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Europe » Germany » Hesse April 4th 2014

I arrived into Frankfurt just after 7:00 am, after what seemed a long drawn out journey, including a five hour wait in Singapore and a strong head wind didn't help. The fourteen hours from Singapore to Frankfurt just took for ever! I am only overnighting here so booked into an airport hotel, the Hilton Garden Hotel (haven't seen any garden yet). Luckily I was able to check in immediately after claiming my luggage. I am not sure if lucky is the right word now I think about it again. Early check-in, 39 euro extra please. I think the girl felt a little quilty as she whispered (so the business men checking out couldn't hear) that she would give me free wifi the entire time I am here. Once checked in I dumped my case in the ... read more
Our river boat
Amazing graffiti art.

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Kassel April 1st 2014

Another good breakfast at the hotel then after packing up, we walked to Karlsaue Park which is a huge parkland area along the river in the middle of town. It is actually the landscaped gardens in front of the renowned Orangerie, which is a veryornate hothouse originally used for over-wintering the citrus trees in this cold climate. It looked more like a small palace complete with its own separate 2-storey kitchen building. Em ran around the parkland through the trees and along the canals, picking flowers and singing the songs from Disney’s Frozen while pretending to be Elsa – dad got to be Ana… thanks Aunt Bek! Then it was on to Fritzlar which has one of the oldest surviving town walls in Germany at around 1300 years old. The cathedral and some of the buildings ... read more
The Orangerie
Lock 'em up

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Kassel March 31st 2014

Apparently, people get up late around here – breakfast doesn’t start until 8:30!! While we waited, we went out for a walk. There are little statues of the different fairy tales dotted around the tiny village gardens and Em picked them all out. It was a bit of a challenge keeping a 3 year old waiting 2 hours for breakfast but it was worth the wait! What a wonderful start with fresh warm rolls, croissants, cereal, eggs, yoghurt, fruit, coffee and Em even got a hot chocolate! Having full bellies, we got moving and stopped just a few miles more down the road in the village of Hann Muiden. A bit of a surprise stop but we wondered around the old medieval town before Em spotted a good looking stone tower high above across the river. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Trendelburg March 30th 2014

Another chilly morning but today was a fairy tale day for Em. We get to see both Rapunzel’s castle and we get to SLEEP in Sleeping Beauty’s castle!! Packed and away reasonably early, we drove through the tiny streets of Trendleburg up to the top of the hill and Rapunzel’s castle. It has been turned into a hotel and restaurant and we had a quick look around and took in the lovely view of the town. A long braid hangs down the side of the tower inviting would-be princes to climb up – if they can cross the deep moat! Em found a friendly cat to pat before we moved on. We had wanted to stop at Tierpark Sababurg for lunch but being a beautiful Sunday afternoon, there was quite a crowd and a pretty steep ... read more
Playing in the leaves

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Wiesbaden January 31st 2014

I first came to Germany in 1971 as a student. In 1972 I returned as a soldier. Like most young men in uniform I thought that I had been cheated by not being put into a combat unit. Instead I was assigned to an inactive field hospital in Darmstadt, Germany where I occasionally inventoried supplies and drove a deuce and a half truck. Within a couple of months I had met and spoken at length with a number of boys my age who had just come out of Vietnam. I learned how lucky I was. There is no glory in war. Describing combat as glorious is an obscenity. I learned that no soldier is immortal and that the ravaged men I had met could just as easily have been me. I did not fear the possibility ... read more
Darmstadt Today
Cambrai Gate
Cambrai Fritsch


Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main December 30th 2013

Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt!!!!... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Wiesbaden September 15th 2013

We arrived home last Thursday evening 12th September. We decided not to stay in Frankfurt but in a town about a 40 minute train trip from Frankfurt. Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse is a hot springs town with no less than 26 hot springs. We spent the last 4 nights of our holiday here and did some limited sight seeing. We stayed in 2 hotels and they both had a pool sourced by hot springs water - very warm and supposedly containing beneficial minerals. We witnessed a demonstration and a march against the expansion of Frankfurt Airport. Mostly people living in areas over which the planes fly with associated noise pollution. I spoke to some marchers and they said that they are already subjected to noise from overhead planes and they do not want more air ... read more
Wiesbaden Casino
Luther Church concert

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main September 14th 2013

Hello friends and visitors who don't know me - - - It's been sssssssooooo long since I've blogged. the main reason is FaceBook - I've lost my writing abilities (beyond posts writing) :( The other and not very important reason - I no longer travel. It's been ages since I'v properly traveled.. sad to admit - - so - what have I been doing in my life? well - - - I started working in a NGO (Non Governmental Organization): ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel I tried settling back in Israel - - ain't easy, I tell you - - - - I adopted 3 pets (bosses) 2 cats and a dog you can meet on their youtube channel I met Thomas and fell inlove. Thomas is a German man, ... read more
The two cute babies
3 babies 1st day
Teddy's typical look

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt August 25th 2013

The best ever birthday present came this year when my hubby, Glyn, bought me tickets and flights to see Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine in Frankfurt. We were unable to see them in the UK due to various reasons and I was gutted as I’ve been a Jello fan since I was 14 years old and have only seen him sing once – I’ve seen three spoken word performances though, but still… It had been hard for Glyn to get cheap flights from the UK, so as a result we left Stoke at 2am for the three hour drive to Standsted airport. After an hour’s flight, we landed at Franfurt Hahn, an airport no bigger than a chicken farm in the middle of the countryside with the pinkest loos you will ever see. ... read more
Cuckoo Clock Shop
Me and local bear
The Rhine from Sankt Goar

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Wiesbaden August 19th 2013

Unfortunately high ropes shut on a Monday but as wet probably a good thing o th the safety front. Looked round outlet shops which looked like a Disney designer had a say but nothing to our taste or price range. Spent a couple of hours looking round new models of motor homes. Great to have some many in one place but chose ours as having best layout. Did long drive to past Frankfurt found nice site. Lido in walking distance. Chris joined the other 4 brave people for a swim. After a rainbow the evening turned out nice. I... read more

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