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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 28th 2007

We were not sure when we woke up whether our city tour was to go ahead or not. At breakfast the two guys from New Zealand (Dubrovnik bus, Mostar, restaurant etc) were on the table adjacent to us and in chatting we discovered they had also signed up for the tour. Breakfast was chicken soup for Rob and chickenless soup for me. If soup wasn't weird enough we also both had a little pot of rice pudding. The tour was run by Mustafa, the guy that picked us up from the station yesterday. He introduced himself and told us a little about what we were driving past. Our first stop was the tunnel museum which is quite far out of the center near to the airport. The museum is run by a family whose house the ... read more
The Famous Sarajevo Tunnel
Above The Tunnel
Family Home That Housed The Tunnel

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 27th 2007

We were offered tea/coffee when we got up and I foolishly accepted. I asked for black tea so she went to have a look. Steph watched as she brought the water to boil on the stove and then threw in a selection of herbs like a wicked witch. The tea (which came with biscuits) of course was not English tea nor was it even Indian tea, in fact it was quite yellow and tasted dreadful. Being polite, I drank it until she left the room and then I tipped it down the sink and had biscuits for breakfast. From the hostel we walked to old town and the bridge on the way to the Mostar museum. On top of the bridge were the same lads from Dubrovnik and the night before. The museum took some finding ... read more
Bullet ridden
Beatiful Emeral Water

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 23rd 2007

A Sarajevo snowfall... imagine that! I never thought I'd live to see this! We're definitely leaving Sarajevo tomorrow morning, so I enjoyed this final day thoroughly. Mike is happy to spend the rest of his two-week holiday here because he loves it so much, and so do I. I'm happy I met him; I wouldn't want to be here without someone to enjoy it with. And I miss Sasa a little less everyday, which is good. I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD!! This morning, I woke to a serious blizzard. A foot of snow on the ground, and here I was with only sandals and thin little shoes that are too small and are hurting my feet already. The pain, plus the snow, made wearing them all day an impossibility, so I was determined to find new ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 21st 2007

Sundays are officially my favourite days They're so chilled out, and if it weren't drizzly outside I'd just sit on a park bench all day (like I did last week in Osijek, which I look back on as such a wonderful afternoon). Sarajevo is really going to have a special place in my heart. It has far surpassed my expectations, and I can see how people get stuck here for a very long time. So, yesterday I spent a good amount of time at Baghdad Cafe, then I wandered down the road, bought some socks (that now have holes in them... and they weren't cheap!), and returned via the river path, past the Franz Ferdinand bridge, to the centre of Bascarsija, where I met Mike at 6:00. We headed back to Baghdad for a little tea ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 20th 2007

Here I am in Sarajevo I'm about to eat a breakfast but I have no idea what it is. Eggs, bread, and a kind of chocolate/vanilla/jelly/mousse concoction that looks strange but tastes delicious. So, the bus ride from Belgrade yesterday took 7 hours. It wasn't too brutal, as Mike and I chatted for most of it and they played another of the movies about 2 Grandpas that Sasa showed me (oh! Sasa!). We arrived in Sarajevo at 11:00 and as we'd been watching the temperature slowly drop in the bus, we were prepared for chilliness (Thank God I bought my new coat!). We squabbled for a few minutes with a taxi driver who we were sure was trying to rip us off, then decided to find our own way to the hostel. We first got on ... read more


Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo October 20th 2007

I'm officially in love with Sarajevo It's basically like travelling to Morocco without all the shit parts of Morocco, plus all the great parts of the Balkans. Utterly incredible. And even though I'll probably have frostbite somewhere by the time I leave, I couldn't be happier. So, the tour was very interesting. There was me, 3 kinda snobby Slovenian girls, and a very keen Asian guy. We drove to the tunnel museum that was used to smuggle in food and supplies to Sarajevo (and smuggle people out) during the war. It was kind of one of those Anne Frank-house experiences for me: too huge to effectively take in. We got to walk down through the little stretch that is still there, way up in the mountains. You can't even imagine people going up there with all ... read more
Sarajevo tunnel

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 17th 2007

It has been a while since I have done much writing here. Partly because I just had trouble finding the time. Another reason is because I just could not find much to write about. I was seeing cathedrals, buildings, stuff. It was all very interesting but I think I was a bit worn out of it all. I am sure I have great stories to tell about all those places but eh, nothing jumped out and said write about me. I also had some real terrible weather after leaving Vienna it was cold and rainy, and I was feeling sick. (Vienna was amazing by the way, and there I have a ton to talk and write about, including great friends, but that is quite overwhelming. The article is in the process lets say.) But all that ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 30th 2007

I took the night train to Sarajevo from Zagreb, I met this Aussi guy called Blair, and a Sweedish couple, who were all in the same compartment. Eugh, night trains with no sleeper parts. It was so uncomfortable. We arrived here at half 6 in the morning, and wow! The people from the hostel took us straight from the train station, and we were the only ones there!! I didnt think there'd be loads of tourists, but I wasnt expecting the hostel to ourselves!! From the short walk round to get money, it seems a really weird mix. Like someones taken Slovenia and Morocco and mashed them together. Ive booked two nights here, but im not sure it'll be enough, especially if i want to get to Mostar at some point. At the moment, Im sitting ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 23rd 2007

The train ride to Sarajevo was always going to be our longest for our whole time in Europe (over 11 hours in total). Like the train into Belgrade, the one leaving it also went painfully slowly. The only difference however was that this one had no airconditioning and needless to say it was very hot! However the windows could be opened enough to stick your head out and take photos so that was nice. Again the train was relatively empty and we shared a 6 person compartment with only one other person. He got off while we were still within Serbia as did most of the train. In order to get to Sarajevo we had to first cross into Croatia briefly before we could cross into Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our train was bound for Zagreb in Croatia to ... read more
Kerrie at the Mosque
Turkish Quarter

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 19th 2007

Deciding to see the countries of eastern europe along the adriatic sea was as much about adventure as it was about escaping the summertime tourists. we were rewarded for it as soon as we crossed into slovenia from italy. we were treated to open roads with vast expanses of beauty through all three of the countries. slovenia sadly serves as more of a buffer of connecting roads for croatia than a true host to tourists but nevertheless, a beautiful country of well preserved forests and lakes. croatia is the gem of the 3 with so much coastline and beautiful parks to visit. we spent a day exploring the largest national park they had at plitvicka jezera, one of the most pristine and magical places i have seen with my own eyes. river fed pools that sparkle ... read more
stalactites on Krk Island
built to stand the test of time...croatia

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