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September 15th 2010
Published: September 15th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

HEY gUY's,

We went to Dubrovnik for 2 days.... It took about 4 hours to get there. It was Another one of those Beautiful Picturesque places in Croatia. The whole east coast of Croatia is coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

We got there in the Afternoon and it was Beautiful. We found parking, But you have to buy a Ticket for everyhour you park. Since we were going to spend the night... We basically had to buy 12 tickets, They give you 6 hours a day free..How nice of them. WHen you visit places here, you can either get a Hotel....Which is very Epensive OR you can rent a room from one of the locals here....It's kind of like a Hostel. We found one from an Old Lady. The room was nice, I think she had about 8 or 9 Bedrooms in her house. We got a room with 3 beds, when we just needed 1. We also had a Balcony on our Room. Now the one thing I didn't know, and I'm glad I didn't..... Was that when Mirsad was talking with the Old Lady, He told her I was American....and she told him if she knew I was American, She would have charged more. That's why I'm Glad he didn't tell me then. I would have kicked her in the Coochy.

OK.....Enough about that. There are also Very Nice people here too. Peolpe here are very Passionate about EVERYTHING.. All the way from their Food to their SPorts team. When we were at a Cafe, The waiter saw my Hajduk Split Team Hat and brought me over a Magnet, Because He is a FAN of the team too. I wasn't such a Fan of the food in Dubrovnik, It had No taste to me. But the Scenery of course was Great.

NIghttime came and we went to see a show about the Dances and Costumes of different parts aof the Country. They Sang & Danced for almost 2 hours...I wish I could have taken Pictures or even a Video of the show, But I forgot to Charge the Camera the night before. The Last Pictures on my Facebook of Dubrovnik is of the show before the Camera Died.

Now I'm just sittFing here in the Apartment watching MTV and Blogging. Later in the week we are going to another Place where the Sea plays the Organ. There is an Organ built in the Rocks, So when the waves from the Sea comes in it plays Music. I cannot wait to see that. Then there is a Solar Powered Floor that ligts uo when you stand on it. I have seen so many Beautiful things here and have a lot more to see.

I miss Everyone and I hope YALL are missing me too.

Love Ya,



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