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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate July 28th 2012

JULY 28 After a challenging car rental pick up in Saarbrucken (we discovered the office had moved since we had made our reservation, then they didn't have the Passat we had booked and tried to satisfy us with a Ford Focus), we were off to Zweibruecken. Bryan had been told by a few people that there was not much to do here, but after checking in to our amazing hotel in the woods, we were pleasantly surprised that a city festival was underway. After a dip in the pool, a walk around the hotel grounds, and a quick stop at what Hanna thinks was her elementary school, we visited the pedestrian zone of downtown. The city fest had taken over the town with 10 music stages and countless food and beverage vendors. Bryan tried curry wurst ... read more
2012 Honeymoon 2012 07 28 3426
2012 Honeymoon 2012 07 28 3375
2012 Honeymoon 2012 07 28 3377

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach July 26th 2012

Thursday, July 26 Our plans for the day were to drive to the village of Bacharach and ride a river boat down river to St. Goar, tour the ruins of Rheinfels Castle and return up river to our car. From there we planned to drive down to the Mosel River to find a hotel. The village of Cochem was our target. Once again we were lucky with outstanding weather. It was warm enough for shorts as we toured the Rhine. We had R. Steves guide book to tell us the history of each of about a dozen castles along this section of the river. In St. Goar, we took a shuttle up the mountain to the Rhinefels castle. It was enormous and amazing to see how mighty it once was and how it is now. R. ... read more
Bacharach Village
Rhine River
Rhine River

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Germersheim July 21st 2012

Day 4: Altrip to Germersheim 55km Weather: A little dewy when we woke but we were up at 6:00 and on the road with dry time by 8:00. Today was, what we hope is the hardest and most troublesome day of our entire trip. We left Altrip and about 10km out on our way into the small town of we felt like we were just slogging along. When Denis checked we realized we had a flat on the back tire. No problem except that we had to unload it all to change and thus it took a little more time. We fixed it and headed to town to pick-up our picnic lunch. We then began riding again with plans to eat lunch in Speyer. Speyer was to say the least, magnificient! This town celebrated its' 2000 ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier July 19th 2012

July 9th: Started the morning wiht a big breakfast; breads, meats, homemade jams and coffee. Eva's whole family sat and breakfasted together which is nice, considering I remember our family breakfasts... well I don't because I was usually still lying in bed, milking that extra 5 minutes of sleep! Eva took me on a tour of St Wendel and we saw her old school (old school y'all), a giant stone globe spinning on a fountain and had ice coffees. Andreas arrived and we headed off to Trier fro me to be a tourist. We saw the Porta Nigra (the black door) which is a leftover from when the Romans were in residence (those Romans had a finger in every pie) so it was 2,000 or so years old. We stopped at a store for me to ... read more
a bit of Trier
Roman amphitheater

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate July 18th 2012

It´s just about a week before PNG and I can´t wait to start. Meanwhile I changed the first return flight in a row of three. Like I mentioned before, I´ll have to face serious problems with immigration if I don´t limit my stay in PNG to 60 days. So I´m gonna stay some time in "a land down-under" before returning to germany. It was impossible for me to arrange it by myself as Air Niguini didn´t answer to any mail communication. Since I booked the flight via I had them arrange everything for another 50 €. At least the most serious travel problems are solved by now. There are dozens of smaller, but still important things I have to arrange before flight. Lucky as I am there are also some major exams in university I ... read more
Photo 3


Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate July 17th 2012

Day 15: Mohlin to On the road by 8:00 and stopped in a lovely place with a Castle for coffee & Blackforest cake... definitely the best I've ever had. We ran into the French family again and discovered we were travelling the same way. Great day of riding with so many beautiful sights. The most amazing was the huge wooden covered bridge from Germany to Switzerland. Again Denis was in one country while I was in the other.... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Germersheim July 10th 2012

Next morning we woke to rain drops and within minutes it was pouring steady. Denis arose in search of a washroom. He returned and we headed to the bike shop. Wolfgang arrived at 10:00 am much to our HUGE relief. He looked at the Dual Drive and immediately fixed it. The bent steering from our fall off the path in Speyer was also straightened. We thought these were the big problems, but they were not. Our tires were worn wrong due to the bent steering and we needed to replace them. Again normally not an issue but the rims were off a bit and it took Wolfgang a very long time to replace tires and tubes and he is truly an expert with trikes as we could not have done this ourselves. He and his friend, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach July 8th 2012

Somehow, one of my pictures got left off yseterdays blog so the last three captions got out of sync. I'll repost the missing photo and you can figure out the long walk was Elizabeth walking through woods (NOT the creek as caption would appear) and the reward at end is my dessert.... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Altrip July 7th 2012

Day 3: Worms to Altrip - 60km. Weather: Work to light drizzle. Had shelter to pack up. Light drizzle for a bit but mainly overcast by mid-morning and dry. Warm in later afternoon. We had a later start from the Yaght Club due to drizzle this morning. We had breakast in the Yatch Club and had absolutely no idea what we actually ordered. It turned out to be 2 eggs and a basket of bread. We thought we ordered eggs, sausage & toast! Denis did manage to get a glass of orange juice & me a coffee which kept me going full steam ahead the day through (basically expresso -large). Anyhow the rain settled we managed to pack up dry again threw the rain jackets on and headed out. We planned to do a slight shorter ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Worms July 6th 2012

Day 2: Mainz to Worms: 60km Weather: Woke to light right- packed up and were dry by departure time- sunny rest of day. Very hot! We started the morning with rain early, but the sun was out by the time we headed out and we packed dry. Our first stop was for water at a gas station & then onto the grocery store. There we found a nice selection for a picnic lunch and of course more water as it was 'hot'. The ride down from Mainz was longer than planned, partially due to the less than ideal markings on the trail for the Rhine Radweg. An older gentleman stopped and waited after having passed us to let us know of the paved route that we might and DID prefer :-) We had a great time ... read more

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