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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 19th 2014

Today I decided to shoot directly to the Rhine from my hotel and walk to the city from there. Sad to leave here tomorrow but Aachen will be easy to get to tomorrow. I finally have all my laundry done and need to pack up for tomorrow. I found a couple Americans today that oddly enough were dressed in Indians attire, turned out they were from Parma working for UPS and just came even more oddly "India". They told me about a Gestapo Museum I am going to check out today, should be cool. I saw the chocolate and german olympic museum as well, I was suprised they did not have anything there from Jürgen Schulz who is discus world record holder. The chocolate museum was cool and had tons of free chocolate. The woman working ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 18th 2014

Today I walked along the Rhine and got a better understanding of the city, I still love the fact I can navagate without a map and base where I am off of the cathedral. Today I check out the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Roman-German). Lots of cool stuff there and some very ancient as well, therer was a lot of really cool glass there and it turns out Köln was the largest class producer in Europe and was a Roman city. They have a piece there that was worht over 40.000.000 € and is one of 5 pieces. The Germans are till psyched up on the victory over portugal yesterday. I ended up eating breakfast by an old city gate entrance built in the 13th century. I cannot tell if my tiredness is from walking around all day ... read more
Tor = gate to Köln
Info on Tor

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 16th 2014

Köln is such a wonderful city, a quick ICE train got me here. Today has been wonderful seeing the beautiful Dom, a Stadtrundfahrt and the Germans beat Portugal 4-0 at a Public Viewing with some friendly Germans I met on the street. I am about 90% adjusted to the time change here. Going through Germany reminded me a lot of the Ohio country side from Frankfurt to Köln. I did find something eye opening outside my hostel today though, we talked about these in German class at Kent, but I found 4 copper/bass (?) bricks in the road listing the names of the four people who previously resided here and were killed in Auschwitz. It also seems Germans like to honk at people who do not go right when the light turns green, in their defence ... read more
Public Viewing
Viewing got more crowded

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne January 5th 2014

For the record: Cologne does not smell like cologne. Darcy had the brilliant idea to do a road trip while we were in Amsterdam. Because who can stay in the same country for 6 whole days? NOT US. FOUR AMERICANS. THREE COUNTRIES. ONE DAY. We got up way too early for life on January 2nd. We took a bus to the airport and then had to take another shuttle to our car rental place. We (Darcy because she's old enough) rented a car, which was so tiny it barely qualifies. But it was awesome. We drove to Cologne, Germany. It took 3 hours. I can't drive a stick shift. Darcy, Adam, and Noah can. So I navigated. By my handy dandy skills of screen-shotting directions on my iPad and guessing at road signs, we got to ... read more
Kate and Noah go to Germany!
Pretty colorful buildings
City Gates

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne November 4th 2013

Cologne Bonn & Rheine River Valley Koblenz 31 Oct 2013 Well if it seems like we are beetling along, you would be right in thinking that. We have certainly turned the corner and heading for home. But Germany is such a beautiful country, we are trying not to hurry through….but are! After staying at Heidelberg and wandering around the town in the morning, we drove north to Cologne, and spent the night at a campsite on the River Rheine. We went into the restaurant that night and had lovely meals. Tom had a fillet steak and I had venison. As it was very cold outside, the beautiful restaurant was a pleasure to be in. Service was excellent and we challenged the waiter to tell me what meat I was going to eat as he didn’t have ... read more
Cologne Cathederal Germany 31 Oct 2013 (4)
Steak for Tom in Cologne Germany 31 Oct 2013
Venison for Pam in Cologne Germany 31 Oct 2013


Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne October 22nd 2013

I have been living for almost 2 Years now in Cologne, so I want to share my insights about this great city where you can enjoy a good meal or a good drink. As I love other cultures, I especially love international restaurants. For that reason, you may find mainly here restaurants, which are not serving German food. However, as I know that tourists love tasting local food, I will also put a few German restaurants that I like! Cafés: - Yummy Müslibar: in this cosy café near Rudolfplatz and Molktestrasse, you will find a perfect atmosphere to meet a friend to chat, have breakfast or even a cake in the afternoon. They have a wide range of müslis and cereals, some salty dishes and some cakes. This is a small place so you can be ... read more
Enhui in Salon Schmitz
Lai de hao Chinese Restaurant
Namdaemun Korean restaurant

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne September 12th 2013

We had a slow morning, eating breakfast at 8:30 while still sailing to Cologne. Although we were ready for our tours when we docked at 10:00, we had to wait until 11:00 for one of the guides (for our group) who was stuck in traffic. Our boat is right at the heart of the city, almost under the railway bridge (7 trains at a time, over 700 per day). So, very soon our tour group walked into the old fish market and a good view of the cathedral. The guide showed us several lines that mark peaks of river floods and the line for the new defences. The defences are barriers that rest underground until needed, when they rise from the street. She took us along a modest route, regaling us with stories and history. Her ... read more
Cologne Cathedral
St Kunibert
Cologne Cathedral

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne September 10th 2013

We've just finished five days in Cologne. We're now in Münster for a couple of nights before we head to Frankfurt where Lyn has an International Student Fair to attend and do her promotional thing for HVHS, which she is very good at. We arrived in Cologne Thursday 5 September and Nan's funeral was on the following Monday so it felt as if we were in a holding pattern somewhat, Lyn especially. The family stuff back home was what she wanted to be involved in and it weighed hard on her not being there even though it was a completely rational and sensible decision. We traveled by train again and although I've been a champion for rail travel in Deutschland I may be reviewing my recommendation. We got on to find we were in a compartment. ... read more
Bad Godesburg
Bad Godesburg
Bad Godesburg

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 7th 2013

As anyone in the know will tell you, no trip abroad is complete without a pit-stop in Koeln :-) .... so that's exactly where we started off our travels. What amazes me about each trip back here over the past 20 years is that despite the continual dynamics of the city itself and the relationships origanally formed here, there is a fundamental familiarity that persists to draw me back. The face of the city is continually changing, as reflected by the overwhelming number of construction sites and familiar store-fronts making way for new Thai and Indian restaurants. And yet, though Koeln is often derided for its grit, as epitomized by its most famous landmark, there is a beauty that shines through and an excitement in the air for what the future holds. For no matter what ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 29th 2013

So, my son has slept on the Great Wall of China, seen the Terracotta Army, driven on the Tizi n Test mountain pass in Morocco, been inside the Sydney Opera House and to the Great Barrier Reef, stood at the feet of Mount Cook and Vesuvius and built snowmen on top of volcanoes in Iceland. But, do you know where the one place he has always wanted to go over and above those wonderful places? Germany. I know, right? When I said that we would go away this year for a short trip somewhere, he said Germany right away. Unfortunately, as we were driving we couldn't get to Berlin due to distance and time constrains, but he was over the moon that we would be able to fit in Cologne and Frankfurt. I blame my dad ... read more
Cologne cathedral - so tall, you can't get it all in one photo!

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