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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens June 6th 2012

we left our house, which we are so happy we've rented . . . so nice to have he conveniences of a home rather than a hotel room . . . to walk to the Benaki Museum and meet up with the Hunterss; the weather is clear and warm in Athens but every now and then there's a nice breeze. we end up going to the Cycladic Museum first which is a historical museum about southern Greece which was inhabited beginning in the 4th century BC. the museum displays tools, pottery, maps and a variety of other antiquities that explain this period in Greece's history, there are many marble carvings which look like modern Picasso/Modigliani/Brancusi pieces; this was my favorite museum of the day. we then went to the Benaki Museum which is the former home ... read more
Presidental Guard
Presidential Guard
Toni in the National Gardens

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens June 5th 2012

we awoke and made ready for our 1st day of seeing Athens . . . . with our friends Ken and Bobbi Hunter. they called to say they'd hired a tour guide and a shuttle bus and would pick us up around 10am. Betty, our tour guide, has been a professional guide for 15 years with a major in Art History and a masters in German from Heidleberg and a native Athenian. she speaks several languages and English very well. we were so lucky that Ken made the effort to hire her as she showed us everything from the museums, markets, good cafes, the Acropolis and Greek/Athens history to parks and just getting around Athens from the comfort of an airconditioned van. once we completed the "around Athens show" the bulk of the tour was at ... read more
Toni, Ken, Bobbi and Craig

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Kallithea May 21st 2012

Today marked a big transition in our trip. We woke up early and got ourselves to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. After checking in and getting through security we boarded our flight to Athens. We flew on Olympic Airlines which was surprisingly nice given it was the cheapest flight available when we were planning the trip. Nice spacious seats and snacks throughout the 1.5 hour flight were much appreciated. Upon landing at the airport on the outskirts of Athens we boarded an express bus to Syntagma Square near Parliament. The bus ride was over an hour as a result of the Olympic flame travelling through Athens that day and causing traffic snarls. After disembarking at the Greek Parliament we walked 15 minutes to our hostel. The hostel (Athens Studios/Athens Backpackers) is a very highly rated hostel in ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 19th 2012

I woke up in Rome on April 26th and would fall asleep in Athens, isn’t modern travel wonderful! My trip from the hostel to the airport was easy enough; I just hopped on the subway to the train station and took a train to the airport. I got to the airport with plenty of time so I just settled in with my book to wait until boarding. I was flying Ryan air, one of many of Europe’s budget airlines. When flying Ryan air I was told to make sure to arrive early since they do not give seat assignments. If you arrive late you have to take whatever seat is available and if the overhead bins are full you have to pay to check your bag; two very good reasons to get there early in my ... read more
April 26th Download 021
Temple of Olympus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 16th 2012

It was so nice to be back on the Regent Voyager...we felt right at home and settled in quickly. We looked forward to a very port intensive cruise for the next 10 days; a different port everyday cruising around Greece and up the Dalmatian Coast to Venice. As soon as we boarded the Voyager we immediately sprang into action since we arranged a welcome aboard party for our Cruise Specialists guests. Along with our group most of the staff also showed up. Captain Sanguineti, Serena Melani, the first female Staff Captain on Regent, GM Ralph, Cruise Consultant Gudrun and Ship’s Hostess Andreana all came to enjoy the scenic sail-away from Constantinople...I mean Istanbul! On our first night on the ship we ran into friends from home. We have known Shirley for 23 years as we all ... read more


Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 12th 2012

After a long but relatively uneventful flight from New York, we landed in Athens midmorning on May 11th. The airport in Athens is new and clean, actually much nicer that NY Kennedy from which we departed. The airport is quite a distance outside the center of Athens, but it was nice seeing the countryside on our ride into town. Athens itself has only about 670,000 people but the greater metropolitan area has over 3.6 million, so there are apartment complexes dotting the hillsides everywhere. The traffic is actually very light, due to the fact that most people use public transportation and don't even own cars. When we arrived at our hotel, The Athens Gate, we were please to see that the promotional brochure painted an accurate picture of just how close the hotel is to some ... read more
Temple of Zeus at dusk
Parthenon at dusk

Europe » Greece » Attica » Piraeus May 12th 2012

The day you arrive on a ship is one of the most exciting days of the cruise. The anticipation is great: what will our cabin look like; who will we meet; what exciting things will we be doing. After cruising as often as we have, sometime expectations are greater than reality. Today was not one of those times. This ship exceeded our expectations! Checking in was a breeze - maybe because of the relatively small number of passengers on this ship. Pacific Princess is one of Princess Cruise Lines "small ships" - purchased when Renaissance Cruise Lines folded. The ship holds only 670 passengers (maximum) but it is simple beautiful. Our cabin is large by cruise standards and the decor is both comfortable and classy. I had read on Trip Advisor that the food on this ... read more
And big vanity area
Very large sailboat next to us

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 10th 2012

I was not in the mood to post an update of the trip yesterday but here I am today, mostly just to post a bunch of pictures. Our hotel in Athens is even better than the one in Barcelona, the bathroom is bigger and they have ice-cold cokes in the lobby for about the same price as the last one (but they were warm). I am surprised at the state of the city, it is very dirty and crowded. If it wasn't for the ruins and ocean in the backgroud, it could very easily pass for a poor middle eastern or eastern Europe countr - like they often show on "The Amazing Race". The roads are so crowded with no cross-walks so it takes forever to cross, too much of a hassle for either myself or ... read more
3rd day - 4
3rd day - 3
3rd day - 1

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Kallithea April 26th 2012

M - Our original plan was to work our way north from Istanbul through Bulgaria, Romania to northern/western europe but: i) the weather further north wasn't looking quite as warm as we had expected and ii) we felt we may not fully appreciate a series of back-to back capital city stops (and frankly we figured we could do that later in life). Hence a change of plans. Head south to Athens (admitedly a capital city) to see the Acropolis (we have always wanted to see it) and then take a less direct route back to France, perhaps even continuing south to do some greek island hoping? Hostel world did us proud again in Athens. A double room within a short walk of the key sites with en suite, a balcony and a view of the Acropolis ... read more
The Acropolis from the top of the Panathenaic Stadium
Kate at the Parthenon
First again in a field of one

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 26th 2012

A very smart person once said that what matter the most while traveling is the people you meet, not the things you see. To describe Greece is to evoke enhancing images of azure blue seas, magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, mountains right with the scent of thyme, picturesque villages and the incomparable, magnificent islands. The question was: how to have a taste of Greece in only two weeks? We could have spent all this time in the Cyclades, but I told myself I will come back and give it a sufficient amount of time. We chose to visit Corfu, Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Rhodes. First stop Corfu. Happy to be out the boat. We have been talking about visiting this country for so long. We are waiting for the bus to pick us up and ... read more
view at Corfu

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