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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo January 9th 2012

Considering that I was travelling through Eastern-Europe in the middle of winter, I should really be quite grateful that it wasn't until I arrived in Sarajevo that I actually had to deal with snow. Luckily the snow on the main streets of Sarajevo wasn't that high and my lack of preparation for winter conditions in the middle of winter, wasn't to catch me out too badly... The two main things that I remember from my trip to Sarajevo are the magical old town and walking accross the bridge where WW1 is said to have been triggered after, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie the Duchess of Hohenberg were assassinated on it. Another city with a few series of books worth of history to read up on - the evidence of its recent bloody ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina November 12th 2011

Bosnia Herzegovina (Mostar, Sarajevo) The bus station seemed to be in the middle of nowhere to me, but it wasn't that far, after having a wee wee in the bush, some guy asked us to drive us to the centre of Mostar with a taxi, we took the opportunity and arrived pretty quickly in the centre of Mostar. Immediately after arriving, many people asked us if we needed accommodation, especially that old guy made a good offer but I didn't have the impression that he was a guy who was working for. Hostel for something but he was just a friendly local person who wanted to help us out. We declined first but then we decided to do it, the problem was just with finding the hostel, we stumbled in all kinds of hostels but not ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar October 22nd 2011

Mostar – idän ja lännen kohtauspaikka Balkanin etnisten sotien aikana 1990 luvun alussa useimmille varmasti tulivat tutuiksi kuvat raunioituneista taloista ja kärsivistä ihmisistä. Minullakin nuo muistikuvat ovat hyvin mielessä ja aivan erityisesti mieleeni on jäänyt yksi yksityiskohta sodan järjettömyyksistä. Mostarin vanhan sillan tuho. Bosnian alueella Mostarissa on 1550 luvulla rakennettu kaunis silta joka ylittää Neretva joen. Silta on yhdistänyt jo aikojen alusta idän ja lännen, kristinuskon ja islamin sekä alueella asuneet eri kansallisuudet, bosniakit ja kroatit. Bosnian sodan aikana 1991 silta vaurioitui ensimmäisiä kertoja ja marraskuussa 1993 se tuhoutui lopullisesti kroattien tykistötulituksessa. Sota ei tietenkään tunne armoa ja mikään ei ole turvassa – jotenkin vaan tuntui jo silloin, että on niin turhaa tuhota vuosisatojen takais... read more
Emme unohda ....
Mostarin vanhaa kaupunkia
Neretva jokea Mostarissa

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar October 3rd 2011

When Bosnia is mentioned, a lot of people normally think of war and death, but when I found out about their famous 15th century bridge, I am sure it would be amazing to see how Bosnia had recovered from pains and wounds. Time flies quickly in Montenegro and I left Kotor at 7:00am and had a long day of bus travel. It was 3 hours journey to Dubrovnik in Croatia, spent my quick lunch right opposite of the bus station, and another 3 more hours to Mostar, in Bosnia. And I was so happy to eventually arrived and double happiness for the personal pick up from the bus station by the hostel guy. I had a very mixed feeling and felt really strange before I stepping into this country, as I knew all about the country ... read more
Stari Most
Evidence of war

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina September 24th 2011

Nice little inland trip to this city. Great place to buy gifts. You can park near the old town (however, some locals try to collect parking fees where they are not authorized, so park away from them). Had a few beers at Johnie's place (see photos). There are divers that jump off the local bridge here that provide some good entertainment. Also, if you are in to seeing the effects of war, you can see many bombed out buildings here which should always be a reminder to all of us the after effects. ... read more
From the bridge
View of old town
Closer view of bridge


Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina September 23rd 2011

I was on my way to Dubrovnik and needed a place to stay on the way as I didn't wnt to do the full drive from Split the same day. I ended up getting recommended a town in Bosnia Herzogvina that was reasonable. Note that you need to cross a small section of coastal Herzogovina region to get to Dubrovnik. I found a beautiful little hotel run by Rajan and his family. A lot of people I guess skip right through Bosnia, but it is great value and the people are very kind and real. The sea is the same as in Croatia so really, I would consider coming again. The town is not as prosperous as its Croatian counterparts, but it is plenty clean and you are getting those deeper discounts. Rajan's wife made me ... read more
View of sea below from Hotel
Front view
View from hotel

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar September 9th 2011

After having travelled from a country where begging is illegal, it was a mini shock to the system to encounter lots of gypsies begging on arrival at Mostar bus station. It was a bit stressful because I had tourist touts trying to get me to stay at their hostel etc and one of my flip flops fell apart while I was running to get my luggage off the coach which I had forgotten about, so I had to change shoes. Following that ordeal, I paid the luggage storage and set off for Stari Grad (Old Town). The route there took us (me and a girl I knew from my previous hostel in Dubrovnik) past burnt out and bombed buildings. I felt almost in awe as the recent devastation in Bosnia was now a stark reality. We ... read more
River Neretva
Hmmm banana anyone
Used to be a hotel

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina September 9th 2011

I arrived from Mostar in the evening and had to find my way from the bus station using my Lonely Planet map. A bit annoying when it’s within a huge ‘Europe on a Shoestring’ guide, as well as hauling my wheeled luggage along. My hostel was located in the heart of Sarajevo so it was a bit of a trek. I had my eyes peeled for the ‘Sarajevo Roses’ I had heard about these in my LP guide. They are shell impacts in the ground all over Sarajevo where people lost their lives during the war and are filled in with red cement. Unfortunately it was dark so I didn’t see any. I got a little excited when I saw the famous bright yellow Holiday Inn because that was one of the sights I was looking ... read more
Stari Grad
Holiday Inn

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar September 3rd 2011

We had an extra day in Split and thought why not do a day trip to Mostar in Bosnia & Hercegovina – a historic old town that was caught in the middle of the early 1990’s war with Croatia that saw its historic Stari Most (old bridge in English) destroyed. However from 1998 to 2004, the locals recovered the bridge rubble from the river below and rebuilt the magnificent bridge. The town is now a living triumph of peace in the region, with the city containing approximately 50% Bosnian muslims and 50% Christians, meaning it is scattered with a mix of impressive mosques and churches. It is in the Hercegovina region of Bosnia & Hercegovina, our guide informs us that there are clear borders between the two regions, but believes that they would never be allowed ... read more
Bullet holes from less happier times

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 3rd 2011

Over the years, when thinking of Sarajevo, I somehow always recall the tragic events of the 90’s. My understanding of the events people went through during those years was quite modest, but I always wished I could one day walk in its streets, meet & chat with locals and along the way grasp a bit more knowledge about Sarajevo complex history while discovering the new Sarajevo. Without going back to those years in too many details (many have done it & will do it in much better ways that I would ever be able to), I wish in this blog to share stories & impressions gather during our stay. First impressions…our arrival Reaching Sarajevo after having crossed the tortuous mountain chain that separate Bosnia from Serbia, brought to reality the little understanding I had of the ... read more
One of the numerous old town alley
Art taking over the wounds of the conflict
The Cafe culture

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