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Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä November 25th 2011

Jyvaskyla is a special place to visit for me. I have traveled there several times and continue to go once a year in the Fall. The city presents a great taste of Finnish culture as a medium sized town in central Finland surrounded by beautiful forests. The University of Jyvaskyla is picturesque sitting on the lake with the design of Alvar Aalto evident in many places. The bridge running across the lake is amazing as are the modern white sharp-lined buildings that seem to blend into the trees that surround them. If you want more Aalto you can tour his museum or visit some of the buildings on campus that he helped design. Also, check out the statue of the great Flying Finn Paavo Nurmi just behind the Aalto museum. If you enjoy exercise, like most ... read more
Photo 21
Jyvaskyla Harbour

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä July 25th 2011

Day five Monday July 25th, 2011 near Jyvaskyla Today was the day for berry picking. The forest abounds in berries and many Finns spend time in the forest gathering berries to preserve for the winter. We set off loaded with buckets, berry picking tools, gumboots, insect repellent and water. About a kilometre from here is a great spot for blueberries. We spent a couple of hours gathering the small morsels of goodness from the branches of the low growing bushes. That’s where you need to have a strong back, as moving along bent over to gather the berries from calf height does require some stamina. Lacking in myself I found as I needed to sit down or stand upright many times just to stretch and rest my back and thighs. We gathered a bit over ... read more
a duck family came to visit

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä July 24th 2011

Day three and four Saturday and Sunday July 23rd and 24th, 2011 near Jyvaskyla Family gathering. Almost all of my Mother’s 11 Sisters and Brothers, Their spouses and some of my cousins arrived for lunch. They made me feel very welcome and it was a beautiful if very noisy gathering. The sun was shining, the weather warm and food plentiful and good. I was able to meet and talk with all of the family who arrived, and everyone invited me to visit. It’s something we will attempt to do in the next week. There’s a lot of coffee drinking in my future – I can tell. Sunday . A day to rest. The morning came, drizzly and cool, Only two laps of the lake before running to the cabin for warmth. The waking times are getting ... read more
inside the dunny with a view
ripe raspberries
finding the path through the forest

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä July 22nd 2011

Day two Friday 22st July, 2011 near Jyvaskyla (pronounced – Youh-Vas-kou lah) The light here has seriously messed with my head. I fell into an exhausted coma local time 9pm last night. It was still daylight. My body clock at that stage said 4.30am – nearly 48 hours on about 3 hours of sleep. I woke sometime later, feeling refreshed, looked out of the window and thought that dawn is breaking, I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Looked at the clock- 12.30AM. Went back to sleep, woke up. It was lighter, so I thought must be morning. No, 4.00am. Well, being awake, I thought that I’d do a bit of writing, I wondered about the yard and took about 100 photos of the lake in the early morning light with the mist gently rising off the ... read more
The sauna cottage
Street scene in Jyvaskyla
the Jyvaskyla markets

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä January 4th 2010

Like I already told you before, I'm currently staying now in Finland and no big and magnificent trips are in sight. However, since I found this blogging thing pretty relaxing in Asia and I'm taking the photos anyway I don't see any reason why I couldn't post some of them here every now and then. Another thing is who even wants to see photos from "cold and boring" Finland - the land of polar bears and icebergs..? But I guess that's the thing I may can have an effect in the long term, or maybe I'm too optimistic. I just wanted to show you some quite nice winter pictures of last weekend in Kynsivesi's Pirttijärvi (Lake Pirttijärvi). My boyfriend's parents have a beautiful summer cottage there ( see the joke here ;), which is a really ... read more
The lake behind
Soft platform
The Sauna


Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä January 1st 2010

Home sweet home and city, my beloved city. Although I have always loved travelling Jyväskylä has a still precious and special place in my heart. These pictures are taken during the last summer, the summer of 2009. There's not many of them but somehow everyone of these takes me back to the nice moments and places 3... read more
At once I was at the right place at the right time
Nikolainkulma (Nikolai's corner)

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä May 4th 2009

If you live a country like Finland, there is almost no option do you appreciate spring or not. Except those who suffer from allergies almost all the finns are great fans of spring and many things related to that. The Sun is finally shining and I could not be more happy about that. Especially after my time in Singapore spring feels great, it's like I'm getting my energy back. Growing flowers and grass, Eastern, birds, refheshing rain, umbrellas and the smell on spring inspires me the most. Although I don't draw and paint anymore (...) all the colors of spring kind of wake me up again. Onw thing I also like is the high heels and what would be more better reason to find my old loves again (and buy some new ones as well) than ... read more
Maybe I should still say "less" free..
lakeside sauna
They are coming to get us :D

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä March 7th 2009

A lot to report today! We didn't get the earliest start in the world, but not too bad considering it was a pretty late night last night. After breakfast at the hotel we loaded up the Prius and set sail for the Finnish Air Force Museum. Side note: This hotel had normal eggs. WTF!!! Get it right Holiday Inn. Enroute we stopped at a ski resort, complete with downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, Finns playing American Football in the snow and ski jumping. I thought those ski jumps looked impressive on TV, but they're insane when you get up close. And I was informed that this wasn't even a big one! I have absolutely no desire to get on one of those things. Crazy! But it's fun to watch the young kids with no fear fling themselves ... read more
American Made!
Kreivi von Rosen
Anonymous Urinal

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä March 6th 2009

After work I hopped in the hotrod, aka Prius, with Sami and Emil (work friends) and headed to Jyväskylä. It's not the most exciting destination in Finland, and really not all that much different from Tampere, but it's something new. I'm starting my venturing out n' about in Finland with baby steps. We rolled into Jyväskylä, dumped our stuff at the hotel, grabbed a tourist map and proceded to wander about town. After a good walk around town, seeing some amazing lakeside views and being jealous of the homeowners there, we started scouting out a place for dinner. Since Jyväskylä is a bit smaller than Tampere, and none of us were familiar with the town, we stuck to what seemed to be the main drag. This was mostly bars, so we ended up at the restaurant ... read more
Irish Pub

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Jyväskylä August 20th 2008

Hello there, feeling confused and bizarre I finally started my new blog here, in English. Before this I have just blogged in Finnish and dropped out english words every now and then, but let's try this one now. The reason for this blog is my student exchange year in Singapore. We, one of my friend and I are leaving from Finland in October 2008 ( the date is not exact yet..) to live and study and above all travel in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. So the countdown has started and everything is a huge mess at home, but what is the most important, we are finally leaving for sure! - Maarit ... read more
The sky
Little India Arcade
Little India

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