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Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein September 20th 2013

Osnabrück - Hamburg - Bargteheide We were going on to Bargetehide, a plaseant little town half way between Hamburg and Lübeck to stay with Christof, an old family friend of Kasia's. On the itenerary was a visit to Lübeck, and a trip to the biggest model railway exhibition in the world in Hamburg. However, our thus far easy going journey was not going to be quite so relaxing! But first....German Railways & Hamburg Hassle-bahnhof We left Amersfoort for Osnabrück and my image of Deutsche Bahn (Germany Railways) being the epitomy of self assured efficiency took a bit of a wobble after the air conditioning refused to work on a quite hot day. Then, in Osnabrück our train to Hamburg was running 40 minutes late and when it did arrive, I had my first encounter with a ... read more
Lübeck Main Gate
Puppets in the window
small dragon

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 21st 2013

11:00 So in order to soothe our disappointment and to cheer ourselves up after our finish yesterday, we are now on the way to... Bergen-Belsen. Nothing says happy like a concentration camp, eh? A lot of the route has been standard European highway (which is kind of dull), but there have been a few instances where the route has been closed for whatever reason and we've had to detour. As a result we've driven through a city we wouldn't otherwise have seen and also driven past some amazing forested bits. We're obviously near some sort of military installation, as there have been several roads with signs saying "military traffic only" that we've passed (in English as well as German - not sure if that means we're near one ... read more

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Flensburg July 16th 2013

Arrived on a Saturday morning and upon strolling down to the historic harbor pleasantly discovered that we had, once again, walked into another summer festival! The harbor was lined with sailing ships, steam ships and other historic water craft. Most of the ships are privately owned by individuals or syndicates of enthusiasts who, lovingly, restore and maintain them. Rides were being booked on these crafts and every now and then a blast from a steam ship's horn would cause billowing black smoke to swirl out of its chimney. This would then be followed by other horns and soon a chorus of horns would sound much to the delight of the passing crowds. Because of the history of commercial maritime trading of the town, there are many festivals held around the ships in the harbor. This one ... read more
Letting of some steam
Rope maker demonstrating his craft
Wood fired wursts

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lubeck July 5th 2013

A fellow we met at the left-wing bookshop in Marburg recommended Lubeck to us. He said we must visit his home town even if we go nowhere else in Northern Germany! Well, he was right. We had no trouble spending 4 days in this pretty, quiet, unassuming, very clean town. Of course there is an old medieval town which is on an island enclosed by the Trave river. Our hotel is located not far from one of the 2 remaining old town gates - the Holstentor (1478). It is a twin towered red brick structure with twin spires that crookedly lean toward each other. It is also the well known land mark of the town. There are lots of red brick gothic buildings here, grand churches and of course a Dom (cathedral). We went for a ... read more
Thomas Mann and his wife Katia
The Holstentor (1478)
River Trave

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Itzehoe May 27th 2013

My first triathlon of the season, the Waltriathlon in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg on the 26th of May, was a challenge in many ways. Firstly, I had not had a lot of time to exercise. Remember my last blog entries, there was so much travelling in April and a lot of work to do. The two weekends of May that I was in Hamburg, I had to work on my Ph.D. because there is a congress coming up in which I would like to present some of my results. Secondly, I had done a pretty good job in not looking well after myself right the week before the triathlon. The Tuesday before the triathlon, I went to Münster for the Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology where we had submitted two papers that ... read more
From pool to transition area
The transition area
The start of the bike route


Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lauenburg/Elbe September 23rd 2012

Three weeks ago, I participated in my fourth triathlon. I am sorry it took me so long to write this story. Right after it, I was simply too busy helping with the preparations for two weddings (Hetty and Stefan’s in Garmisch near Munich and Marie and Matthias’ in Schorndorf near Stuttgart), a congress in Berlin, and a week of further training in Cologne. But here you go. My end of season triathlon took place on the 2nd of September in Büchen, about 60km east of Hamburg, somewhere out in the green. I had chosen it because it was not farther than 100 km from Hamburg so that I would not have to make travel arrangements, because the swimming part would take place in a swimming pool and not in open water and because it was out ... read more
The swimming pool

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Itzehoe May 27th 2012

Yesterday was a perfect day for a triathlon. It was dry and sunny, but not too hot, and there was some wind, but not too much. I had signed up for the Waltriathlon in Brunsbüttel, a little more than an hour northwest of Hamburg. I felt well prepared for the triathlon: basic endurance and muscle formation training during the winter, followed by interval training, many intense training units during the last six weeks and reduced physical load during the last week before the event. My goal was a finishing time of 1 hour and 40 minutes or below for 500m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running. However, when I came into the attic yesterday morning to get my bike, I saw my hopes dashed. One of the tyres was flat. I had had a little problem ... read more
Start and goal for the cycling part
Katha on her bike

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck May 11th 2012

Sziasztok, Hansa turnenk masodik hetenek vegen jelentkezem ismet, Hamburgbol, a Sutra Collective kalarijabol. Floraval vagyunki kinnt Lucie-eknal, thaiamsszazstanfolytamot tartunk, es az esti fozocskezes utan, amig mindenki bennt acrozgat lazan a szentelyben, egy picit megulok bloggolni. Nem rossz kis utunk volt idaig - 14 oras vonat at Pozsonyon, (aludtam,majd elmentem wc-re), Pragan, (itt szabaditottak ki a wcbol, miutan 3 nyelven sikerult segitseget kerni, es jo 25 perc utan technikai egyseget hivtak, aki berugta az jo MAVos budiajtot:) Drezdan, (ahol hihetetlen szigoruak a rendorok, mintha nem is europaban, hanem legalabb Feheroroszorszagban lennenk, 25 evvel ezelott) Berlinen (itt mar elokerult a backgammon)keresztul vegul este 8 korul megerkeztunk Hamburgba. Corinne vart minket, akivel kellemesen vegigsetaltuk a belvaros legszebb kertjet egeszen a jo oreg St. Pauli negyedig, ahol a... read more
Flora Plussz  St Pauli
St Pauli
Hamburg - Fischmarkt

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel May 10th 2012

Jetzt ist meine Tour schon fast ein Jahr vorbei und ich wurde schon von ein paar Leuten gefragt, warum in meinem Blog eigentlich das letzte Stück fehlt. Tja, weiß ich auch nicht. Vorgenommen hatte ich es mir die ganze Zeit, auch das Ende aufzuschreiben. Und nun ist es endlich soweit, mit einem gewissen Abstand. Mein Rückflug nach Frankfurt am 30.3. war noch ein passender Abschluss von Indien. Meine Nachbarin war Deutsche und für ein paar Monate in einem Ashram. Sie war sehr spirituell und ist auch sehr häufig in Ashrams. Ich konnte ihr aber schwer folgen, von dem, was sie erzählt hat. Sie hat von ihren voherigen Leben erzählt, dass sie auch schon mal ein Ashram in Indien geleitet hat, oder so. Dass sie immer Rollen zugewiesen bekommt, die sie nicht will. Sie kannte die Leiter ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel January 10th 2012

When I was first offered the teaching position in Kiel I naturally did a bit of research before accepting or declining it. The first thing I read about the city after Googling it was about Kieler Woche, or Kiel Week. Each year, the city plays host to a week long sailing festival at the end of June. Sailing fanatics from all over the world descend upon this small city for races, concerts and the international market at the Rathausplatz. To be honest, the boat races are a bit out of the city. The center of the city is where the concerts, food and drunk people from all over the world congregate. For food, music, dancing and cheap drinks from every corner. Needless to say this is the most exciting week of the year in Kiel. It ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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