge to by-pass the bus to the Cape this morning, mainly because I wanted to stay in the city on my last day. And, the guy at reception downstairs spoke so poorly about it, saying it was basically just one giant tourist trap, I didn't feel too guilty about it. The problem, though, was what to do when I was supposed to be at Sounion? I liked the area behind Syntagma, where I went yesterday, so I headed back there, mainly to go to the National Arts Gallery. While it was open, only one floor was for viewing, and not the best works at that. Disappointing. So headed to Kolonaki but didn't feel like it after all, and ended ultimately with a Big Mac at McDonald's. This ... read more
Small Church
Cafe Chaos

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