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June 2nd 2010
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yesterday was awesome...and a killer

we slept in till about 11 am...raining all the way of up and went for breakfast in the grocery store..the bus was coming but was going the wrong way..we figured wed ride it anyway as to get out of the went the other way into a little town not far from the has a subway connection so we took it..get our tickets..after having to walk al around to the other platform as the ticket machine by us wqas broke.....go back and get breakfast from the little store.....i wanted something hot...i crave hot stuff now as its been so damn rainy and i got a bowl of soup from a little deli and sat out front...and ate our breakfast.....hop the train to town....and we go out to see .........nymphemburg palace!!!!

so nymphemburg palace didnt look so far away from the bus stop........we were wrong

1 mile later we reach the palace....nice giant gardens and man made ponds and thats just the front.

so we tour the place....its massive.....big rooms....looks just like the dangerous liasions movie sets..that kinda stuff....oddly i figured the king and queen would have more rooms really...but they are huge...

so then we go out back.......OMG

the back

it must be like at least 5 miles square....with 5 - 6 mini palaces among the forest which is the palaces back yard.....massive....beautiful....statues here and there....nice man made (i guess) rivers afterwards we went to the grocery store and bought about 3 days worht of food...tomorrow is a holiday i just heard....anyway we went back home after shopping....ate a hot dinner and i took a shower and went to bed.....we slept till 2 om today...we were so tore down from all the walkinga t the huge palace grounds..but it was awesome....

anyway when we left yesterday we found a tent....dont know whats wrong with it yet bet were gona set it up maybe tomorrow or tonight...if theres something wrong with it maybe we can fix it and have a bigger tent maybe..or at least use it for the tart that is its bottom to make the bicycle carrier for grizzs bike,.to put his stuff in over the wheels insteda of his back...

also before we went to the cafe..we stopped into a store anbd bought a great cheap one burner more cold meals and not wanting to pay the campground for their hot plate..we got our own now and small enuf to pak in our gear....

so lots of good stuff....

since we had a nice day of rest tomorrow were back on track to se the masters painting museum the rezidence adn dachau...not all int he same day of course.....1 week to go till gimmelwald..cant wait.....hope its doesnt rain all the days there too.......oh well...after that on to paris and then bruges.....

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the magicians hatthe magicians hat
the magicians hat

this is massive..and the reason why we think magicians had pointy hats..they did....has the moon phases for a whole year...

2nd June 2010
archaeology 007

these are the kind i was talking about them finding them on the bodies at hip level..instead of neck level

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