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Europe » France » Brittany September 22nd 2008

De la plage, de la plage et plus de plage... a quiberon jai encore manger des huitres et cetait bon miam!!! aussi nous avons dormi dans un hotel de jeunnesse tres bidon, bref nous etions dans une tente. aussi, quand nous sommes arriver, cetait bizzarre, il y avait du monde habille en ninja sur des moto !!!!!! Simon Par contre la dame de l auberge a eu la gentillesse de me donner un sac de couchage et une serviette. Sinon la ville était trop touristique a mon gout!... read more
le ninja
madame shrek

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 20th 2008

allo la compagnie! alors, st-malo c était vriament génial la vue sur la mer et le soleil qui nous suit définétivement woow juste pour vous dire je suis lus bronzé en ce moment que je l ai été le reste de l été (mais je voudrais pas vous faire suer) en a fait une super bonne bouffe sur le quai en regardant le coucher de soleil et c était romantique quétaine a souhait! et on a vue des crisss de tabarnac d osti de calice( c est une blague je parle pas vraiment comme ca vous le savez) mais des simonac de petits bateaux en bois! on est allé voir trois musé dont le mémorial qui était de loin notre préféré. bref j ai adoré!! bizzzzous votre mymi ps les crétains de air maroc a la ... read more
simon dans les brise lames
un petit ange

Europe » France » Brittany » Lorient September 13th 2008

Carnac Brittany- Camping Le Moustoir We arrived here on Sunday 7th after a 6 hour tiring drive down and walked round to select a pitch, finally deciding on this one, near the showers and swimming pools. I knew it would be a tricky reverse in but hadn’t counted on the audience that appeared. Martin unwisely built up the scene by saying ; “ watch this and learn!” ...I ask you! I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me and the car and van. ( I later found out that Pete one of the audience was a lorry driver) I fluffed the first approach by coming in too wide so pulled forward and started again. My trusty( ??) observer wasn’t being much help either. I tried again. Now clearly rattled and embarrassed, I failed. ... read more
Martin does the snailmail
Emergency supplies?
The stones

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 6th 2008

The plan: Four cyclists from London make their way to the Loire valley, and cycle and camp and cycle and eat cheese, drink wine, visit chateaus, slaughter the language. Our itinerary included Angers, Saumur, Chinon, Azay-le-Rideau, Loches, and Blois. To keep costs down while allowing us to procrastinate planning, we got to France via train to Portsmouth, overnight ferry to St. Malo, train (TER allows full cycles, not TGV) to Angers, and then similarly for the return, train to Caen, overnight ferry, and train back to London. England was suffering from its stereotypical weather of clouds and sporadic rain, and the ferry crossing was rough enough to make our viewing of Prince Caspian in the ferry cinemas very unpleasant. The cabins were all booked, so we had reclining chairs, but we observed seasoned travelers who laid ... read more
St Malo
St Malo
St Malo

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 3rd 2008

We spent 11 days in Paris, far longer than we have spent, or are likely to spend, in any one city on this journey. We loved Paris (who doesn’t?), and got to do and see everything we wanted. We saw the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, and the Rodin Museum. We had dinner at an outdoor bistro in Montmartre. We went down in the catacombs (well, Erin and her Mom did) and then to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We took a boat cruise along the Seine. We visited the antique market, the flower market, and the bird market. And we walked in so many different neighborhoods. Yet, Paris is a city so big, that like New York, London and other megacities, we realized it would take many months, if not years, to really get to know ... read more
Tarte Tatin at Hotel Tatin
BZH for Breizh, Brittany in local language, imposed over F for France
Breizh Cola, better than Coke!


Europe » France » Brittany August 29th 2008

The last day in Bretagne was somewhat a quiet day. The time, I stayed in Little Paradise has gone fast. There is no plan to visit any particular place today. We spent the whole day, walking around Little Paradise & taking photos. The weather was nice very early in the morning then it changed to cloudy and grey. All of us went to a local restaurant called Auberge du Manoir. It was our farewell meal. Our train was leaving at 6.30pm from Landebia which is thirty minutes driving distance from Little Paradise. During my short break, Little Paradise gave me everything I needed. I had the time for myself to think, to wonder around the space where no other people stepped in. I had a plenty of time to visit this wonderful region, and I most ... read more
Little Paradise
Tips of the flowers & Blue sky
little paradise - Bretagne

Europe » France » Brittany August 27th 2008

This morning we decided to follow Monsieur & Madam --- who were heading to a little island which is located near Paimpol. As usual we left La Lande around 10am, in order to catch a ferry on time, which may give us a considerable amount of time to enjoy walking around the island. Everyone seemed positive expecting a beautiful weather, so did I. It was raining as if Monsoon rain hit this area. I am disappointed after having a look at the sky. It was dark and threatening to rain more and more. We wondered around while thinking about a need for an umbrella. Do we need an umbrella? No, let's get wet! We got tickets to get into the boat which was waiting to take us to the Island. Buried underneath the camellias, hydrangeas and ... read more
A view from Pointe de l'Arcouest
The famous Maudez cross - Brehat Island
Sunflower field -  Brehat Island

Europe » France » Brittany August 26th 2008

We sat behind quietly looking at both Monsieur and Madam --- are guiding us somewhere, we did not have a clue. Three of them speak in French, which left me very little opportunity to understand. I mainly focus on reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Laclos. Now & then I was abruptly disturb to inform that we were taking this road, that direction, then we have missed the direction to this unknown place. I quietly sat behind & listen to them. Finally, we reached outside a little village where we found sign post telling us to follow. We arrived at the chapel of Kermania, which is famous for many reasons. I realised that that many reasons are enough to visit this place. the chapel of Kermania was built around 13th century in Plouha to commemorate the victory ... read more
Saints made of wood - The Chapel of Kermania
The Chapel of Kermania
The Chapel of Kermania

Europe » France » Brittany August 25th 2008

We initially thought to take a walk along the coast from the lighthouse to the castle. Given the hot temperature at this time of the day, we decided to take the car which was a sensible decision. We drove back near the entrance where there is a free parking place! I have been struggling to park the car myself since I began to drive this massive ship. I have even failed to reverse the car without asking A to step out to have a look behind. It is a very awkward situatioin for me, but I was dare not to damage the car. Despite having difficulties to judge from the driving seat, I finally parked within two parking space. I am sure that nobody will notice this since we were far end of the car park. ... read more
Top of the chapel - Fort La Latte
The cannon - Fort La Latte
A view from the top of the tower

Europe » France » Brittany August 24th 2008

There were two purposes of visiting Cap Frehel. For me, it is another day of driving at the wrong side of the road which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a very hot day & we realised that it would be nice to avoid the mid-day heat. So we planned to drive to Cap Frehel in the afternoon. It took us almost an hour to reach our destination. Then we circled around for a while to find a place where we could park the car without paying. I did not think that it was a bad thing after all. The most of visitors had parked their vehicles by the side of the road and we did the same. We first launch our pre-planned mission to get a little plant into our plastic carrier. It was hard task, ... read more
View from the Cap Frehel
The Cap Frehel
The sea

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