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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 2nd 2013

I am writing backwards....You should have seen us arriving at the Montparnesse Train station in Paris. Two bike boxes, and bags containing our panniers...first we dragged the boxes while carrying the the escalator, Bill took one up the escalator and then I rode the escalator carrying the panniers and watching the bike. Then Bill followed. A "tout" appeared, although I am sure that he would not be called a tout, and suggested that he could help us...while I watched the bags, Bill & the man found a cart to hold all, bought two tickets to Tours. Man got his money and disappeared. We snacked and waited for our train to appear and when it did, we were delighted that we remembered to get our tickets stamped and rolled the cart directly to the car marked ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 31st 2013

Today was another day of following a Rick Steves' walking tour; this time to Montmartre. This area compares with London's Camden Market in that it has historically been, and still is, a Bohemian area full of artists and night clubs. We took the Metro from nearby Passy station to Anvers stop, stepping out into crowds of people all around us at souvenir kiosks and in front of the Elysees Montmartre theatre, the oldest cancan dance hall in Paris. A wall once separated Montmartre from Paris at this point and the quality of buildings and type of businesses is totally different from one side of the street to the other. The Montmartre side starts with low-rent urban bazaars with cheap clothing, inexpensive post cards, scarves, jeans, you name it. We took the funicular up the hillside to ... read more
Funicular to the top of Monmartre
Artist in Place du Tertre
Au Lapin Agile Cabaret

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 30th 2013

I am posting 87 photos with today's blog entry so be sure to continue scrolling on down after the writing ends to see all of them. We are staying in the beautiful Passy neighbourhood, across the Seine river and east of the Eiffel Tower. We never seem to tire of wandering our nearby narrow streets and cobblestone lanes and exploring the small shops around us. It seems that there are few straight lines in Paris. The roof-tops are a jumble of triangular and rectangular sections all at intersecting angles or curved, honeycomb shapes, all covering attics with apartment windows in all of them for the people living at the top of Paris. The streets are curved as are many of the buildings and it seems that every other “corner” is a roundabout with at least five ... read more
Burial site of Oscar Wilde
Dinner and champagne on our roof-top terrace
Interior of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 29th 2013

Day 105 – Paris - France A new trip started this morning. The BIG Grand European. I got up at 4:45am (ridiculous) and we were at our starting point by 6am. We then sat around for 45mins so who knows why we had to get there so bloody early. Our tour guide is Irishman Kevin and there are 31 people on the bus. A good number because that means there are spare seats. Kel and I managed to both score a double seat to spread out on. A few people are only doing the first half of our trip and get off in Rome. Not sure if we gain anymore people along the way. We took a ferry to France and drove a few hours to get to Paris. Usually TopDeck stay ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 26th 2013

It was a beautiful warm and sunny morning so Garth and I walked a few doors down to a bakery to pick up some fresh bread and croissants for breakfast. Then we all headed out to explore our neighbourhood. We found a grocery store and the closest Metro station then Chris and I decided to walk the ten blocks or so to the Eiffel Tower. Okay, I know I promised to not fill up this blog with photos of the tower, but OMG it is so incredibly beautiful and just fills the sky being so close to it here so it's pretty hard to ignore. As we walked towards it there was a new view and new exciting photo to shoot every couple of blocks. So I have put a few of my favourites in here. ... read more
Eiffel Tower and sunset
Sunset over Paris.
We're in the penthouse of this building.


Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 25th 2013

We left our home in Hackney, London, saying goodbye to the neighbourhood and to Ed and Miss Kika the cats. Dragged our suitcases a few blocks to the train station. Then a short train ride and a couple of tube rides and we reached St. Pancras International Train Station to catch a Eurostar train to go through the "chunnel" to Paris. I purchased the reserved seat tickets for $106 per person over the internet a few months ago and printed them at home. The Channel Tunnel, also referred to as the Chunnel, is a 50.5-kilometre undersea rail tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, in the United Kingdom with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. At its lowest point, it is 75 m deep. At 37.9 kilometres, the Channel ... read more
On the train to Paris.
Our first view from the office window in our Paris apartment.
Eiffel Tower and Moon view from office window

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 19th 2013

Upon entering a city as big as Paris, my gut instinct instantly tells me to get the hell out so that's what I did. I hopped on a train to Versailles ad spent the day inhaling fresh air and staring in awe at the amount of green space. It may be a bit out of the city but I think its well worth a visit even if you're only in Paris for a short period of time - Versailles has one of the best gardens of any palace I've visited and I love the architecture of the buildings. There's also the added bonus that entry to the palace is free if you're a European citizen under 25 and reduced entry to the gardens. In all honesty I personally think the palace is nothing special, it's the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 16th 2013

Çà y est, nous avons reçu nos relevés bancaires et nous pouvons faire un point général en euros (les cours euros/dollars changeant tous les jours) pour connaître nos vrais dépenses. Mais revenons tout d'abord sur notre dernière journée. Lever le 26/06/2013 à 7h30. Après le petit déjeuner, départ pour l'aéroport de San Francisco. Nous rendons la voiture avec 32 350 miles au compteur. Souvenons-nous, nous l'avions récupérée à Chicago avec 26 756 miles. Nous avons donc parcouru à son volant 5 594 miles = 9 001 kilomètres. Nous arrivons au comptoir d'enregistrement à 10h30 pour un décollage prévu à 14h45. Les nuages disparaissent peu à peu pour laisser place à un ciel clair. Dommage, nous aurions dû rester une journée de plus pour voir le Golden Gate Bridge sous le soleil. C'est à ce moment-là qu'on ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 16th 2013

This week, I was staying at my parents' place near Paris for a week holiday and two of my good friends in Cologne (from China and Philippines), joined me for a 2 day-trip there. So for my parents having my 2 friends from China and from Philippines at home was almost like to do couchsurfing. I was really looking forward to seeing how my parents would be with my friends, who cannot speak the same language and do not share the same culture. And I have to say that I was really amazed and happy to see how my parents behaved with the both of them. Both of them spoke English or a bit of German with them, ask them questions, smiled, laughed,... I could not have dreamt of a better stay with them. On the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 15th 2013

The one day I decide to sleep in a little, and all hell breaks loose. I got out to Versailles just a bit later than I had planned, maybe an hour, and the crowds had truly arrived. I've seen so many people, swarming and churning everywhere. And even though I had my ticket before arriving, the line to get in, which is slow because of security, wound literally like a snake around the entire front square. Up and down probably for like 8 twists. I just simply refused to stand in such a line, in the baking hot sun. I probably would have been there for 2 hours, just to get it! And the crowds inside! Oh-la-la. Thoroughly disturbed by the endless crowds, I limped away - I decided I strained my right foot, which I ... read more
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