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March 29th 2014
We only had two days to explore Kyoto, hardly enough time to get a feel for one of the highlight cities of our trip. And we had to find a balance to keep everyone happy. When planning this trip, i ...
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Onwards to Durban
April 19th 2014
I departed Sandton, Johannesburg, as I had arrived: on the airport express service. The train breezed eastwards through suburbs, industry and intervening golf courses to Oliver Tambo International. I ...
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Once a upon a time in Kota Bharu
April 7th 2014
We woke early at 6am, as were leaving Perhentian Besar Island at 8am for Kota Bharu. We headed over to the open breakfast area at 7am and had coffee, juice, cornflakes and chicken-less (i.e. rice wi ...
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Navimag Ferry--Misadventures in the Chilean Fiords
April 21st 2014
Depending on your timing, a journey on the Navimag Ferry can be a romantic ride through the breathtaking fiords in Chilean Patagonia, or it can be a wild, roller coaster of storms with furniture ...
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April 17th 2014
Hi, It has been more than a month since my last blog entry. Even the website has changed since then. Well, I drowned my camera with a bottle of water in my purse. I had to go to Sams Club to buy ...
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Plovan 19 - 21 April
April 20th 2014
We made a relatively early start this morning, heading for the town of Audierne, just over 15kms north of us, for their Saturday morning market. The weather was fine and with little traffic on the ...
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Grizzo, Barcis, & Sacile, Italy
March 26th 2014
"It was about a 2 hour drive to get to Sacile which is where I was born so we went to my hospital to take a couple pictures. Then we went to Vitor's old school. We could not go onto the military base, ...
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Plovan - Part 1
April 16th 2014
This morning we woke quite early and Rags noticed that the kitchen windows were wide open. Imagine our shock when Elna, who had gone out to see Notre Dame in the evening, found the apartment ...
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Sydney and Australia Day
January 28th 2014
On our way to Sydney we took a small detour from the main highway by following the old highway passing several lakes which were directly located next to the ocean. The landscape was very beautiful and ...
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Hua Hin - A Soaking In Songkran
April 20th 2014
“The pizza delivery man just got jet washed”. Normally such a statement from Angela would require some kind of explanation or response but, on this occasion, I didn’t bat an eyelid. At that m ...
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Rising with the Sun - Angkor Wat, Cambodia
April 11th 2014
The familiar tune on Tara's phone stirred us from our slumber in the pitch black of our guesthouse room. The clock read 3:30 am, the perfect and perhaps the only time one might set out to see Angkor a ...
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Blue Mountains Trip
April 19th 2014
I got up very early and went with a friend from the same hostel, to the pick-up point. At 7AM we were already on our way for a big adventure ! We almost had 2 accidents due to stupidity of other ...
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PATAGONIA: El Chalten...Drive in the front...Blown out the back
April 19th 2014
If you want a reason to come to Argentinian Patagonia...El Chalten is a must. The famous images of the front of the Fitz Roy & Torre Ranges from that funky town are known to many. Breathtaking ...
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Don't Look Back in Anger
April 12th 2014
This blog is the end of an era. It is not the end of my ramblings, but the last of the photos with the trusty Sony Minolta beer can 300 mm lense. The week in Istanbul was very full on. Busy, busy, bus ...
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Firefox Tests
April 5th 2014
Test ...
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Valpolicella, Italy
March 24th 2014
" First we went to a couple of wineries. We had lunch at a small place but it was very good. Then we went to 2 other wineries where they know me which was Begali and Speri. Speri in the one I know mor ...
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Mondsee and the lake country
April 9th 2014
Today we went up to Mondsee to find the church used in the movie. It was a lovely church but had a service running so we were a bit limited in our ability to explore. The large building beside the chu ...
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Ushuaia and Wild Adventures
April 17th 2014
Rough, rugged and remote Ushuaia sits on the tip of the island of Tierra del Fuego and was full of adventure. I hiked up to the glacier that backs the town, getting stuck in deep snow, and then got lo ...
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A Disney Castle and swimming in the snow...
April 6th 2014
Today we crossed the border back into Germany to visit Neuschweinstein Castle which was the inspiration for the Disney castle. Built in late 1800’s by King Ludwig II, it is all in renaissance style ...
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The essential handbook to lounging about in the Perhentian Islands
April 4th 2014
We woke early and headed down to a lazy breakfast at 7am. Sat on the hotel’s riverside deck beside the Sungai Terengganu (Terengganu River) and helped ourselves to tea, coffee, juice, cornflakes, ...

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