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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 20th 2005

We talked with a very interesting pastor from Maldova at breakfast this morning. He attended the conference of the European Baptist Union and also the EBU dedication service last night. Maldova is an agricultural country of rolling hills and valleys about the size of Maryland. He said there are no mountains in his home country. The Baptists in Maldova have a sister relationship with one of the states in the deep south in the U.S. but formerly they were partnered with our home state of Maryland. He had visited Maryland in the past and had fond memories of the cooperation with churches there. We were joined by two other men, both from Russia. They said that under Communism Baptists were always suspected of being American spies. He did not say so, but I expect man yAmericans ... read more
Ladies Rest Room in a Prague mall.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 19th 2005

The weather didn’t cooperate with my plans today. Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day and I was looking forward to a similar day today. However, when I got up it was very gray, chilly and raining. My good plan of going downtown didn’t seem so good now. Dejan has been hoping for rain to wash away the sand that was used on the snowy sidewalks. If the sand is not washed away by rain, it will be his job, as part of his work scholarship, to sweep up the sand. It is a very gentle rain this morning and I am not sure much of the sand is going to be washed off the sidewalks today. After breakfast we cleaned up the room. As we were cleaning the room we also had three loads of clothes ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 18th 2005

If you haven’t noticed, Nancy is clever. We both were approaching the shaggy dog stage again. Nancy had noticed that Cheryl’s hair is very nicely cut. So she asked her, “Where do you get your haircut?” Cheryl told her and gave her the business card for Hair Studio Divine. “Ask for Gabriela, she speaks English and I like her.” Yesterday Mirka called Gabriela from the library and made an appointment for both of us to get our haircut today. We caught the 7:58 bus from Jeneralka to Dejvicka. Cheryl’s directions were, “Walk to the KFC and take a right up the hill. The salon is a short walk from there.” KFC is a great landmark, after all we recognize Colonel Sanders and the letters KFC. I can’t see us ever eating there, but it is great ... read more
Easter roosters in a store window.
Easter eggs

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 17th 2005

I went to the library early this morning to check our e-mail. My hope was that an e-mail would be waiting telling me we have a hotel reservation in Krakow. When I brought my e-mail up there was a message from the Hotel Jan. The subject line read, “No subject.” Is that a portend of good news or bad news? This time it was good news. I opened the message and read a room has been reserved for us. Hotel Jan is in the oldest part of Krakow, only a block from the Old Town Square. The building is several hundred years old and I am looking forward to being there. A building that old should have a lot of character. If you are interested their web address is For those of you with an ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 16th 2005

Doreen, a very friendly young Arab Christian woman from Israel, asked Nancy to edit her with her paper on Christians and divorce. Doreen came to our room about seven and working together they finished about two hours later. Doreen had written a very good paper. Our long time working together wasn’t a long time in correcting errors. It was a good long time of my learning more from her about marriage and divorce as it is seen in the eyes of people from the Middle East. It was also a painful time of seeing how our casual attitude toward divorce in the Western nations looks to an outsider. I talked to her about how divorce impacts families, churches and society in general in the USA. The impact is very different from what happens in a Middle ... read more


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 15th 2005

Antonio, another of our new young friends, left for his home in Spain today. He said he will see us next month. There are so many students coming and going that it is hard to keep up with who is here and who is away. Antonio is another of the library users that we have come to know. Antonio is one of the students I have enjoyed learning to know because he is doing more than most students would do around the city of Prague. He works with Latino students and residents of Prague. He and I have talked about the patients in our clinic in Annapolis and all the various dialects of Spanish they use. He also meets Latinos from different parts of Latin America who are in Prague for various reasons. Some are university ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 14th 2005

Kasha said “Yes, you can ride with me to Krakow.” We will ride with her from Prague to Krakow on Thursday March 24th and return on Tuesday March 29th. She said she will have a friend look into reserving us a room in a hotel. I believe this will be a very interesting trip. I have sworn off brussel sprouts. There is an untrue belief that brussel sprouts are a member of the cabbage family, a vegetable. They are not!!! Brussel sprouts are small green leafy spheres of highly compressed gas disguised as a vegetable. I am not going to eat them again! That suits me fine. At least I will be able to sleep through the night without hearing loud explosions and smelling sulfur bombs! I don’t like to eat Brussels Sprouts at home where ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 13th 2005

Well make that 48 days straight of snow. We got more again today. When we took another long walk today it was drizzling when we set out, but soon that turned to snow. We had a nice long talk with Chris at breakfast. Chris is our ‘across the hall neighbor’ here but really comes from Gdansk, the seaport in extreme northern Poland. “Tell us about Krakow,” I said. “What do you want to know?” Chris replied. “We are thinking of going there for a few days,” I answered. “We need to leave the Czech Republic for a day or several days as our visas will expire soon. If we leave for a few days, when we return we will have a new ninety day visa.” “Ah,” Chris said. “Several students went to Germany for a ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 12th 2005

The morning dawned bright and sunny. For the first time in a about six weeks or so the temperature actually rose above freezing today and there was some melting of the snow. Today was a good day for taking a long walk and in the afternoon that is exactly what we did. The ice no longer covers the small stream that runs through the Sarka Valley. We noticed that, with the melting snow, much more water is flowing in the creek. We sincerely hope there is not a quick melt of snow across the Czech Republic this spring. Several years ago a quick melt resulted in the worst flooding in several centuries. Many of Prague’s older sections received damage from the flooding. Also those portions of the subway nearest and under the Vltana River were filled ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 11th 2005

Almost every morning we eat with three young women. Katarzyna (Kasha) is from Poland, Denitza is from Bulgaria and Johanna who is from Hungary. Why? Are we unfriendly with everyone else? Are we the outcasts eating at the table for the untouchables? No, we eat with them as the five of us are the only ones in the cafeteria at seven-thirty.-we also eat with them because I like them a lot. We don’t have much time to talk but we always catch up on the weather report, what we think about something or the other and just enjoy a friendly feeling with three very nice young women. Occasionally we are joined by Erjona, who is from Albania, but usually it is just the five of us in the large dining room. Most mornings the only other ... read more
Deb and Harold
The Czech State Opera House

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