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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg August 10th 2013

Terry had stayed at campsite Bella Augusta in Augsburg in 1964 and needed a nostalgia trip, we therefore booked in for a week. It is alongside a lake and has now become a place for Augsburgers to sunbathe and swim. Again it was very hot but we decided next day to cycle into town, a distance of about 4 miles. It is a typical pretty German town with a pedestrianised area in the centre and painted buildings. One of the famous parts of Augsburg is the Fuggerei, the oldest social housing estate in the world. Built by Fugger the Richer in 1521 for the poor of Augsburg, the rent is still 70p per annum (take note Stockport Homes) but it is obligatory to pray three times per day! There is also a delightful Schaezler Palace built ... read more
Munich, The Old Town Hall
Munich, The Residence
Surfer in The Englischer Park Munich.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg May 11th 2013

Lange ist es her, bald wird wieder regelmäßig gebloggt. Mein nächstes Abenteuer nähert sich und nachdem im August der EWS-Examensberg und noch ein paar Andere in der Schweiz hoffentlich erfolgreich erklommen werden, breche ich Anfang September 4,5 Wochen nach Afrika auf. Im Zentrum meiner Reise stehen Sambia, Botswana und Südafrika. Hier mag sich der ein oder andere Fragen ... Afrika, wieso Afrika? Mit viel Pathos könnte man jetzt sagen: Afrika, die Wiege der Menschheit, wilde Natur und pipapo ... Kurz und bündig: Mein lieber Freund Fabian, weilt seit einigen Monaten für sein Masterstudium in Kapstadt und da wir uns ja schon mindestens einmal im Jahr sehen müssen, schmiedeten wir im Sommer letzten Jahres den Plan meines Besuches ... und da man nicht alle Tage nach Afrika kommt, schiebe ich meinem eigentlichen Kapstadt-Aufenthalt noch eine größere Rundreise ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg April 30th 2013

Suzy the motor home has been chasing the sun all day and failing miserably. All she has managed is to catch up with rain, rain and more rain. The good news is that she has managed 27.9 mpg. Will we reach that magical figure of 28 mpg the holy grail promised by the manufacturers. We travelled along roads again full of road works . It seems that the German economy is excellent at the moment and a great deal of money is being spent on the road network. Cars flew past us as they do the German way and lorries were banned off the road this being Sunday. We passed small villages with tiny onion domed churches a sure sign we were heading Austria way. We eventually reached our stop off point of the night. And ... read more
Bella Augusta Campsite

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg July 10th 2011

Zadnji dan je bil, kot pritiče tradiciji, najboljši – v vseh pogledih. Zjutraj, že ob osmih, smo se skidali iz hotela proti železniški postaji. Na sveže spranih nedeljskih jutranjih ulicah smo bili edini, družbo so nam delali ne tu in tam kakšni mašni navdušenci. Ob 8.46 smo sedli na regionalni vlak do Ingolstadta, ki je znan po svoji proizvodnji Audijev, ampak mene je pritegnilo nekaj drugega – znova Deutsche Bahn. Res mi je nenzansko všeč, kako so vsi vlaki sodobno opremljeni, kako te na LCD-zaslonu redno obveščajo o hitrosti (povprečje tam nekje 118 kmh), kako te opozarjajo, na katero stran vagona bo postaja … Res je potovanje po Nemčiji totalno stress-frei, ker vse klapa, vse štima, vse je do potankosti naštudirano in zorganizirano. Kapo dol! Če bi not uletili še azijski prodajalci vsega živega okusnega in ... read more
At the game
And action!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg September 26th 2010

