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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Boppard August 3rd 2012

You have not been here and not do one of the boat trips on the Rhine. We decided to do both. One day on the boat and one day by car so we have the best of two worlds. The first trip by boat left at 9 o'clock but that was a bit to early, so we went on the second one that left at 11 o'clock and was more our style. According to the time table, we would be in Rudesheim at about three and leave again at six. Not so when we arrived in Rudesheim we had just 45 minutes to look around. The boat trip itself is okay, the problem is, you are on the boat and cannot get of to see something. You float passed all the places, trying to get the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Boppard July 31st 2012

We left Furstenberg with rain but it did not take long for the weather to clear. That was good for it is a gorgeous area to drive through. Most of the way we took country roads but than time wize it became a problem and we had to change to autobahn. Our place of arrival was Boppard on the Rhine. We were there last year but it is such a nice place and very central. The place we stayed last time was not that nice but it is different now, the Hotel now has a balcony, overlooking the Rhine. That makes it very entertaining, there is so much going on in the street below as well as on the water. A few places we did not see last time. There is this Roman castle from the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Boppard July 31st 2010

Dave's Updates : Howdy all. Made it to Germany safe and sound. Got to Frankford airport at 3:30 AM EST, 9:30 AM local time. Got the rental car (VW Polo) and set out to the Rhine River Valley. Stopped at some town I can't remember the name of and got to Boppard at about 4PM. We took a river road most of the way and it was a nice, slow scenic drive through a bunch of small tourist towns. Boppard : Boppard was great. We walked along the Rhine for an hour or so and then strolled around the town for another hour. We had dinner at a restaurant on the Rhine. The building was over a millennium old. Fish and potatoes for both of us and since we're in the middle of Riesling country, ... read more

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