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Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig July 30th 2013

We stayed in Leipzig in 2010 and walked the music trail and visited Bach, Mendelssohn and Schumann sites. This time we only spent one full day here and decided to take it easy after Berlin. Apart from walking around the small city area, we visited the old town hall on the Markt. This building is part of the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum and is a beautiful Renaissance building with a baroque tower. Apart from the ballroom and council chamber there is an exhibition taking one through Leipzig from medieval times to the present spread over 2 floors. The peaceful revolution of 1989 against the GDR started here. One place that we did revisit was the Coffee Baum cafe, an old coffee house and museum that serves wonderful coffee of course and delicious warm apple streudel! After 6 weeks ... read more
Leipzig University
Buskers outside St Thomas Church

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig May 27th 2013

Leipzig Germany 26 May 2013 As it was still raining, we drove around Leipzig rather than stopping and walking. Leipzig is one of Germany’s leading commercial towns, but also for culture and learning. It has Germany’s biggest train station, the Hauptbahnhof. We picked out the Museum der Bildenden which houses a collection of masterpieces created by German masters. As it was Sunday, it was easy to drive around. There were occasions we were on the same road as the trams. We sometimes wondered if there were any accidents between trams and cars. Out trusty GPS took us around the city centre. We saw how beautiful the city is. The Germans have created some beautiful buildings, parks and very efficient public transport. After completing the drive around and being a little disappointed that the weather wasn’t inviting ... read more
Leipzig Germany (5)
Leipzig Germany (7)
Leipzig Germany (10)

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig December 27th 2012

So things in Rehfeld have calmed down as the horses now know me better and have realised I will only accept good behaviour, I rarely (touch wood) have major issues and now we have had Christmas and New Year and Gretchen (Gerlind's daughter) is home I have a whole day off to go adventuring in Leipzig. A nice sleep in, breakie at 9 and a quick race to the train station with Gretchen's advice that unfortunately there is work on the train lines and I will need to catch a bus half way through....but don't worry everyone will be getting off doing the same thing. No worries, seasoned (not peppered) traveller here! My first task was to locate the main church in the central part of town. I had seen it last time when Chrissy and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig September 22nd 2012

getting convinced to become straubing zoo member :-) along with manu, uschi and co.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig August 3rd 2012

The journey so far is going well. 1st night in Europe was spent on a free site in a place called Lisse, it's halfway between Hook of Holland and Amsterdam. We spent one day in Amsterdam revisiting old haunts and enjoying cake lol!!! After our experience we arrived back to BFG (Motorhome Nickname) only to find that we had a parking ticket even though there were no parking signs anywhere. So, in disgust we decided to stick 2 fingers up to them and move onto Germany!! Hannover was a nice city with an impressive Rathaus (townhall) which had 4 large display models of the town in 1700's, pre war, post war where the whole town was practically rubble apart from the Rathaus and some barely standing churches and one of the modern day Hannover. We've put ... read more


Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig August 3rd 2012

Pls let us know if you are able to view these pics as we can't work out how to see them once they're published!! xx... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig August 11th 2011

We have chosen to stay in Leipzig for two nights just to give ourselves a break from one night stands. Our guidebook mentions a few places of interest in the old town and so this morning we set off to see what the city offers, using the tram that stops just across the road from our hotel. The tram was quiet at first with just a few people of mature age on board. We are also of mature age, but our ‘touring uniform’ of long shorts and walking shoes clearly mark us out as different. By the time we arrived at our destination, the Hauptbahnhof, there were many different people on board and we had faded into the background. Leipzig’s Hauptbahnhof is the biggest train station in Europe, so we checked it out as the first ... read more
Shopping Passage, Leipzig
Buildings in the town square, Leipzig
Thomaskirche, Leipzig

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig August 10th 2011

Today we experienced the German motorway system and with the help of Miss GPS we were soon in Leipzig. The route we were taken on had us passing names like Berlin and Potsdam, and destinations like Munich and Dresden. All places on our must see list for our next trip. But today we have chosen Leipzig as the first of three stopovers on our trip across Germany. When the German people put their mind to building roads they did it well. The concrete surface of the motorway today was so even it was difficult to compare with smooth seal. Passing manoeuvres appeared to occur with ease, such was the courtesy of all drivers. It wasn’t long before we were half way to our destination and we needed a break from the boredom of motorway driving so ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig July 29th 2011

Yesterday was a walk around the city day, taking in the old architecture from this very beautiful city. Leipzig was established in the 11th century and by the 17th century was one of the leading cultural cities in Europe with the composers JSBach, Schumann, and Mendelssohn all calling this place home. Leipzig was the largest city under the former GDR years of 1949 to 1989 and a lot of the uprising and the overthrow of the former government occured with the peace prayers and peace movement hosted in St Nicholas church. Staasi police were sent to these Monday prayers to monitor the citizens who were attending but the citizens were undaunted and continued with up to 2000 attending just before the unification of Germany. St Nicholas church was formerly a Catholic church and like many changed ... read more
Cultural hall
Cultural hall
Work conquers all

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig July 28th 2011

I'm staying with Alex and his family on the outskirts on Leipzig. They own a trucking business but also have numerous other side businesses including horse drawn carriage rides which are popular with schools in the district. Some carriages can take 6 people and others up to 20. These are pulled by 2 or 4 horses out of their stable of 8, that they have on the property. The horses are extremely well trained with verbal commands given, enabling them to stop, slow, go faster and even back up the carriage into the area where it is housed. They are trained to travel on the road with traffic around them, and they do not even flinch when they see rabbits and deer run out of the fields. We went on a 3 hour carriage ride complete ... read more
St Thomas
St Thomas

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