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Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen March 28th 2014

We spent the morning in Bremen which is the origin of the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen and the start of the Grimm Brothers fairytale route through Germany. We found a Park’n’Ride station then caught the tram into city. In true Been There, Licked Thattradition, Em decided the tram windows looked tasty… despite us trying break her of the habit it seems the title is still appropriate. Walking around old city centre, a huge cathedral is one of the most imposing buildings. The first church to be built on this site dates back to about 700AD. This burnt down around 1000AD, was rebuilt and burnt down again around 1600AD before they built the current cathedral (this time out of stone!). The markt (no ‘e’) square and statue of local hero Roland, are overlooked by ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen March 27th 2014

On to Bremen today and after a slow start cleaning up the apartment it was mostly motorway driving across the Netherlands and into Germany. We made a stop in small town for lunch beside a lovely little duck pond but it was freezing so we hurried into a Maccas for toilets & icecream (yes I know I said it was cold…) The rest of the day was spent on the motorway. I thought no speed limit would be kind of cool but with only 2 lanes and an underpowered diesel car, it becomes quite a challenge. Trucks are still limited to 100km/h and most only manage about 90 so getting up enough speed to move out and go around them is pretty hard when you have some crazy Audi driver coming up behind at 150km/h or ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven July 21st 2013

We had a wonderful night’s sleep and it took us a while to fully appreciate why. We had breakfast and packed up ready to load the car for today’s drive. Even as we loaded the boot of Cindy we still hadn’t figured out why there was no traffic noise. It couldn’t have been a pile up last night as that would have been cleared by now and anyway we would have heard sirens. It was only as we packed the last of the stuff into the car that we noticed a light truck with orange flashing lights go by in the direction we would be taking. And then minutes later the first car sped by followed by an increasing volume of vehicles. We then recalled that about 5 kilometres before we reached the lay by we ... read more
Tunnel under an aquaduct near Tossens
Camping at Tossens
Market stalls at beach,Tossens

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen June 27th 2013

Bremen, smallest state in Germany. About 3 and half hours by train with two (tight) changes from Paderborn - quite a challenge as there were some hold ups with railworks. We had 8 minutes to change at Bielefeld and we knew it was touch and go. The conductor had very limited English and all I had was a phrase book, however, a young Mexican girl helped us out with her knowledge of some German and English. The conductor rang ahead and just as we were getting off the train in a panic, an announcement (in German) said that the connection to Nieberg was going to wait for us. This was related to us in English by our Mexican friend. All was well after a swift dash down the stairs, along the passage, up the stairs to ... read more
Near our hotel
Town Hall (Rathaus)
Kuchen (cake) in Bremen

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen April 25th 2013

Ja, es ist wahr, ich bin wieder in Deutschland. So ganz sicher, dass es nicht alles nur ein Traum ist bin ich mir trotzdem immer noch nicht.... Seit letzte Woche Mittwoch regnet es in João Pessoa ganz viel - die Regenzeit und damit der "Winter" haben offiziell begonnen. Insofern eigentlich nicht der schlechteste Zeitpunkt zu gehen. Aber wie vermutet war der Abschied von meiner Gastfamilie ganz furchtbar, den ganzen Freitag Vormittag hat Oma geweint und ich musste mich auch schon ganz schön zusammenreißen. Wie geplant hat Maria mich noch ein bisschen aufgemöbelt, ich habe noch ein nettes Geschenk bekommen und 2 Karten, eine von Maria, Batista und Oma, die andere von meinen Gastgeschwistern plus Anhang. Hab sie erstmal nur in mein Handgepäck gepackt, weil ich wusste, dass ich in Tränen ausbrechen würde, sobald ich sie lese. ... read more


Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen October 10th 2012

When we started planning this trip, the focus was to explore the areas from which ELISEBETH THIES and JURGEN HEITMANN emigrated to America, in 1929 and 1930 respectively. That is, Northern Germany. Guy has been very involved in the discovery of the history of his family, following genealogy charts, ships manifests, and any other available information. As we entered Germany and headed toward Bremerhaven, it became clear that emigration from the port of Bremerhaven over the years has triggered the creation of the Deutsches Auswanderer Haus, known as the emigration museum. It is an unbelievable museum realistically replicating the process that émigrés endured to sail to the New World from 1830-1974. It further demonstrated the New Germany. The area for pursuing family history research had numerous computers with internet access and staff available to assist in ... read more
model of the SS Bremen
cutaway of ships hold
sunset at the port in Bremerhaven

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen July 31st 2012

Nach einem wunderbaren Geburtstag und gleichzeitig letzten Tag in Deutschland ist es nun heute soweit. In wenigen Stunden steige ich in den Zug nach Frankfurt und 21.35 Uhr wird mein Flieger Richtung Brasilien abheben. Vielleicht sollte ich doch langsam mal meine Koffer zu Ende packen.... Vielleicht sitz ich immer noch auf dem Sofa, weil ich das alles noch gar nicht realisiert habe? Sieht so aus. Ich schätze, spätestens wenn ich in Rio lande und plötzlich keiner mehr Deutsch spricht kommt der Hammer :D Bin gespannt, ob meine Gastfamilie daran denkt mich abzuholen. Meine restlichen Gedanken kreisen eher um: ob ich im Flugzeug schlafen kann? Hoffentlich regnet es in Joao Pessoa nicht! Sollte ich mehr Socken einpacken? - Also der ganz normale Wahnsinn und völlig belanglos! :D Wünscht mir Glück, ich melde mich dann wenn ich heil ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen July 6th 2012

Bremen is an interesting city. We spent the day walking around the city center, the altstadt. We looked in a lot of shops, but neither of us found anything that we really wanted. There was a nice pair of shoes, with a rainforest motif, but they had quite a bit of a heel and so it was unlikely that I would wear them on this trip. We are still too early in our trip to be buying a lot of things that we will just have to drag around with us. We also stopped at St. Peter's Cathedral. It is a beautiful church with a lot of vibrant colors and beautiful roofs, at least on the main level. We went down to the basement and it is much darker and there is no color down there, ... read more
St. Peter's Cathedral 2
St. Peter's Cathedral 3
St. Peter's Cathedral 4

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen July 5th 2012

Today was our first train ride of the trip. Our train didn't leave until later in the afternoon so we had the morning to stroll along Kurfürstendamm Strasse and make a few purchases. After retreving our bags from the hostel we went to the main train station and had a bite to eat for lunch. We got a little confused as to what train we were on because there were two trains listed on Platform 13 at 14:49. One was our train (ICE 556) and the other was an IC train. When the train arrived I asked the controller and she point to the end we were standing by and told us to get on there. Apparently the train splits later on. I don't pretend to understand but we got on where she pointed and it ... read more
Berlin Hauptbahnhof 2
Our 1st Train
Our 1st Train 2

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen January 14th 2012

Bremen ist eine der größten Städte Deutschlands. Sie war schon immer vom Meer geprägt und hat durch ihre reiche Vergangenheit Händler aus aller Welt angezogen. Ihr norddeutscher Charme und ihre Geschichte machen sie heute zu einem beliebten Reiseziel.... read more

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