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September 27th 2010
Published: September 27th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Wake up it’s time to get up and get ready, whhaatt, get up it time to get ready. What time is it? It’s time to get up and get ready; I want to get on the 6:30 AM flight to ATL.
Aren’t we booked on the 7:30 flight, yes but I want to try for the 6:30 because it has more seats. I thought the 7:30 had enough seats did something change. No I just want to get to Atlanta. So I rolled out of bed and looked at the clock, its 4:30 AM.

So it begins Kirsten and I are heading to Germany, Bill and Hedi are already there and waiting for us to pick them up in Wangan. We had been checking the flights daily and last night saw that lots of folks were now listed for Stuttgart. So we decided to change our buddy passes to go to Frankfurt where it looked better for us to get on the plane.
We arrive at the airport, we check in and everything is going smooth. We breeze through security, we get to the gate for the 6:30 flight and Kirsten hears the passengers list printing. We missed it by seconds, yep I heard all about it.
We got on the 7:30 flight with no problems and we were in Atlanta by 9:00.

We called Ann & Tom and they jumped on marta and came and had lunch with us, good to see you both had a real good time seeing you both.

While visiting with Ann & Tom I was noticing Kirsten checking the flights, she was typing, studying the screen and then going back to typing. I knew something was up, We said our goodbyes and as we were walking toward security I asked how to the counts look? Their changing and we might be seeing Ann & Tom sooner than we told them. Hmmm, that good.

We arrived at E-concourse; this is one of my most favorite spots. I love watching everyone, especially everyone walking by the player piano. They look and just can’t figure out who is playing. Go figure!

Kirsten is watching the flights and is relaying to me that it’s looking good, I think she’s lying to me so I don’t worry. At 3:30 PM she jumps up and says let’s go, I think they’ll be calling us at any moment. Maybe it’s looking good, as were walking up to the gate we heard our names being called. This is great, we approach the counter and show our passports the agent says I can only….. and at that precise moment Kirsten lets out put him in the front and I’ll sit in the back.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirsten immediately turns to me and say we can’t sit together so you’re up front and I’m in the back. Were getting on the plane and that’s that. About that time the phone rings and it’s Bea, I’m telling her and she’s agreeing with kirsten. I wanting her to call the CEO and change it up, but that’s not going to happen. I go up the agent and tell him we’re on our honeymoon and we want to sit together. He looks at me and says this is the best he can do, he couldn’t even put us together in coach.

Ok, so here I sit in Business between a bunch of guys that smell like they haven’t had a bath in 3 months.
Yea, I think I’m sitting in the cattle car. Not only am I missing Kirsten but I have to smell these guys.

Well Bea, I have to say I truly have a better appreciation for you and your peers. As I sit here alone I'm observing these two guys eating as if this was their last meal all time watching their movie as if they were living the movie. The flight attendants trying to ask questions, the person look up and respond Huh! without even thinking of removing their headset. So Bea, and all of the professional flight attends in the world I commit “I will NEVER watch a movie while eating my diner on my flight.

I finally fell asleep and before I knew it we were landing. Kirsten and I were off the plane and had rented our car. We immediately took off from the airport and Kirsten stalled the car, yep it’s a clutch thing again. Kirsten says if you tell anyone that I stalled this car I will put you out at the next village.

Hmmm, I thinking she’ll not read this till we return. LOL

We were on the autobahn and traveling at our normal speed and cars were passing us, Kirsten says honey take a nap and I wake you when we get to Wangan to pick up momma and dandy.

We arrived at Wangan in record time and Maris and James were scratching their heads saying that was way too quick.

Our visit was nice at Wangan we had lunch, picked up Hedi and Bill and we’re on our way to Garmich.

Ok, ya’ll can do the math we landed and left the Frankfurt airport around 9 AM and were in Wangan around 12:30 PM. Hmmmm.

We arrived in Garmish and we went to the hotel that we always stay at. I walk in and ask the owner if he remembers me as if I was there just yesterday. I say, Hey, don’t you remember me. The owner looks at me and says YA YA YA, and ask for 50 Euro.

It’s been a very long and fun day and we’re both very tired, but were here. I hope everyone is doing well.

Ok, at last I want to make sure everyone knows how much I love Kirsten. She is sooooo good to me. I can’t even begin to express how much I love her. Kirsten just know, I will and I do forever .


27th September 2010

Vaughan Trap
You guys are really starting to look like natives, remember - you have to come back!!! lol. xoxoxo Plumey's
27th September 2010

The Vaughan Traps
What a great picture!! I am going to need a copy of that one :) Happy travels!
28th September 2010

Stevie -- really again, so well written and I literally was laughing out loud a few times. The picture............wow...to good for words, Bea looks like she is right at home in that outfit! ;) Keep 'em coming, I can't wait to read the next one!!!!! Let's try not to get too sappy this time, eh? JK, you know I love the way you LOVE Kisti :) Eve.
28th September 2010

Room with a view!!!
Can't wait to see that view!!! Thanks for feeling my pain Steve!
28th September 2010
View for our room

Where,of where are the Vaughan Traps
This is a photo shot, or Kodak moment on the back lot of DisneyWorld.!!
28th September 2010

So glad you made it safely! I hope Kirsten doesn't put you out though. ;-) Haave a great time, we miss you here!!! Love Nicolette and Francis
28th September 2010

The Vaughan Traps
OMG I just saw this photo. That is fantastic. I love it. Please tell Bill and Hedi we said hello!
28th September 2010

Dad, your blog is hysterical! Glad you guys made it there safely and are having fun. Can't wait to read the next blog! Love you guys!!!!!
5th October 2010

Wow Kirsten, you snagged a good fish there.

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