Photos from Bavaria, Germany, Europe - page 6

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The Path
Mountains and the Lake
Scenes of Landsberg
Fields and Berries
Mike Clowning Around in the Musical Instrument Room
How many holes?
Ice Skating
More Angels
A Real Winter Wonderland
The Imperial Palace of Innsbruck
The Ettal Monestary
Neuschwanstein Castle from The Marien Bridge
proust! (i think i spelled that wrong)
now thats a full beer!
me with the locals...
after a couple of beers i'm anyones
Benedictine Abbey
Christmas Shoppe
Bavarian Plains
Autumn Falls
after we got down from the mountain
view of the mountains from the castle
just like a fairytale
more close up of the disney castle
close up of the disney castle
on top of the moutian
the castle ludwig built for his parents
the frontal view
the disney castle
Looking up at the last 100 or so steps to the very top
Another cool lane
view from cafe
Hot chick at Oktoberfest
Nice view, too bad bout the concrete
Still not looking at the camera
The waitresses are tuffer than the security guys!
me n cows
Oktoberfest 2006
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Μόναχο 6
Μόναχο 5
Μόναχο 2
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