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Europe » France » Picardy September 16th 2013

Hi Here again just to tell you we have had a lovely walk with Sophie around the Baie de Somme . We met another couple with a French border collie that looked just like Sophie's brother both the same age both from farms one French one Somerset. It was breezy but sunny. We have booked the vet for the return journey and the last two nights before the ferry back so that is organized. Now trying to plan our route south the first hop will be to a site near Angers not far from Le Manns Justin. So next installment will be from around there . Hopefully the anti sway will be working too . Met some English people on site all very friendly. See yer.... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme June 16th 2013

The church bells rang this morning as I ran towards the town of Misery. I waved to a solitary farmer, then made my way down the lane and past the chateau. Here and there, lone poppies poked through the wildflowers, and I think I found those almost as poignant as the rows and rows of white gravestones we saw later in the day at Villers-Bretonneux. 46,000 Australians died on the Western Front, and as I ran along the roads they would have marched, it was as though each poppy represented one of them. Back at Maison Warlop, we had a lovely chat with Neil and Vicky and another couple from England over a very festive breakfast of fresh bread and preserves, brioche with young goat's cheese and great coffee. Hugo was thrilled with his pot of ... read more
Frank among the Graves
L'Ecole Victoria
Les Moulin des Chennevieres Giverny

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme June 15th 2013

Dead people. Lots of them. That was our Paris mission for this morning. We decided that a tour of the Paris catacombs might be fun, as Hugo was a bit little the last time we were here. After a quick but delicious breakfast in our lovely little apartment, we were on our way. Well, sort of. A slight bike lock key issue delayed us (it had fallen out of the lock somewhere on our travels yesterday), so we were an hour or so later than we'd hoped to be as we power-pedalled the 4km or so up the Boulevard St Michel. Luckily Bike-About had a spare key. When we reached the big circle at Place Denfert-Rochereau, it wasn't hard to work out where the entrance to the Catacombs was. Unfortunately, all the reports about the queues ... read more
The Lovely Bones
Sorting out the Velib
Our car for the next 6 weeks or so!

Europe » France » Picardy » Amiens June 7th 2013

I had bought a ticket to Amiens in advance. I wanted to go there to see the Amiens Cathedral, listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I had early departure (and cheap ticket) in the morning, but managed to have breakfast (it was scheduled at 7-30, I went there at some 7-20 or so); there was no milk and I had to wait about five minutes. The train to Amiens took an hour and twenty minutes and there were no cancellations or late departures as compared to Rouen. I walked without a map, saw an unusually tall and narrow building in front of the gare – it is called Tour Perret, a 27-storey residential skyscraper. I was looking for signs of the cathedral, and soon its arches showed up. The cathedral is the tallest of the classic ... read more
Amiens Cathedral

Europe » France » Picardy » Chantilly June 5th 2013

June 5 The name of Chantilly came to our notice during the previous visit in 2012. Back then, we wanted to go there but somehow our free day fell on Tuesday, when the castle was closed. Nevertheless, this time I had tickets in my pocket before leaving Russia. It took about 23 minutes from Gare du Nord to reach it. I think it is possible to combine the visit to Chantilly and Compiegne because they are on the same train line. In this entry, I will rely on web information to make the narration detailed. The castle is located about two kilometers from the train station. The trail crosses a large park, finally reaching the Chantilly racecourse. I saw a building, called Grandes Ecuries (the Great Stables), and erroneously considered it to be the castle. We ... read more
Grandes Ecuries (Great Stables)


Europe » France » Picardy » Peronne May 31st 2013

Suzy was on the last legs of her journey from Verdun and Peronne. It was an uneventful journey with really nothing to report. We found our campsite the Port de Plaisance quite easily although the towns around it were strangely empty. We felt as if we were in another world and that all the population had disappeared. I kept thinking "Beam me up Scotty" as everywhere were like ghost towns. As usual the reception was closed until later that afternoon. This seems the norm in some campsites. A notice was pinned up to say pick your spot and come back later to pay. Our plot was quite a small one but we chose it because it was fairly dry and we were able to park up without fear of getting stuck in the wet and mud ... read more
A nice looking restaurant in Peronne

Europe » France » Picardy April 25th 2013

Our wonderful B & B hostess, Florence, made sure there were plenty of pastries and yummy food waiting for us at the breakfast table, even though it was well before dawn when we got up on Anzac day. We drove to the nearby village of Corby and parked the car then walked the 2kms up the hill to the Australian War Memorial. The road was closed to general traffic but open to the numerous shuttle buses that ferried people from the larger centres like Amiens, Albert and Peronne. Only one lane was open to the buses, the other lane was for those who were walking (like us) and it was well lit up so it felt very safe. We arrived in plenty of time to get a seat - the only problem was that the dew ... read more
Castle, Rhine River
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Europe » France » Picardy » Chamant October 19th 2012

I was 34 years old, running my own business in Finland. A racing stable, for almost 8 long years. I had planned to quit everything and move abroad, once again and was growing more and more restless as time went by. In the end of 2011, November, my relationship was a wreck, economical recession had (and still has) a strong hold of Finnish economy so when I got a call and was given a chance to work in France, a final decision was quickly made! So, off I went. Me, a smalltown girl, who never had even thaught of moving to France of all the places, who spoke about 4 words of French and had one or two prejudices of the French. how about that! My employer was a Swedish fella, a real piece of ... read more
that's the place
way to the paddocks
som yearlings

Europe » France » Picardy » Chamant October 19th 2012

I arrived in Paris Charles de Gaulle. I was promised that one of the current employees of the ecurie I was going to work at would be there to pick me up. She was there allright, but was not given my cell number, only a description that I had a black hair. Brilliant. Especially as at the same time there had landed a flight from Tokyo, Dubai and Delhi! So a girl with a black hair was easy to find! Now, I have a confession to make. I am a finn (that was not it..). And I absolutely hate winter, snow, frost and all that shit. (no, I don't like sauna either, or vodka..). And as I arrived, so did the coldest winter for over 50 years! It was frost as I started to work, luckily, ... read more
the "middle" yard

Europe » France » Picardy » Pierrefonds September 15th 2012

This morning we woke up really early to go to Paris...but we still missed the train :-( Instead we spent the day wondering around some local towns including Compiegne and Pierrefonds, but first we went into Soissons. Soissons is one of the most ancient towns in France, so there were lots of cool old buildings to look at, including a huge cathedral. It was also full of gorgeous looking bakeries and I got to try my very first pain-au-chocolat! It was delicious, though I was a bit messy with it :-) We spent an hour or so just wandering around the town and looking at the local market stalls. My favourite stall had lots of chickens, ducks and rabbits for sale - unfortunately daddy wouldn't let me have one. Next we headed to Compiegne. Just a ... read more
Soissons Cathedral
The market
Chateau de Pierrefonds

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