Photos from Central America Caribbean

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Long nosed fruit bats
Many veined leaf
Giant ferns seen from above
Pretty flowers waiting to catch people on the trail
Stick insect
Bejewelled lizard
Chestnut mandibled toucan
Light dappling through the jungle canopy
Pretty jungle fern
Hog tree seed pod
Hog tree
Termite nest
Young elephant ear plant clinging to a tree like ivy
Poisoned Dart Frog
Brouillia plant that grows on host trees
Leaf cutter ant workshop
More jungle fungi
Mum had an indoor pot plant like this
Folded trunk
Crossing the river
Jungle fruits
Eric crossing the bouncy canopy walkway
La Tirimbina Reserve canopy walkway
Twisted jungle tree
Jungle fungus
Jungle flowers
Green Iguana
With Pablo Alvarenga
The "Vietnamese" Kitchen
The Remains Of The Trenches
Memorial Made From A Crashed Helicopter And Decommissioned Guns
Old Indigo Works Near Cinquera
Old Guerilla Camp At Cinquera
Exploring Cinquera Park
Throwing Boulders Into The River
Cinquera - Commemorating the Dead
The Restored Church With It's New Bells
My first bit of Costa Rican wildlife
Scenes from the DR
Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata
Walks on the Beach
Santa Domingo at night
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