Photos from West, Albania, Europe

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ByeBye Tirana
Durres 4 (13 Sep 10)
Durres 2 (13 Sep 10)
Durres 1 (13 Sep 10)
Dhermi and Ioanian Coast 25 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi and Ioanian Coast 20 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi and Ioanian Coast 3 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi - 12 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi - 9 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi - 8 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi - 6 (12-Sep-10)
Dhermi - 5 (12-Sep-10)
Berati old town
Waterfall in Thethi
Old town in Berati
Church in amphitheatre in Durresi
Communist style statue in Durresi
Communist style statue in Durresi
Venetian tower in Durresi
A church in Berati
The fortified town in Berati
The Harem in Berati
Mother Theresa Square
Skanderbeg and Albanian flag
George W Bush Street
The lock-in tower in Thethi
Thethi valley
Sheep along the way to Thethi
View along the way to Thethi
Fortress in Shkodra
Old men enjoying each other's company
Tirana by Night
Et'hem Bey Mosque, Skanderberg Square
Skanderberg Statue
Skanderberg Square (as seen from the top of the clock tower)
One of Hoxha's Bunkers
Skanderberg Square at Night
Strange Horizon
Nice view from the top of the hill!
cool mornument!
Tirana's new paint job 5
Vlora - Our Hosts
City center
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