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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck February 6th 2010

This is a beautiful area and this entry is simply photos of the town which is nestled amongst mountains. Airplanes come in quite low and it is a spectacular view from the windows (and breathtaking!) ... read more
St Jakob's
Building detail
Downtown Innsbruck

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck February 5th 2010

I am here in Innsbruck to not only enjoy the sites but to visit with my nephew who lives here this time of year. It is pretty luxurious to have a tour guide handy, and the first order of business after arrival was to hit a laundromat. Never ever underestimate the complete joy of clean laundry. That housekeeping done, I was taken for schnitzel and beer in a traditional Austrian hall. Heaven indeed, and the first meat I had eaten in awhile. The following day we headed out to the countryside for the afternoon, driving through the village of Patsch and to northern Italy via the Brenner Pass on rural and secondary roads. The weather in Innsbruck was overcast but warm-ish, but by the time we hit Italy it was a very snowy day! The food ... read more
Near Patsch
Patsch area
Patsch 3

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck November 25th 2009

Three weeks of exploring cities by day, and drinking/partying all night can really star to wear on you. Luckily, my most recent stop was to Innsbruck, Austria - a beautiful city of 100,000 people located in a valley, surrounded by the peaks of the Alps. I arrived on Saturday night at 11:00. So, even though my main reason for being in Innbruck was to get away from the city, see some nature and recharge my batteries, I decided it would be a waste to not check out the night life of a new place on the best night of the week. I stayed at a hostel that was once housing for Olympic athletes in the 1964 and 1972 winter games that were held here. I paid 20 euro's per night (32 CAD) which is the most ... read more
First Mountain View
Mountain Close Up

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck October 6th 2009

And here are a few photos from Innsbruck. The next blog will be Munich and Oktoberfest! ... read more
Soaring High
Look Mom, no feet!
And we've landed!

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck October 5th 2009

Bonjour à vous de Innsbruck, Nous sommes arrivé hier après midi par train sur lequel Benoit s'est fait probablement engueulé en allemand pour avoir été sur un siège réservé... Dès sortis de la gare, nous avons été estomaqués par le magnifique paysage montagneux. Très belle ville avec rues étroites et en vieux pavés traversée par la rivière Inn. Notre B&B était situé l'autre coté de la rivère et en hauteur....agréable avec un gros sac à dos.... Aujourd'hui visite du chateau Ambras et de la ville....puis départ pour Venise et le romantisme. Ben et Véro... read more
Église sur la montagne
Facade fleurie
Montagne bordant la ville


Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 30th 2009

I'm back in the US, but thought I'd finish up my blogs. The good thing is, the y and the z are in the right spot on the keyboard :-) I woke up early on Wednesday at my hostel. I had to check out that morning and move to another place. The hostel was full for the night and it worked out for me because I moved closer to the train station. After another nice breakfast, this time with two types of jam, I headed out to catch the bus to Swarovski Kristallwelten. It was a beautiful ride on the bus. I mean, really, how could it not be. We headed back east so teh valley was getting bigger and bigger but the mountains were still beautiful with the morning mist/fog. It was about a 30 ... read more
Light Up Floor
Beautiful Views
Ah, the alps

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 22nd 2009

my arrival in innsbruck was interesting...but let me back up... my train trip was great! i met a couple from chicago and ended up sitting with them on the train. turns out the austrian trains are a bit different than the german trains and i originally sat down in a reserved seat. three older people were yelling at me in some language shoving their tickets in my, sorry, ill move. i wondered the train for a while and then found the chicago couple. they had an empty seat so i took it. one train ride to go...i hope i actuallz know whats going on this time. the landscape changed dramatically as we passed from salzburg to innsbruck. the foothills turned into to mountains and the scenery turned into something youd see in montana. it was ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 22nd 2009

and no, this has nothing to do with me re-enactig brittany spears... hold on might want to sit down before reading preface, i came back with all of my fingers and toes... the real reason i couldnt sleep last night was because i was so excited about today. now, historical buildlings, paintings, architecture, even the sound of music sites are great...but i also need adrenalin. today, i got it. innsbruck sits in a narrow valley in the alps. both sides of the city are surrounded by extremely high mountains. the tallest peak is just over 2700 meters and most average about 2200 meters. this offers a wide range of activites. at 11 am, i met up with raimund (sounds like raymond). hes an older guy, maybe late 40s early 50s and no taller than ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 22nd 2009

After a horrendous night’s sleep (thanks sinuses) I took it easy today. Fortunately there isn’t a whole lot to do in the city of Innsbruck. Most of the allure is in the surrounding mountains - so I didn’t miss out on much. It looks like a great place for outdoor enthusiasts with access to a car. I walked into and around town for a few hours and sat on a bench watching the people. The most exhilarating part was chugging a liter of OJ for some Vitamin C. While I can’t say I really enjoyed Innsbruck (mostly due to my own circumstances) it is a pretty town. The old buildings appear so vivid with their pastel facades. They sharply contrast the surrounding mountains, which almost appear to be a painted backdrop. And the water in the ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 21st 2009

Today was another travel day as I went from Lucerne to Innsbruck. Along the way, I stopped in Zurich for a bit. After putting my bags in a locker I took a brief walk around the old town. It was nice but I was short on time and really couldn’t appreciate it. I arrived in Innsbruck this evening and took the bus to the hostel. This one is much more out of the way than the others at which I have been. Even trying to find an open restaurant or grocer nearby proved to be a challenge. Everything closed by 7:00! I finally ended up with a can of soup from a gas station. And I had to pay €0.50 to turn on the stove top. That’s not going to break the bank but come on. ... read more

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