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Greetings from Bequia, Yesterday was our first day out on the boat. We were up at 5:00am and at the harbour office at 6:00 and ready for a long day. We had fourteen guests aboard and they were all very nice and easy going. The weather was absolutely perfect. We got one 5 minute shower when we were anchoring at the Tobago Cays, but it was sunning skys for the rest of the day. The sail down was nice and only a little bit choppy. Some of the guest dozed while the others visited with us and the crew. Once we reached the cays we took everyone to the Beach for a swim with the turtles, then they all wanted to go to the reef to snorkel, So while Colin took everyone to the reef, Malialani ... read more
Ship's Host
Malialani Entertaining the Guests
Taking a break on the beach

Greetings from Bequia, This morning we got up and around for a hike over to Spring Bay and Industry Bay. Before we could get out the door, Alan our host, asked us to take some photos while we were in that area. It was a very hot morning and I was glad that Malialani had suggested packing a snack. A PB&J really tastes good when you're out on a hot mid-day hike. We got a call while we were out to set up an appointment to photo a boat for a new speedboat service, so it was back into town later in the afternoon. After those shots we took the Rover (Bella) and Angel, one of the charming girls from the Harbour office, and went up to a villa called Cotton Tree to check on some ... read more
Getting Some Sun
Hot and Sweaty From Our Hike

Greetings from Bequia! Today David and I started our day with another photo shoot assignment at the Villa, Helianthus. Helianthus is the Latin term for "sunflower." We had a great time shooting photos and video of the inside, outside views, pool and garden. Bequia is somewhat hilly and the villas we visited Sunday and the Helianthus today, require a four-wheel drive and then you still may need to park and hike the rest of the way. So, we decided to take the company car, the Landrover, and slowly wind our way up to the top of the hill. I have named this faithful transportation servant, Bella. (Which has a nicer ring to it than David's choice of "Rover.") Now Bella has been a very good vehicle, but we believe she is trying to send the message ... read more
Photographer takes a break
Livin' the Dream

Greetings from Bequia. We made it through San Juan and St Vincent and onto Bequia with only a few hitches. San Juan was great. We had dinner at Cafe Puerto Rico right accross from Christopher Columbus square. Our waiter was very nice and come out to the square to take some pictures for us. Always tip your servers well and they will do anything for you. When we arrived at St Vincent, the Cobblestone (where we planned on staying) was completely booked, so Percy, our cab driver took us to a place he knew, The Hairoun. There the owner, Wade, took really good care of us. He walked us down the street a couple of blocks to a great little wine bar for dinner. We never would have found it without his local knowledge. It was ... read more
our hotel, DaHouse
boarding for St Vincent
Road to Low Bay

5-Feb-2010, I'm starting to loose track of what day it is. I think the "Island Time" has taken over. Night before last Meg sent me out to get some twilight/night pictures of the harbour. She wanted that "candle-lit look". I'm not sure I was able to accomplish what she wanted, but I may have gotten a couple of good pics. Yesterday was another trip to the Tobago Cays. We had a total of 18 guests and I had all their names memorized before we rounded the SW tip of Bequia. There were several Canadians, a couple from DC, and a family of 6 from Chicago. The captain and crew had to keep bringing up the falling in incident from earlier in the week with such comments as "going swimming today?" and "you're not carrying anything that's ... read more
Taking A Moments Break
Night fall on Bequia


Monday and Tuesday were spent on the boat at sea. Monday we took a group of 11 to Mustique. It was the perfect sized group for me to remember everyone's names and give them all some personal attention. Philip from Italy, Hal from New York, Dag, Ann, Harold, Frank, Elin, Kim, and Helen all from Denmark, and Mark and Penny for the UK. It was a little bit rough sailing from Bequia to Mustique, but when we arrived it was a beautiful day. The seven Danes took a tour of the island, Philip and Hal took off walking to Macaroni Beach, and Mark and Penny started out on foot as well. I went to pay the Mustique Company for our permit to visit and caught up to Mark and Penny. They wanted to go to Macaroni ... read more
Sea Cloud
Basil's Bar, Mustique
Tobago Cays Crowd

Greeting from Bequia The last couple of days have found us without internet at the house, so I have had to come to the harbour shop early in the morning before we leave for Mustique to catch you all up. Saturday my jobs were to attach some bow and stern lines to the spare dingy in the yard and to install a bench in the changing room of the Friendship Rose. That sounds like two simple joys if one has the proper tools and equipment, but here on a remote island thats saying a lot. Everything here works on island time and when the day was done I had the dingy done, but the bench still was putting up a fight. To drill the holes for the bench I needed power for the drill. So I ... read more
sef portrait
Industy Bay Palms
the Wandering Star

Greeting from Bequia, Thursday was kind of a slow day. They couldn't really find anything for me to do around hear. I piddled around most of the morning and in the afternoon I went down to Low Bay for a swim and to work on my tan. Things were hectic there with everyone at "The Reef Bar" getting ready for the blues fest. Just as I was heading home from the beach I got a call from Sarah that they had a grill that needed to be delivered to one of the villas. Great, at last something useful to do. I hurried back to town and got to the house for my instructions. I was to pick up the grill at the Harbour Shop and deliver it to the villa up the hill at Bequia Estates. ... read more
The Cheering Sections
Beautiful old Church and Cemetary
Kingstown Market

Hi Blog followers Sorry I missed a day, but read on and you'll know why. Tuesday we made a double round tripper to St Vincent. The crew and I weighed anchor on the Friendship Rose at 7:30 and set off to St Vincent to pic up a load of guests from a British cruise ship called Ocean Village. When we arrived at Kingstown we had to wait for a catamaran to move out of the way before we could reach the cruise ship dock. Once we got to the dock we collected 18 guests and started back to Bequia. We took them to Princess Margaret beach for an hour then back onboard for a delicious lunch, then we took them to town for an hour and back to St Vincent. They all really enjoyed the trip. ... read more
Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia

Today was an adventure. My friends here wanted me to gather some survey information for them, so I was on the 8:30 ferry to St Vincent. Its about a nine mile crossing (1 hour), so once I reach St Vincent the next job is figuring out where they keep the land records. I head down Front St toward the police station for a start. One of the many "aggressive" taxi drivers stops me to talk. I ask him where the land records might be kept and..(once I convince him that I don't mind walking and won't be needed his services)...he gives me perfect directions. After a few hits and misses, I find the right building and office. Mrs Williams-a mid twenties professional finally understands what it is I'm trying to locate and tells me to come ... read more
Not the slow pace of Bequia
The preferred mode of transportation

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