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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady April 16th 2012

Seriously hard to leave our hotel to venture out for our last day in Prague. We've never had so many people paying attention to us and catering to our every whim. And you know how Jeanne and I love our attention! Subway to Old Town and then food immediately - of course. Walked and walked to try and find a recommended restaurant, but every establishment has at least ten letters that don't belong next to each other. Settled on one with some English words "free masons". Had to convince Jeanne they would let us in because it would be tough to survive if limited to masons. Prague has to be the cheapest city in Europe. Four beers, two appetizers, and two entrees for the equivalent of twenty five dollars. Raining again of course but now have ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady September 8th 2011

Hello from Vienna where I'm updating my blog on Prague and Brno. Czech Republic is amazing and sad at the same time. Stunning women friendly outgoing folks,but flip side is an odd number of folks have what seems to be Muscular Dystrophy. The architecture is simply awesome I am posting pictures now because I'm at a decent hotel tonight because my feel are killing me and i need a night in a big clean air-conditioned bed! But it is 1245am here and i need to crash if I'm gonna cram a day of Vienna in before heading to Budapest. Especially with my feet now bleeding! Ok here goes pictures. Take care all.... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady June 5th 2011

I am writing this in Karlovy Vary so do not expect me to remember all that much – apart from the fact I did not do much other than eat very fine Italian food (later). There comes a point, and I am a very lazy uninspired traveler and lack considerable ‘get up and go’ in that regard, where you can’t be bothered making much more effort in running around everywhere. If I did not get to see it, that;s my fault and I never have “must do” lists (other than the absolute basics). My “accidental tourism” rules OK? – maybe I saw it, maybe I should have etc. Anyway today was hopelessly late start – with trip to Florenc 3 metro stops on to check out bus situation to Karlovy Vary – out of metro went ... read more
Hotel Pariz
wine/food fest
olde clocks

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady July 29th 2010

Sad to leave Slovakia behind, but I have been looking forward to Prague for while, too. The train from mid-Slovakia to Prague is... Not quite the milk run, but getting there. It's certainly not a huge distance, but nevertheless took from just before 9 am to well after 4 pm. Maybe it's just me, but if your train is running behind, wouldn't it make sense to cut the length of some of the stops? Y'know, instead of 14 minutes, maybe 10 or even 12? I'm sure there's some sort of logical reason for why they can't though... At least, I'd like to think there is. Anywho, arrived in Prague, remembered belatedly that they aren't on the Euro (as I later discovered, given that the Czech Republic isn't on the Euro, there are exchange offices _everywhere_ - ... read more
Looking out over Prague
Prague from the Charles Bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady August 6th 2009

three hours of sleep over two days couldn't hinder my sampling of a true budvar. which by the way is not awesome but is a huge leap from the American version. The biggest shock so far has been being in the presence of people that would be a blast to chat or bullshit with and being unable to communicate. I have probably done more eyebrow accrobatics and goofy-ass smirks in the last two days than Gizmo and E.T. combined. The city itself is great. The lady who owns the hostel I'm staying in has a Cruella Deville look about her and has a poodle and some other kind of dog following her around constantly. The best part of the trip so far was a German woman on the plane to Dusseldorf. While waddling back cane in ... read more
Czech Chicken
Street in prague

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