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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » West May 12th 2013

We left our little piece of heaven at Camping Nevio with a sense of sadness. We took a last look at Korcula town and the lighthouse whose light had kept us company for the last few nights. The road we followed back was exactly the same – butt clenching in every way. We passed through Ston again and viewed the Great Wall of Ston for the opposite direction . It is an amazing feat of engineering whatever way you look at it. On the road side we stopped to pick up a bag of oranges, apples and cherries for 55 kuna. Lunch was spent on the roadside Beans on Toast not exotic or fancy in any way but filling non the less and followed by Lemon Swiss Roll. Simple food but heaven especially with the chocolate ... read more
croatia bridge not being built

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 12th 2013

We had hoped the showery weather from yesterday might have cleared this morning to give us a day of travel in dry conditions but we weren’t in luck. The cloud was still low over the hills and although the heavier rain that had fallen through the night wasn’t happening there was still a light misty drizzle. We paid our hostess for the stay and got into conversation about her time in the local area and were surprised to some degree that the area had seen Serbian occupation during the part of the Balkan War that involved battles between Serbia and Croatia when the latter wanted to cecede, as Slovenia had done, from the old Yugoslavia after the fall of communism. The area around the Plitvice Lakes had been divided between Serbs and Croats generally living in ... read more
Lunch beside the lake.....10C brr!

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » West May 8th 2013

Another day and another dollar or so they say. Suzy was ready for her Bosnian adventure. She was looking foward to adding another country to the list that she had been to. England and Wales if you count our home two, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia so far and today Bosnia would be added. We had heavy rain last night and it sounded like cats and dogs on her roof. Not a good day for travelling. After a quick breakfast and shower we went to pay our hosts for our nights stay. Unfortunately as it was out of season the receptionist had gone home for 15 mins and no-one could take our money until she returned. We struck up another conversation with our Dutch neighbours discussing life in Britain and Holland ... read more
And the roads really were this bad
Croatian/Bosnian church

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 7th 2013

I'm currently sipping an expresso in Sarajevo, thinking about the generosity and hospitality I have been shown by the people of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia during the past two weeks. Despite the wars having ended more than 10 years ago, much destruction is still evident throughout this region. I have spoken to former soldiers of the conflict, met people who have lost their limbs and seen the devastation such wars can bring to the civilian population. Despite this, I can truly say that I have never experienced such a wonderful collection of people from all sides of the borders, who without a moment's notice will invite you into their homes and feed and water you. My story begins back in Budapest, where I was cleaning my bike in the grounds of the hostel on the day ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina December 2nd 2012

Bosnia gained independence from Yugoslavia in the year 1992.... read more


Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 11th 2012

Sarajevo our next destination is a place I had been interested in visiting for a long time now so I was very excited when we hopped off the hot overloaded bus from Dubrovnik. Sarajevo is a place most famous for the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which was the trigger to World War One and the four year siege over the city. Sarajevo has a rich and interesting history as it is a place where the Western and Eastern Roman Empire split and where the people of the Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south connected living together. Many cities like to claim they have a history of mixing cultures (usually based on having a mosque, cathedral and synagogue in the same area) however Sarajevo has really been a centre that major empires ... read more
Famous bridge where WW1 began
Market stalls
Aaron exiting the tunnel just as many Bosnians would have during the seige

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar September 2nd 2012

As soon as we pulled away from the hostel, the Serbian turbo-folk started blaring - repeating a phrase that sounded very much like “a cup of tea!” - from prominently placed speakers and the van started hopping up and down and jigging to the side, tossing the fifteen tour group members around like dice in a jar. There was a look of vague terror in everyone’s eyes. What had we gotten ourselves into? And for TWELVE hours? I had thoughts of tossing myself out the door whenever we started to slow down…. Welcome to the wild ride that is Bata’s tour of Mostar and Herzegovina! When I booked a dorm bed at Hostel Magdas in Mostar, I knew that they ran a popular tour of the surrounding area. There were hints that it was unusual (“Did ... read more
Bank turned Snipers' Nest
On top of the bank...
School or Experiment?

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 31st 2012

I squeezed into the last spot available, tucked up on the former stage. Tables and chairs, all fully occupied, crowded every available open space of the old cinema, Kino Bosna; people even lounged with drinks in the stadium seating. A musical trio – a guy with an accordion, another with something like a ukulele, and a singer – wove in out of the crowd performing merry songs that I could not understand, but for which the audience, young and old, clearly knew every word. The group of twenty-something guys sitting next to me offered rounds of rakija and asked me where I was from between bouts of laughing and belting out the latest song and crying over a friend’s imminent departure to Italy.One guy leaned towards me, waving his arm to indicate the cheerful chaos, and ... read more
The Eternal Flame
Orthodox Cathedral
Tram on Miljacka River

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo » Ilidža August 31st 2012

Our trip to Bosnia almost turned into a non trip at the border when an official expressed his disimay at our lack of 'official' looking vehicle ownership documents and didn't understand how we managed to gt all the way from the UK to Bosnia without these. We tried explaining that we had only bought the van recently and the complete V5 hadn't arrived in time before we left but we had the back section. He seemed to think that a slip of green paper was a joke despite it having matching car details on. After several trips to his superior he said we would have to buy a Green card to enter, (we'd expected to have to anyway as our vehichle insurance didn't cover Bosnia). After being directed to a random office somewhere we found a ... read more
WWII peace flame
Sarajevo, old city

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo » Ilidža August 27th 2012

Fingers crossed it will work on the 5th time of trying to upload pictures in bad internet zones. Here's a selection from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. We're now in Sarajevo, Bosnia, heading to Croatia tomorrow then down the coast line to Greece. Enjoy Lorze and Andy xxx... read more
View from road in Slovakia
Hillside town in Slovakia
Castle in Slovakia

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