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October 3rd 2007
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All of us woke and had sore hands and couldn't work out why. It took all our brain power to deduce that it was actually from holding onto steins for the past 3 days!

Jaimee and Joel got sorted early and headed off to go see a concentration camp. Nic and I would have liked to have gone too but didn't have time as we had to make our way to Friedrichshafen, a small industrial town on the edge of Lake Constance (South West Germany).

Once we arrived we had a bit of a trek to find our hostel. We thought it was worth it when we saw the building and were looking forward to relaxing for the next day and a bit. We walked inside and were told at reception that because we hadn't confirmed our booking that there was no room for us. The guy was a good sort though and rung another hostel just down the road and within ten minutes we had walked there and checked in.

The township is quite pretty and has all been rebuilt since WWII as it was blown to smithereens. The town's claim to fame is it is where Zeppelin airships were first built and has a large museum. After strolling down the promenade, climbing up the lookout tower and checking out the town's sights we checked out the sunset and then had a meal. I was drawn to the restaurant due to it's funky lighting. The trees looked like something out of Harry Potter.

The following morning we woke early in order to go see the Zeppelin museum. They are massive big structures made from aluminium and were a luxurious way to travel. Only the wealthy got the opportunity. Which isn't a total bad thing for the poor due to the number of crashes, namely the Hindenburg.

The airport was really close to the town centre, which worried us a little as Ryanair airports are usually never close. Thankfully it was no mistake, it was the right airport. Nic had a panic attack on the train thinking that she had lost her passport. It even stressed me out and as you all know I am like the iceman under pressure. Not to worry though it was in the top of my bag.

In the airport we got a text from Lisa and Andre, they had found us a flat in London and we could move in that day! But that's another story, stayed tuned folks...

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11th June 2010
Friedrichshafen - Sunset

i like your all pic

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