Friday 17th September 2010 Today we caught the bus into Augsburg and visited its magnificent town hall the Rathaus with its Goldener Saal or Golden Hall ( see pix ). Augsburg took a pounding in WW2 being the home of some key armament factories and the Rathaus has been rebuilt from a shell that was left from allied bombing. We ( except Max who once again opted to stay on the ground ) also climbed the adjacent Perlachturm for a superb view of the city. The other interesting place here was the Fuggerei the first social housing in the world set up by Jakob Fugger ( I do not jest ) in 1521 as a social settlement for the needy of Augsburg. It is still in use for the same purpose today with 150 people housed ... read more
Doorway Goldener Saal
Ceiling Goldener Saal
Ceiling Goldener Saal


Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg September 18th 2010

Thursday 16th September 2010 Creglingen to Augsburg on the Romantic Road A short drive from our overnight stop to Rothenburg ob der Tauber complicated by a closed road and a 10 mile diversion or Umleitung in the local parlance. Finally we see the town which rises high above Tauber Valley and has its complete covered wall and many medieval buildings. The local legend has it that on one occasion the town was taken by hostile forces and the conquering general offered to spare the city from destruction if anyone could down 3.5 litres of wine in one go. The mayor volunteered and succeeded saving the town - a feat that is celebrated every year. We then followed the Romantic Road south to Muhlhausen north of Augsburg. On the journey a literacy session then comprised creating a ... read more
View of the Ramparts
Town Hall
City Square

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg September 17th 2009

A recent trip to a "karneval" (translation: carnival) led to some very interesting spottings of things I found hilarious. Not that you will, of course. Meh. The carnival was much more exciting than that introduction. Apparently the origin of the word "carnival" comes from "meat, good-bye", which is an awesome idea - a going-away party for meat. I imagine a few carrots and celeries sitting around a table comforting each other while a hamburger puts on a big backpack at the door and waves to his friends, sad to leave them behind, but looking forward to the trip ahead. The carnival in Augsburg, Bayern is called the Plaerrer, which, believe it or not, translates as "drunken yelling", or something along those lines. Remarkably appropriate. Take a look at some pics! We can see some friends of ... read more
The Ghost House
Who's hungry?
More delicious treats

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg July 5th 2009

The funny thing about travelling is that is requires a great deal of money most of the time. Actually, that's not funny, that's depressing. Funny is the Muppets, or the Sea Captain from the Simpsons. Usually, however, I have very little money. This limits my travelling and my goal of doing whatever I want, whenever I want (don't worry, these are mostly legal things). So I am always on the lookout for get-rich-quick schemes. None thus far have succeeded, and that is why I am typing this blog and not rolling about in 100L. of Swiss Chalet dipping sauce (see? Perfectly legal). Anyhow, my very good friend Chris has the same desire as me to get rich. He said his goal is not to have an alarm clock. I offered to smash his for him, but ... read more
The King of Pop

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg June 22nd 2009

The first picture is a photo from the "Floh Markt" (flea market) I recently attended and took part in in Augsburg. We can see that our fine neighbour is selling his favourite old record, "Wiener Blut", and I am sure he is devastated to part with it. Somewhat translated, it means "Wiener Blood", which almost sounds like a kiddie death metal band. But "Wiener" of course is the translation of "Viennese", that is, from Vienna. And the people on the cover certainly do appear to be distinguished Viennese, the "Viennese Blood", through and through. Which got me thinking: why did I take so offence when I was taunted as a "wiener" so often by my childhood classmates (well, childhood, teenagehood and early-to-midadulthood)? I took it to be the vulgar interpretation of the word, or, at best, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg June 16th 2009

I mostly slept on thelfight to Frankfurt. Or at least tried to sleep. It was fine with headphones in and a little music playing, but as is to be expected, not that comfortable for long periods of time. I also managed to enjoy a couple of episodes of Extras, a couple of in flight meals, and a couple of tiny wines. Customs in Frankfurt was fun. I approached the passport checkpoint.... No questions asked. Thanks! I love European customs. They seem to just get it. Or at least they don't have the intense paranoia that we're used to seeing. Oh, and their H1N1 screening consisted of a sign, way off to the side (so I'm sure 98% of travelers didn't even notice it), and it just had some information on it. Pandemic what? We collected our ... read more

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