Karlstejn Castle and back to Prague

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Karlstejn CastleKarlstejn CastleKarlstejn Castle

Taken in the late evening
Karlstejn castle—they say this castle looks like it is from Disneyland, and it does. Turrets and walls and ramparts, high above a village. We had to walk up to the castle first thing in the morning and it was very interesting a beautiful. Bought a picture from an art gallery and proprietor clicked his heels and bowed at us—the Czech manners make you feel very ladylike. We then rushed back to Prague, and did some more sightseeing and finally went to the concert in the golden church. We went to see the Hussite chapel—they were very early Protestants even before Luther and helped to mould the Czech Republic into one people. Caused lots of bloodshed though—the protestants seemed very keen on chucking people out of high windows—there is a name for this—defenestration - and it has occurred 3 times in Czech history -the last time in about 1965!! The church was more our style, no gold, plain paintings, a bit of furniture, no stained glass or statues, and the theology of Jan Hus seemed amazingly modern.
Finished the day back in Prage with music then with dinner at the John and George cafe - lovely garden setting - with the John
Karlstejn CastleKarlstejn CastleKarlstejn Castle

In the morning from an adjacent hill
Lennon Wall outside. This was a symbol for peace triggered somehow by John Lennon, and apparently no matter how often the wall was painted by the communist regime the peace messages reappeared.

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