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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 19th 2012

... auch hier war ich nur kurz... Umsteigen die 100ste... Gott sei Dank habe ich ab hier ein gesellige Reisebegleiterin. Die Judith fährt ganz nach Italien - und macht dort ein Praktikum. Und studiert ebenfalls BWL, so ergeben sich gut lange Gesprächsthemen ;-)... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz February 1st 2012

Yo! Im just writing a little update to let you know we are still alive! We've got quite far since the last post so im not going to waffle about everywhere we have been, just a short bit about each place. After brugge we went to Anterwerp, got moved on by the police after parking on the side of the road to a car park about 150m behind us we missed! Anterwerp was an interesting place but we were soon put off after someone tried to open the van door just before we went to sleep. After this we headed in the direcetion of Amsterdam, stopping at a couple small towns on the way which were very dutch (Flat and windmills everywhere) Once we got to Amsterdam we found my aunties house where we were staying ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 19th 2011

My dear sister, I'm sorry for my lack of blog time. Here we go. The last few days in shorthand: 1. I've been showering near every's weird. 2. Learning how to swear in about 8 languages. 3. Staying out very late to talk about everything from politics everywhere to drinking with the Canadians, French, Ukrainians, Swedish, Dutch, Croatians, and Mexicans. 4. Explored the Donau (Danube) and shopping!! Oh, the shopping!!! I'm sure you, dear sister-friend, will be excited with the few pieces I've bought so far. The wine festival turned out to be a "Taste of Cincinnati" only for Linz. Still beautiful, full of people, and delicious wine, liquor, cheese, meats, cookies, everything! walking brass bands, heavy beers! Everyone would have loved it. Still attempting the charm the Swed. We'll see. I'm a sucker for ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 15th 2011

I decided this when I woke up next to the Swedish guy I hooked up with last night (hooked up with, not had sex with--to clarify!) for our 9am german class and my first thought when looking into his face was: his hand was in my vagina.... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 11th 2011

The plan was to get up, hit the Pleschinger See in the afternoon and do a little wine and cheese in the sun. It was HOT. What actually happened was watched Rooney almost vomit about 5 times and lounge while enjoying boys attempting to recover from a solid saturday night. About 4 o'clock, they finally agreed to leave their beds, and we left the wine and cheese at home hoping to avoid the 6th almost vomit from Mark. This place was fantastic! Cool water, TONS of people (cooking, laying out *only a few nudes*, huge families, football playing, music playing, a boat, swimmers, just a lot going on--you get the gist) After a long non-lake-going morning/afternoon did not have the foresight to put on the bathing suit so Jack Mark and I simply waded in thigh ... read more
Lake Goers
Pschlinger See
Cincy Lake Goers


Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 10th 2011

Would like to point out before updating for today that after 12 hours of our 13 person group being in our dormitory I was approached by Mike, a nice Hungarian lad, our conversation went a little like this: Mike: "You're in the group from Cincinnati?" Me: "....Yes?" Mike: "I've heard of you guys. They say you're dangerous. Is that true?" Me: "How have you heard of us already!? And yes, very" Now for the Post. Met up with the other University of Cincinnati kids. Here’s the group now! My awesome roommate, Erin. Whose job it is this semester to keep my bad influence lower than her good one. This’ll be interesting. BUT either way, we head to the Linz Hauptplatz and look for eine (or zweie) Kneipe (bars). Success! Bug’s. here we toast to my favorite ... read more
One for "Betty"!
And Two for us!
And Us.....

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz September 10th 2011

This is what I would have sent to my sister today on the train if I had texting during this journey. I need to stop reading Bossypants in public. Also it might be more enjoyable then watching back-to-back 30 Rock......might be. TV is less work. But anyway! I keep laughing uncontrollably out loud next to strangers and I can only imagine that they are thinking what kind of moronic idiot i must be. but this book is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!! oh my god. I can't get over it. The only thing I don't like about it is that every time I read something side-splitting hilarious (and totally hear it in Liz Lemon's voice) I can't turn to you and repeat it like mom in a movie. Seriously, wish you were here for this train ride. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz June 13th 2011

Lads and lassies – now in Linz in Austria for the night before off to Salzburg. Got a VW shuttle bus here from Cesky Krumlov in about 1hr 15mins. I was in fact the only passenger, but he picked up 2 Japanese to take back to Krumlov at the station when he dropped me. Gave him the rest of my CZ crown coins as a “tip” since I was the only passenger down. A relatively simple walk to the hotel Schillerpark – right next to a casino so difficult to tell where the hotel entrance actually was. Sorted out the wifi and booked my next 2 nights in Salzburg before I went out. It is close to a lot of shops on Landstrasse and could not work out why it looked like Sunday and virtually none, ... read more
Lentos & Gilbert&George
view to Ars Electronica
Lentos @ night

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz August 27th 2010

hej there! I am still in Austria but already looking forward for my trip to Ecuador. Acutally, there is loads to do: - packing my backpacks - recieving latest injections (Typhus, Geldfieber and so on..) - saying good bye - .... yours, lisa ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz October 4th 2009

This blog entry comes from Linz, Austria, where we have had an unbelievably friendly and convivial weekend with Franz and Eva, parents of our Rotary guest-daughter Magdalena. The photos will come in a later blog, but some of the highlights are these. After we arrived on the friday night, and met with the family, we travelled (by a somewhat circuitous route) to the centre of Vienna and drank a very young (still fermenting) local red wine. We then enjoyed a wonderful meal of boiled beef at the famous Plachutta. Later in Linz itself we walked around the old city and enjoyed the sights of a medieval castle and churches, and tasted Linzer Torte (s). A very strange moment occurred when we met a lady on the tram. She kept a groomed rabbit as a pet, but ... read more
Eva and Magsi, with Catherine pretty close to chocolate heaven
The Harpers and hosts at Poestlingberg
The blogger rabbit

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