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On the way to Bryce Canyon
July 29th 2014
Nach ere Nacht mit sehr heisse Temperature und nur mässigem Schlof, sin mir am Morge zytig ufgstande und nomol fein go Zmörgele. Denn isch unseri Fahrt Richtig Bryce Canyon los gange (ca. 5h Fahrt ...
9 hours ago - Meg and Rob published a blog
Iceland Day 2
July 28th 2014
It’s not every day you climb (well, drive) over a mountain three times in the same day, but we managed it today and we are back at the same place this evening! But we will come onto that later, as y ...
10 hours ago - Weggs published a blog
Punta Gorda and our last days in U.S.A.
July 21st 2014
Both of these days were work days for Judy, she having to mark over 50 university assignments. Victor worked most of his required 15 hours at the golf course, Helen and Rags doing their own t ...
18 hours ago - Ake Och Emma published a blog
Monaco and Nice
June 22nd 2014
If you can't stand bad jokes you might want to skip the text in this blog entry and limit yourself to just looking at the photos Here comes the first joke, if you can even call it a joke: Nice ...
20 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Huon Valley and Tahune Airwalk
July 28th 2014
This morning we set out to explore the Huon Valley south of Hobart. Our first stop was at The Apple Shed Museum, Ciderhouse and Organic Store. The enterprise is housed in an original old apple shed an ...
1 day 20 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
MONA - Museum of Old and New Art
July 27th 2014
This morning we took the 11.00am Mona Roma (fast catamaran ferry) from the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal up the Derwent River to Berriedale. We booked the 'Posh Pit' tickets which gave us access to an ...
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Yosemite National Park
July 27th 2014
Our first day in the park was pretty relaxed. We got a campsite, and hung out trying to figure out the game plan for the next couple of days. We drove around for a bit, exploring part of the park, the ...
2 days 2 hours ago - Matt and Roberta published a blog
Cebu, Philippines - Part I
July 26th 2014
We came to the island of Cebu in the Philippines in pursuit of perfect freediving . Panagsama Beach, just outside of Moalboal, is definitely a tourist town that caters to divers. There seem to be as m ...
2 days 6 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Ecuador v France, Colombia v Uruguay)
June 25th 2014
We left Manaus and the afternoon and arrived in Rio at night. We had a driver pick us up and we went straight to my grandma's house. Then we went to bed. My daddy left with Al to go the Gehlmans house ...
2 days 11 hours ago - vdvs published a blog
Strasbourg France
July 23rd 2014
Strasbourg has lots of interesting things going on. The city is in France, but central in Europe and close to the borders of Germany, and Switzerland. It is the host city to the European Parliament. M ...
2 days 18 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Salamanca Market & Mount Wellington
July 26th 2014
This morning we headed off to Hobart's famous Salamanca Market. When the market started in the early 70s it was a pretty informal gathering of about a dozen traders. These days the market is a Hobart ...
2 days 18 hours ago - Merly published a blog
Road Trip To County Clare
July 25th 2014
Another road trip to County Clare couple of days before. It was also an exciting trip . We started early morning and reached around 10.45 a:m. By road it takes approximately 3 hrs. The roads are very ...
2 days 19 hours ago - flod reisnarg published a blog
Kuala Lumpur
July 26th 2014
Vanmorgen vanuit Bangkok naar Kuala Lumpur vertrokken. Bij aankomst op het vliegveld zie al meteen de verschillen tussen Thailand en Maleisie. Veel schoner en minder druk op de straten. Wat dat betref ...
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Od Mekongu k Salavíně
Asia » China » Yunnan

July 16th 2014
Po velehorách u Deqinu jsem měl v plánu se přesunout do údolí řeky Nujiang (怒江), u nás známější spíš pod barmským názvem Salavína. Ale jak to udělat? Řeky Mekong a Salavína jso ...
3 days 15 hours ago - gusnarc published a blog
Návrat do netibetského Tibetu
July 13th 2014
Po příletu do Číny jsem relativně rychle projel západní, velehornaté části provincií Sichuan a Yunnan, osídlené hlavně Tibeťany. A do mnoha zajímavých oblastí jsem se nestihl podíva ...
4 days 1 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Strahan - Queenstown - Lake St Clair
July 24th 2014
Another beautiful morning in Strahan this morning. We are very lucky that the weather has been so fabulous during our first week in Tassie. The long range forecast for next week is not so great, but t ...
4 days 7 hours ago - muellerfamily published a blog
Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley
July 25th 2014
Dr Wecker het hüt am 6.30h glüte, damit mir au mol öbbis vom Zmorge gha hän ;-) nei, sicher nid us dem Grund! Mir hän nämlig e Tour durch dr upper Antelope Canyon buecht gha uf die 8i. Die Tour ...
4 days 13 hours ago - SarahZed published a blog
A Perfect Goodbye to Africa
July 24th 2014
Ok, this will be nice and short because I need to finish packing as I'm off to London, England in a few hours! Alright, so the goat project is finished for everyone, except Jamie and MC wh ...
4 days 15 hours ago - SarahZed published a blog
Goats, Goats, Some Kids, and More Goats!
July 24th 2014
Now that the safari was over, it was time to get back to work, where I would spend the rest of my time in Uganda with the Vets Without Boarders (VWB) goat project. I left off in Entebbe and the follow ...
5 days 20 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Gordon River Cruise
July 23rd 2014
We had an early start this morning for our Gordon River Cruise because we were due at the cruise office down at Strahan Wharf at 8.00am for an 8.30am departure. The alarm was supposed to be set to go ...

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