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Adrspach-Teplice Rocks As is it was to be a long journey from Cesky Krumlov to the small town of Teplice we broke the journey in Hradec Kralove, North East of Prague. Another town with an ancient city centre. There was an informative walk around the centre with posts in English so that you knew what you were looking at. A pleasant way to spend a few hours, but not worth a journey in itself. The town was completely dead on a Saturday, no atmosphere at all. Teplice is a small place on the northern Polish border, the reason to go there are the walks through the wonderful sandstone rock formations, the largest single rock formation in Europe. If you imagine Bryce canyon in grey placed in a pine forest you have a picture of it. Huge ... read more

Via Praha, I make my way northwards, to Trutnov. I arrive after five hours on three different trains, walk to my guesthouse, and learn that the room I booked has been given to someone else. Unfortunately, I don't have any written booking confirmation, as I only called them up and reserved a room using a mixture of English, German and Russian. The lady at the reception nervously makes a lot of phone calls and checks the internet for a place to stay for that sad-looking creature sitting in front of her, who doesn't even understand her language. After maybe half an hour, she finally succeeds in this task and drives me to a place out of town, which actually seems to be closer to the Battlefield, Obscene Extreme's traditional venue. For an acceptable price, I get ... read more
Fuck the Facts
Coldwar singer
Where's the band?

It’s been cold and rainy for the last week. Ava and I both miss hanging out in the park and are hoping for a bit of sunshine soon. We did make it to Prague last weekend for a day. The main purpose of the visit was to locate the Pension David, which is the place we will stay next Sunday. Early Monday morning, we will begin our trip home! We’re both excited about spending 11 weeks on the farm before leaving for Nanchang, China the last week in August. I just sent my signed contract to a university there this morning, and am happy to say that one of my best friends (Lauryn) and her husband (Zac) will be joining us for this adventure. Lauryn will teach at the university as well and we’re hoping Zac ... read more
Close Up!
A pretty balcony in Prague
Cool building

“Let’s drink beer and burn the children!” Monica exclaimed with great enthusiasm. While this may sound a bit alarming, I can promise you it’s all in good fun. 15 minutes outside Hradec Králové, there’s a lovely little village. Jayna was nice enough to bring Ava and me there for Walpurgis Night. If you would like to read more about the history of the festival, you can follow this link: Though the forecast called for rain, it was only a bit overcast and pretty warm outside. Jayna had told me about her village, so I was really excited to see it for myself. She told me her village was a peaceful place where everyone knew each other and helped each other out. It sounded like my own village on Chandler Hill, and I was excited to ... read more
Jayna instructing the children
Bonfire Time
Enjoying the neighbors

It's seemed like forever since I've seen nice weather! We've traveled 3 countries in the cold, and it's been amazing to finally feel some sunshine. The last two weeks have been warm and Ava's even been able to wear her pretty sundresses from time to time. The flowers, leaves, and blossoms have really added to the natural beauty of Hradec Králové. People are out and about now even more than during the cold weather months. The parks are full of children and Ava enjoys being one of them. She has even learned to ask, "Can I play?" in Czech as well as "I am Ava". She was scared to ask children to play when we first started visiting the park, but she's gaining confidence. I'm so glad that she has two girls at her daycare center ... read more
Ava Cooking Dinner
Building Sandcastles


“Mom, why didn’t the Easter bunny bring plastic eggs? He always brings plastic eggs in Ann Arbor” Ava asked. I sighed, “Because the Easter bunny can’t find them in the Czech Republic.” The real reason is because we were celebrating Easter two full weeks after it was celebrated here. We were traveling in Vienna during Easter and I didn’t want to take her basket and a bunch of Easter items with us. I told myself that we would celebrate it that week, and then I said we would celebrate it the following weekend, and we actually did celebrate Easter the week after that. Of course, all the plastic eggs (if there were any) were gone by that time. I was lucky enough to find some chocolate bunnies, ducks, and coins at a local grocery store. I ... read more
Having Tea
River in Hradec Králové
View of the bridge

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and aching ears and body. I felt terrible but really wanted to take Ava to the “giant aquarium” advertised online. So, I took a hot bath and we headed out. The aquarium was only a 12 minute bus ride from our dormitory. Unfortunately, it was not as giant as we had hoped. Instead, it was one room that had been made to replicate a rain forest. The lower part of the room was a tunnel under the water that we saw above. We really liked it, but would have appreciated more of it. There was also a little gift shop and a café. I bought Ava some glow in the dark dolphins to put on the wall by her bed. The ladies at the café gave her ... read more
Tropical Rainforest Room
Tropical Rainforest Room

Today I gave 4 back-to-back lessons at a school near the magistrate building. The lesson was on American Holidays, and I like to show a few videos from my facebook page to help the students identify with certain holidays. One of the videos I like to show is of Ava’s first Easter egg hunt. I remember that Easter really well. John was living with Ava and me in Ann Arbor and mom and dad had come down to stay for the holiday. Dad and I hid the eggs together and we all watched Ava find the eggs. There’s a part in the video where she asks, “Are the eggs near the tree, Papa?” and it really melts my heart. We all miss my dad so much. Today is his birthday. I’ve never met another man with ... read more
Dad and Ava
Dad and Ava
3 Generations in Dresden, Germany

It’s Friday morning and we’re on our way to Prague. I haven’t had time to blog this week, but I’m ok with that. Unfortunately, Hradec was hit with snow that started on Monday morning and continued through Tuesday night. This week, I felt blissfully lost for most of the week. I took the wrong bus on Tuesday morning and was late for my meeting with Pavla. To make matters worse, I walked out of the apartment without my phone, so I couldn’t text her to let her know I would be late. I also forgot about a few things I was supposed to have done this week (lesson preparation) and felt pretty “loserish” about it. I feel like I made up for it with a few great lessons. Jayna and Katka were really supportive this week ... read more
Snow at the Bus Stop

I'm feeling very good this morning! I spent some time studying the bus map last night and found a great route to Jane's school thanks to the other map that Pavla gave me. The stop even has a short name (Lipky) so I can sort of daydream and listen for the stop to be announced. Most of the stops require me to follow along with the map or look out the window to see the bus stop written on the sign. But this stop is easy and close to the school. I also pass by quite a few cute grocery stores and decided to pick up a really yummy cherry and peach pastry on my way. Be jealous. Be very jealous. It was delicious. I arrived early (not late like yesterday) and have graded the listening ... read more
Statue near Katka's School
Square with Shops
Katka's School

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