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Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 23rd 2007

The first snow has finally arrived! Today I woke up late - I was supposed to meet Laura who was going to come with me to open a bank account. (They’re so nice here, if you open a bank account with one of the banks they give you 40€ just to say thanks! And this one teller told Laura that for every friend she got to open an account with them, they’d give her another 20€, so of course she roped me into going to her bank. Hey, why not? I still get 40€ out of it!) So anyway, I totally slept in today and thought I wasn’t going to make it so I text her and said we should do it later, but she wanted to come around anyway because she was feeling really down ... read more
Very Excited!!
Still Waiting

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 22nd 2007

...mutta lopussa kiitos seisoo. Tai no, lopusta en ehka sittenkaan mainitse viela sanaakaan, mutta ainakin talla hetkella asiat on ok. Muutin viikko sitten omaan asuntoon, joka itse asiassa on asuntohotelli. Myonnetaan, se oli vahan "nysva"ratkaisu, mutta sain suht.edulliseen hintaan kalustetun asunnon kitchenettella= pikkukeittio, isohkon kylpparin ja sijainnin lahes ydinkeskustassa. Lisaksi valtyin maksamasta ns.honoraires-maksuja ja valityspalkkioita tai solmimasta sahkosopimusta. Persoonallinen asunto se ei ole, aika tyypillinen hotellihuone mika muissa olosuhteissa saattaisi tuntua eksoottiselta, mutta kolmen kuukauden hotelliputken jalkeen se on enaa yksi uusi hotellihuone. Onpahan kuitenkin "oma", eika tarvitse muuttaa jatkuvasti. Ja lammin ja toimiva. Tanaan oli ensimmainen aamupaiva opintoja; kursseina kansainvalisen kaupan tekniikat ja rahoitus, seka diplomaattinen ja kon... read more
C'est l'hiver!

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 21st 2007

Strasbourg is the city that sleeps on Sundays. Completely everything is shut, no clothing stores, no grocery stores - nothing. The only places you’ll find open on a Sunday here are kebab shops, which is fitting I guess considering the only thing to do when everything is shut on Sunday is to drink on Saturday night! Well, this was the conclusion that Laura and I came to anyway. Our Aussie foursome headed out for dinner last night to a Thai restaurant. We were all a little worried about the quality of the food as Asian food isn’t exactly France’s speciality, but it was ok. It wasn’t the best Thai around, but it wasn’t the worst either. The worst part for me is that tofu doesn’t seem to have taken off so well in the land of ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 19th 2007

Hi all! I've been in Strasbourg for a week now, and I can't believe it's only been a week - I've done so much it feels like I've been here at least a month. I totally freaked out before I left (as many of you saw ) but once I got on the plane it was all good. And a big thanks to Carol, Mary, Natasha and Fi for coming down to hang with me at Sydney airport during my 5 hour stopover. It was awesome to see you girls again and it really calmed my nerves - not to mention getting a good dose of Miss Shop goss! The plane ride was ok, but wow I forgot how long the flight is. It's funny cuz when you land you don't think that it took that ... read more
Front View
Side View
Petite France

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 14th 2007

Muutama paiva takana la vie strasbourgiennea, ei asuntoa, ei tyota, ei opiskelua. No, eivat asiat oikeasti ihan noin kurjasti ole. Ilmeisesti opiskelu alkaa vasta 29. paiva ja toivottavasti piakkoin saan asunnon, asia on viela vahan vaiheessa. Saavuin tanne torstai-iltana erittain turbulenttisen lennon jalkeen. Jos olisin yhtaan lentopelkoinen, en moisen kyydin jalkeen astuisi jalallanikaan lennokkiin. Ensin jatkolentoni Pariisista oli myohassa, stuertti totesi erittain ranskalaiseen tapaan vapaasti kaannettyna nain: c'est la vie, koneet ovat myohassa; se arsyttaa kaikkia, mutta Lontoossa oli tuulista. Nyt lahdetaan silti. Jo nousun aikana kone putosi ilmakuoppaan, erittain harvinaista ilmeisesti. Kiristin hieman vyota ja tiukensin otettani kasinojista. Ilmassa kone heittelehti tuulen mukana kuin vaivainen paperilennokki, siivet heiluivat ja aloin olla varma etta kohta kynnamme rans... read more
Euroopan neuvosto


Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 13th 2007

A Brief Foray into France After our one great skiing day and our second day with some skiing and some relaxing, it was time to leave Zermatt and the Matterhorn area. While we loved being in the mountains, we both looked forward to some lower altitudes and easier breathing. Mike hadn’t slept all that well cause when he laid down he had trouble catching a breath. Thus, onward and in this case, downward. (haha) Driving to Strasbourg After breakfast we trucked our packs down to the train station for the 20 min train ride to our car parked in Tasch (next town over, Zermatt’s car free). We were on our way. Tom Tom gave us an estimate of 4.5 hours drive if we were to go the “expected” speed all the way. What we knew ... read more
Strasbourg in the Evening
Notre Dame of Strasbourg
Notre Dame of Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 30th 2006

Our last trip of 2006 is a journey motivated by the need to put miles on my new car. She drove out of the showroom with 14 miles on her and needs 1200 before we can find out what she can really do. To be fair, though, Strasbourg has long been high on my list of places to visit. We left Heidelberg about 10am and headed south on A5. This particular Autobahn drive was especially interesting. For those first 1200 miles, we cannot go over 105mph (and when I asked the BMW employee to specify 105 miles per hour or 105 kilometers per hour, he laughed and said “105 miles per hour - this is a BMW”) and so we set the limit at 103 on the computer. It beeped at me a few times and ... read more
The Strasbourg Cathedral
The Strasbourg Cathedral

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar December 21st 2006

Départ sans petite soeur! Where is Shannon? ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 21st 2006

So, that was fast. Tomorrow I leave Besançon. I have to say I am going to miss this place. I had some great times here, met some awesome people, and even learned a little french along the way. I think I began making exponential progress after having seen the new James Bond film in VF with no subtitles. Having understood the majority of it, I found a new confidence in my oral comprehension and speaking abilities. It is really a shame to have to leave after having made so much progress in so little time. I guess I should be thankful, however, as some of the other term-ites haven't even progressed enough to close their bank accounts without having someone hold their hand. I think I did pretty well here, all things considered. Apologies for not ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 17th 2006

If you are going to be in France during December, it is worth your time to stop in Strasbourg, a picturesque city in the Alsace region...what a magical Christmas atmosphere! It deserves its reputation as the 'Christmas Capitol' of France. I just got back from a great 36-hour trip there (Saturday morning to Sunday evening) during which I stayed with my friend Stacy from Georgetown who is studying at Sciences Po Strasbourg. Everyone I had talked to told me I HAD to go there during the Christmas season, so I took their advice and were only 70 euro round-trip, so not bad! I'm really glad I went...and fully into the Christmas spirit! One word of a hotel well in advance, because every French/German person within a couple hundred miles descends on the city near ... read more
'Homme de fer'
High School
Japanese Lunch!

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