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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar April 8th 2014

Spring Break 2014: Croatia-Split/Hvar For previous Wortho travel blogs go to:1. and/or 2. Friday, 11th April will ring in the end to Term 2 and the beginning of the Spring Vacation at ECOLINT. The next day we fly EasyJet to Split, Croatia for 12 days. This will be our first visit to Eastern Adriatic and the ancient Roman city of Split and Hvar, one of the many islands along the Dalmatia Coast. NB As predicted, Friday came and went and was followed by Saturday. Saturday, 12 April 2014 Bus/Train to Airport 3 hours early, bag drop, coffee, check-in and through security with time to burn, more coffee/tea and a sandwich and a look at the last snow on the Jura clearly visible through the airport windows. 11:30 - begin... read more
Jenny Worthington
Coppet Gare
Jenny Worthington  Split

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » ?ibenik January 7th 2014

Šibenik is located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka floats into the Adriatic Sea making it a wonderful place for a unique sailing experience. Šibenik today is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the County of Šibenik and Knin which extends along the 100 kilometre long coastline between the Zadar and Split Rivieras. Climate is Mediterranean, with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers. July and August are the hottest months. In July the average maximum temperature is around 30°C. The average annual insulation is very high (2.710 hours). Šibenik and Knin County has 242 islands, islets and above-sea reefs. Some of the nearby islands you should visit while sailing the area are: Zlarin, Prvić, Krapanj, and Logorun. On these islands sailor may find a lot of bays and places to satisfy the highest ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar December 11th 2013

The journey to Zadar took approximately 4 hours. The bus headed south down the A1 motorway. The weather and temperatures deteriorated as we headed further south into the National Park area. Snow covered the surrounding areas, although it was difficult to assess the topography in the darkness. As with the drive to Rijeka, we passed through a series of tunnels. There are 2 tunnels, which approach 6000 metres in length. I was expecting us to emerge into an area without snow, but the temperatures remained well below zero for most of the trip except for deep within the tunnel areas. The tunnels would provide a more major obstacle on the return journey. We arrived in Zadar and the fairly straighforward instructions to find the hostel didn't quite go according to plan. We found it eventually, having ... read more
Tornado Zadar
Sta Anastasia Church

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia December 10th 2013

The most beautiful destination I had visited so far with my sailboat was a small town of Komiža on the island of Vis in Croatia. I had spent my last 6 summer vacations sailing around Adriatic, and the town of Komiža had absolutely left me speechless, with many unforgettable memories. Komiža is a small coastal town situated on the western coast on the island of Vis, which is the most distant large island in the Central Dalmatian coast, in the central part of the Adriatic Sea. Komiža is a picturesque and distinctly rural fishing town with many hidden coves, bays and natural islands in its proximity to explore. The most interesting and the most astonishing, to me, was the blue cave of Bisevo. The best time for entering the blue cave is from 11 am to ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik October 20th 2013

After a good nights sleep we awake somewhere in the Adriatic. We are not due to dock in Dubrovnik until 11.30am and so we do not need to rush out. We have breakfast in the main dining room. Service is slow as we are seated at a table for 10 and it seems everyone is fussy about what they want and how they want it. I have my favourite, Eggs Benedict. No messing around. As we return to our cabin we notice we are close to Dubrovnik and head up to the top deck to take photos. Costa Magica and MSC Armonia are already docked and we pull up alongside them. We head to the theatre to pick up our group stickers for today's tour. Our tour guide today is called Ivo. He looks a little ... read more
Old Town from above
St Blaise Church
Bell Tower


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 17th 2013

Dobar dan! On my last day in Puglia I went to Bari, where I had to take a ferry to Croatia. Unfortunately there was no time to visit the city itself, which has a beautiful historic town according to Giuseppe. It was the second time I visited Croatia, after I visited the Istra peninsula and Plitvice National Park in 2007. I must say that for me Croatia is, so far, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe! Croatia became independent in 1991 after the break-up of Yugoslavia which consisted also of the current Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. Croatia still remains the second wealthiest of all the former Yugoslavian countries, behind Slovenia. Since earlier this year, Croatia is part of the European Union but still uses the Kuna as its currency ... read more
view of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik old town
Dubrovnik old town and wall

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia September 30th 2013

On arrival at Split airport, it was still raining. Our flight had been in fine weather all the way for, after leaving Vienna in drizzly rain, we had flown above the inclement weather. Landing around 2.30p.m, once again we were through Immigration in a matter of minutes and were on our way to the outside world. Our taxi transfer was waiting for us when we cleared Immigration which was a straightforward process. Customs hall asks you if you have anything to declare – how would you know? As previously mentioned, as Australians, we are used to having to comply with strict quarantine regulations and in having to complete documentation prior to landing when arriving back into Australia, as to what we are carrying in our luggage, particularly in relation to any food items, plants, seeds, any ... read more
Apartments Gajeta & the local travel agency
The spiral staircase to our apartment - Split
The backyard clothesline - Split

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 29th 2013

Aaahhh the beautiful Adriatic coastline...yes, we remember you well and we are still friends. We arrived by bus from Montenegro along a fairly spectacular road cut into the steep mountainside with dramatic views down to the sea and Dubrovnik appearing in the distance, what an entrance. Yep, happy to be here...apart from a little stomach issue still lurking about. Anyway, I am sure a dip in the deep blue Adriatic will cure me. Sarah and I had to rustle up some accommodation since we hadn’t pre-booked anything and soon realised that in fact it was pretty busy here, mostly full said the lady in the tourist office. So we hit the streets looking for the private accommodation hawkers that we usually avoid, this time making friends with a fairly well dressed young Croatian lady named Tea, ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar September 25th 2013

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel before heading off to explore Zadar. We first visited the Rector's Palace - which was neat architecturally, but it turned out to be more of an art exhibit. Next we went to the 5 Wells Square, which during the 16th century, the Venetians helped the city withstand Turkish sieges by building a large drinking water cistern with five ornamental wellheads. When the Turkish threat ended, a park was built on top of the nearby bastion. We saw the "Pillar of Shame" where evildoers were chained and humiliated in the Middle Ages. We went to the exterior of the city wall and then tried to visit the Church of Simon. I wasn't allowed in because I had a tank top on, but we later came to find out there ... read more
Church of St. Donatus
Church of St. Donatus
Sea Organ

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 24th 2013

We were up very early to make sure we left the hotel by 7 to catch the ferry from Stari Grad to Split. We found it easily and once aboard, we both fell asleep for the entire 2 hour trip. We arrived in Split and exited the ferry and parked immediately. We went to the palace with was neat, but you are only able to tour the basement remains. The taller parts have been reconverted into office buildings and apartments. Next we went to the cathedral, which was also neat but again, a very quick tour. We had lunch at a small cafe on the water and then hit the road to drive to Zadar. The drive only took us about an hour and a half and we were on a really nice highway (compared to ... read more
Split cathedral
Drive to Zadar

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