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Hello again, Well it has been an amazing week. I think i last left off when we were about to head to bruge for a day trip. Bruge was fantastci very cute little town with venice style waterways meandering throught the city. Highlights, were the bell tower, which almost made me crap my pants when it went off whilst we were enjoying the view. for those who have seen the 'in bruges' movie of late, it is a bit spooky standing outside the bell tower and imagining that guys smashed up head...its not a great flick, but the town is great. We went for a wander to see the sights, and a really sweet little area, which was many hundreds of years ago, was where the spinsters, widows and women of faith used to live. Scotty ... read more
Brugge Street Scape
Scottys Apple Tart
Snow in Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region » Cesky Krumlov September 27th 2008

Day 23 (Saturday, September 27th) Today was our last morning in Vienna, and we had a 10:30 train departure to begin our journey to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. We awoke early as we had hoped to visit Hundertwasserhaus, which was an apartment complex whose façade had been colorfully designed by an Austrian artist named Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The apartments were located outside of central Vienna, so it took about 20 minutes to get there via the metro. After we left the metro station closest to Hundertwasserhaus, we walked the wrong way. By the time we figured out which way to go, we determined that we did not have enough time to finish walking to the building, walk all the way back to the metro, and then take the metro back to our hostel to check out. ... read more
Streets of Cesky Krumlov
Vltava River and Cesky Krumlov
Main square at night

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region » Cesky Krumlov September 10th 2008

Great weather. Toured the castle. Dates back to 14th Century. Very interesting. Lots of walking. Included a bear pit with bear. Castle was owned by Rosenburg family initially. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Fairy tale town. Very few people speak English. Food is different - can't read the menu. Beer is good. Off to Prague tomorrow. ... read more

Long day. Left Vancouver at 6 am and arrived Munich at 5:30 am local time. Picked up rental car and drove to Cesky Krumlov. Found the Pension Kadlec and then visited the old town. Tomorrow will visit the castle. Driving the German Motorways is an experience. Looks like a road race. ... read more
Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov

After 6 glorious days in Prague, we headed off to Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia to find the weather was rotten and the campsite was beautiful, but pretty average facilities-wise. Although on the banks of the misty and picturesque lake Lipno, Coco summed it up by saying "the lake looks pretty from the tent but when you go down there, there's lots of gross stuff" (the lake isn't actually dirty, but loads of fishermen means lots of scales, bones and beercans line the shore). We made the most of the bad weather though, by spending the afternoon "packing our faces" (as they say in Edinburgh) and playing boardgames. The campsite was happy to let people build campfires so we had an awesome evening making gourmet baked potatoes and trying to stop Aidan landing in the fire. ... read more
And all this without TomTom...
Sign of things to come...


After a long days journey from Vienna, we of course found time in Cesky Budejovice the town of the Budvar brewery, to sample a local pint, before our connecting train the Cesky Krumlov. The long walk from Cesky Krumlov train station showed the old town's turrets and spires. Walking through the arches of and along the cobbled streets by twilight was an amazing time to arrive in this enchanted town. The next couple of days we wandered around all these little streets, still in awe. On the first night we headed out for dinner and a few beers, we bumped into Tom's Austrian brothers, Tom's description not mine i might add... We also managed to hire a canoe, to poddle along the river, until Tom decided that in fact we were training for the 2012 Olympics! ... read more
The town entrance
Austrian Matt and Luke
Arches of the castle

19-08-08 - Czeching out…. Sitting (or lying as the tent is too small for sitting up) at a campsite on the outskirts of Trencin, Slovakia. The guide book spoke warmly of this campsite and yes it is ok, but no more, a very noisy train comes past every now and then and the lake surrounding the campsite is full of dirt. However, the lady in the reception is really lovely, and gave us some introduction to the Slovak language. Since we last wrote we have been to Cesky Krumlov, and as expected it was great. We stayed in a great hostel where we had our own apartment with garden and river view (thanks A and T). Only one night in Cesky Krumlov - we’ve got to keep going, I think we could stay there a ... read more
Cesky Krumlov castle
Cesky Krumlov view
Cesky Krumlov rooftops

This is an add-on in the czech republic to prague, We decided to check out a small town just south of Prague to see some of the unspoilt areas of the czech republic. As i said mentioned in prague - it was a very early start and the 4am wake up to make the train was making me a lil grumpy - the girls put up with it well and as i would realise over the course of the 2 weeks - girls and the odd mood swing do go hand in hand and its important when ur travelling to a) ask if someone is ok and b) apologise when u realise you've blown the casket for no reason. Away from reflection, the train was very different to the smooth efficient journeys i had in western ... read more
Ann & Danielle in cresly
Cresly Krumlov in sepia
Views from the tower

Tuesday 1st July: Spent the morning meandering through the back streets of this ancient little town before taking a tour of the Cesky Krumlov Castle. The theme in each room of the castle has been maintained with the same decor and furniture that was in place during its actual occupancy however I doubt some of it was original given the castle has been restored in many areas during the 1800's. The views from the bell tower were very impressive which gave 360 degree views across the town as I walked around the outside perimeter at the top. I then booked a kayak for the remainder of the afternoon and was driven by car 5km upstream and spent 1.5 hours casually paddling downstream back into the town taking in amazing scenery on both sides of the river. ... read more
Vltava River 2
Vltava River 3
Old Town 1

Monday 30th June: Franz dropped me off at the central Vienna station where I caught a train to Cesky Budejovice and then on to Cesky Krumlov in the south of Czech Republic. The town has a river that circles through it and it reminds me a lot of Bright in Victoria as the water is the clearest I have seen so far on this trip. I wondered around the old town past all the small craft shops before settling for happy hour on the river bank at The Tornado Bar taking in the scenery on the opposite bank south of the castle. This town is so laid back and beautiful and fortunately the July tourist boom is yet to arrive although it is still predominantly tourists here now. I've noticed there are a lot of Japanese ... read more
Vltava River 2
Vltava River 3
Vltava River 4

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